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Giving that Little Bit: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 21 – 25

Giving that Little Bit: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 21 – 25

In the last few months, I’ve started consciously working with moon cycles. One of my very early intentions was to honor and respect my natural cycles. I tend to push myself harder and feel bad for needing to when I am having an ebb, and expect myself ... [Manifest the Rest]

Slow but Still Going: Weekend Flow Tarot, July 19 -20


Well, if that ain’t some weekend cards for you…we’ve got Pentacles (inverted), Swords (ouch!) and a Major, inverted to go with. My overall sense of these cards is again, trudging through mud. Maybe knee-high instead of waist-high. Slow but still ... [Manifest the Rest]

Time Off for Dixie!

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Just an FYI - I am taking a week off--I cannot REMEMBER the last time I took that much time away. Literally! So while I will occasionally check my email during this time, responses will not be prompt and I won't be scheduling any Tarot sessions. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Keep the Mirror Handy! Weekly Tarot Flow, July 14 – 18


Looking at this mix of Pentacles and Major Arcana, I’m seeing this as a very concrete, physically-oriented week. Think Earth Element! It’s about manifesting, making energy tangible. For Tuesday’s draw, two cards fell out together so I’m reading them ... [Manifest the Rest]

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