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“I’m at a loss for Words…” Video Tarot Reading and Feedback

Tarot Reading Testimonial

Wow, I'm at a loss of words. Some of the details that you described were so deep and the fact that you were able to call out on it is amazing. I truly appreciate your help. -Anna Thanks, Anna! And here is a video of Anna's Tarot reading, in case ... [Manifest the Rest]

One Step After Another: Weekly Tarot Flow, Oct 5 – 11

attack tarot kitty

Thor my warrior kitten really did a number on me last time I was doing forecast layouts. I kept moving him back, back, back and he was ready to attack as you can see from the picture. It was really difficult to photograph the cards and do my thing ... [Manifest the Rest]

Baking in the Good Intentions: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Sept 28 – October 4

Thor Sept 28

I have a very...tenuous relationship with my family of origin. I don't talk about it all the time anymore because most of it, I've processed, you know? It gets a touch inflamed every now and again but overall, I am comfortable with it. Best be, or I ... [Manifest the Rest]

Singing in Harmony (or Shutting Up) – Weekly Tarot Forecast, September 21-27, 2015

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Aries

I hide a lot in my personal Facebook feed. A lot. Not because I don't have quality connections nor because there's something "wrong" with the content people share. I hide a lot of content because a lot of the time, the content doesn't vibe with me ... [Manifest the Rest]

What’s Real: Love in the Present Moment


Excerpted from a reading (because I know more than the original recipient can use this tidbit): Let go of your fears here. You know better than anybody, that sense of control over your loved ones' well-being is an illusion. But what's NOT an ... [Manifest the Rest]

Wear Gloves. Weekly Tarot Forecast, September 14 – 20


Thor Kitten is wondering, "How you doing with this eclipse stuff?" Because it's edgy out there! When I used to work in detox, my supervisor had a really simple rule: "If it's wet and it's not yours, don't touch it. Wear gloves." While that ... [Manifest the Rest]

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