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Seeing in the Dark: Weekly Flow Tarot, Oct. 20 – 16


We have an insane number of court cards this week, with 2 Kings, 2 Pages and a Knight showing up in the mix. Three Major arcana round it out, so I’m expecting it to be a hard-hitting week for “people” issues, relationships and communication. You’ll ... [Manifest the Rest]

Serpentine! Weekly Flow Tarot, Oct. 12 – 18


I currently find myself in a very strange position: becoming successful in a venue I had given up on. It’s something I put a huge amount of energy into several years ago, doing my absolute best to make it work, but failed to turn it into what I’d ... [Manifest the Rest]

The Power in Your Head: Weekly Flow Tarot, Oct. 6 – 12


Whoa, that’s a lot of reversed cards in the upcoming forecast. And specifically, lots of reversed Pentacles! Mercury retro much?! When I see this much upside down, I know the week will feel upside down to a lot of people. Mercury is in retrograde so ... [Manifest the Rest]

Open Door Policy? Weekly Flow Tarot, Sept 29–Oct 5


I’m getting kind of used to seeing the inverted cards in the weekly lineups, especially with Mercury in it’s shadow, prepping for an upcoming retrograde. (Astrology newbies: That means communication, short travel and electronics get wonky for a few ... [Manifest the Rest]

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