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Firmly Rooted in YOU: Weekly Tarot, July 25 – 31


So, I just realized I didn't finish and publish next week's Tarot. AND I'm kind of shocked I didn't realize it until today. 'Cause, it's Wednesday! But since I've written most of it and all, I'm gonna put it out there anywho... Hope your week is ... [Manifest the Rest]

Get Off of My Cloud: Weekly Tarot, July 18 – 24


If you could go back in time and do it all over again, would you? I'm not talking about Marty McFly noting the winning sports teams. I mean reliving your life, making those choices that led you from your start in this lifetime to where you are, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Stay in your Own Lane: Weekly Tarot, July 11 – 17


There's been more than "an edge" to the energetic weather in the last week. People are tired, hurting and upset. And they want to DO something about it. But so much of the time, we feel powerless. And if we're trying to change others? By and ... [Manifest the Rest]

Shady! Weekly Tarot Forecast, July 4 – 10


I get a funny, slightly disturbed feeling being lied to. Like milk that's going bad, you know? It's almost, but not quite right. It generally hits my solar plexus. It's not always very noticeable--and my desire to believe can lead me to disregard it. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Ready to Soar: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 27 – July 3, 2016


Timing is everything. I can do the same things, but if my timing is off--best indicated by how I FEEL about it, in the moment--it just doesn't work. But when I am feeling good about it? Much different story. When I look at the forecast for ... [Manifest the Rest]

Be The Light Or Look for It: Weekly Tarot Flow, June 19 – 25, 2016


I've been thinking about what creates a feeling of security. We can say, "Oh, I'll feel secure when I have this much in the bank, when I have this relationship, when this other thing is going okay for me." And we mean it. But that's not ... [Manifest the Rest]

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