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04/21/14: Raw Volatility /Knight of Cups Rx


Remember when your mother used to say, “That’s getting on my last nerve?” Usually, it was at least twice in every fifteen minute time block. Or maybe not. Maybe that was just my mother. When the Knight of Cups shows up reversed, I assume somebody ... [Manifest the Rest]

Weekly Tarot 4/21: Do Your $%*#!

Weekly Tarot 4/21: Do Your $%*#!

What's coming up for next week? As usual, I've got some advice! Short version: The reward goes to the responsible. Sorry! But getting it done, well...gets it done! Feels good to check off the list. You have a long to-do list? ... [Manifest the Rest]

04/20/14: Generosity of Spirit / 6 of Pentacles


Last Saturday, I ended up taking sort of an impromptu “me day.” It was lovely and afterwards, I felt so peaceful and calm. I have to do that more often, man… Seeing Six of Pentacles paired with Spirit, I want to say be generous. I sometimes call ... [Manifest the Rest]

04/19/14: Fear or Stability? / 4 of Pentacles


In addition to my woo-woo work—which I love—I still do tech work. Which I don’t love so much. Okay, not all all, not anymore. But I haven’t quite let go of it yet. I still do a little here and there, not having left that option behind me. So is the ... [Manifest the Rest]

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