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2017 Year-Ahead Zodiac Reading Special

It's that time again! I've been getting requests for the Year-Ahead Zodiac readings. I usually offer these at the end up the year for a peek ahead into next year. The Zodiac spread lends itself well to the task, with a card for each house and of ... [Manifest the Rest]

Steering with Feelings: Tarot Forecast, Jan 23 -29, 2017

I went to a therapist once upon a time ago, just one visit during a patch when I felt like my life was a wreck. It kinda was a mess, if you want to know the long and short of it. She told me, "Of course you feel that way. Look at what's going on. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Drive Yourself: Tarot Forecast, Jan 16 – 22, 2017

One of the gifts I want to give myself  is a smoother ride, through life. Happier. More joy. More connected. More in the flow, in the zone. More laughter. More freedom. More excitement. More fun. Get the most out of this delightful ... [Manifest the Rest]

Starling Advice: Tarot Forecast, Jan 9 -15

Our office window birdfeeder has attracted a string of different birds, and I watch them come and go. Lots of finches, because hey, finches run in packs. The cardinals come, often both Mr. and Mrs. And just like old, married couples, they start to ... [Manifest the Rest]

Mood Management: Tarot Forecast, Jan 2 – 8, 2017

Sometimes when I'm out and about, people will come up to me to comment on my hair. Some are complimentary, or they tell me I'm brave. That amuses me a little. Because I'm not scared of hair color. I'm not scared of looking funny for a little ... [Manifest the Rest]

Be A Zen Cat: Tarot Forecast, Dec 26 – Jan 1

I nickname my neighbors. The ones I don't know by name, I make up functional names for them. We've had Donut Girl and Mr. Weirdo and Captain Redneck. Zen Boy is one of my favorites among the crop of current neighborhood kids. I've probably told ... [Manifest the Rest]

Clearing Emotional Residue: Tarot Forecast, Dec 19 – 25

When I lost my butterfly bush, I thought I wouldn't be able to attract birds anymore. While someone may legitimately ask, "So the %&$# what?" it matters to me. Birds are wonderful messengers. They are born to the work. Their traversing both ... [Manifest the Rest]

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