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Unflinching Self-Honesty: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Aug 3 – 9

weekly tarot forecast aug 2 - 8

The trip were taking right now? It's totally an inward journey. Armchair astrology notes (from the student astrologer): We have a huge number of planets retrograde right now, and some asteroids to boot: Venus, Saturn (direct soon), Neptune, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Releasing Regret: Weekly Tarot Forecast, July 27 – August 2


Regret is on my radar this week. After tragedy hits, it's so easy to find a million and one ways it might have been avoided--at least, that's how it goes down in the imagination. Things you did or didn't say and do play out over and over from every ... [Manifest the Rest]

Trajectory of a Breakup: Weekly Tarot Forecast, July 20 – 26

Trajectory of a Breakup, Weekly Tarot Forecast July 20 -26 Venus Retrograde

It's been a long, long time since I've had a romantic breakup. Been married 26 years! That's a good thing. :-) But there are other sorts of breakups, too. Breaking up from a job, or a friend. Or even breaking up from a family member or an ... [Manifest the Rest]

Emotional Ebb, Flow and Flux: Weekly Tarot Forecast July 13 – 19

Tarot Forecast July 13 - 19

You know that little thing that is somehow, in your head, becomes a much bigger thing? A small slight becomes big hurt feelings. And how "that thing" can get sticky, hard to let go? Yeah, that. By the looks of this week's forecast, I'm not alone in ... [Manifest the Rest]

Regrets and Recoveries: Weekly Tarot Forecast, July 6 – 12

July 6 - 12, 2015 Tarot Forecast

I recently had to put my very sweet, psychic cat to sleep. I knew it was coming, having plenty of warning. I did the best I could for her, to keep her comfortable and to make her last days happy. She's always been a chow hound and was on medication ... [Manifest the Rest]

Self-Directed: Weekly Tarot Forecast, June 29 – July 5

June 29 - Jul 5

Lately, I'm making a specific effort to ask more often for what I want or need. That sounds kind of elementary, but as many of y'all know, it's not the easiest thing to do for some of us. It doesn't always go smoothly, but you know, I'm proud of ... [Manifest the Rest]

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