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Centered: Weekly Flow Tarot, May 30 – June 5


I have been a little crazy, with my crocheting. Like, I've gotten started with it and suddenly, I'm whipping it out it like a mad woman. Yes, it's significantly opened up my creative force. Y'all have NO IDEA how many ideas come to me when I've ... [Manifest the Rest]

Burning: Weekly Flow Tarot, May 23 – 29, 2016


You do the best you can, and then you let it go. Your best? Is good enough. It is, quite literally, ALL you can do. I always do the best I know how. Some days, that best is decidedly better than other days. But it's always what I've got. That's ... [Manifest the Rest]

Does it matter, what’s in the basement?


"Dixie, do you think it matters, what I store in my basement?" "Yes, I do. I really do think it matters quite a bit." If you look at the maxim, "As above, so below," and "as below, so above," and if you live in my world, you see everything as a ... [Manifest the Rest]

Nobody’s Business But My Own – Weekly Flow Tarot, May 16 -22


People try--sometimes VERY hard--to heal others. Loved ones, strangers, friends, acquaintances. It doesn't matter. And there is beauty in that, the way humans reach out and care about each other, even if that caring at times comes across as ... [Manifest the Rest]

Tender: Weekly Flow Tarot, May 9 -15


You know how the word "tenderness" can mean kindness or a soreness, a hurt that is vulnerable? That's the temperate I'm getting right now. Tender. And from both ways. And for the ouchy way, I'm sorry. So I'm here to remind you, the most ... [Manifest the Rest]

Failure, Kindness and Joy: Tarot Flow Forecast, May 2 – 8, 2016


What does it mean, to be a good person? A good mom? A good daughter, spouse or friend? Those are questions in my head--and how I stack up, or not, are also in my head. In particular, how other people perceive me versus how I perceive myself is being ... [Manifest the Rest]

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