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Looking for What You Like: Tarot Forecast, Sept 26 – Oct 2


Back in the days when I worked in an office. I liked to give out cards at Christmas. Maybe stick a candy cane to them or something. But the real gift was the note inside. For each person I worked with, I would spend a little while and write out a ... [Manifest the Rest]

Mess is Part of the Process: Tarot Forecast, Sept. 19 – 25, 2016


I've been taken lately with thoughts about transitional times--those periods in life that are just out-and-out emotionally messy, where your world feels like it's coming apart at the seams. I've yet to see anyone who revels in those transitions, but ... [Manifest the Rest]

Now, Now, Now. Unconditionally. Tarot, Sept 12 – 18


Lately, I've been looking to be a lot less "conditional." We use the word "unconditional" often without really thinking about what it means. It's because a little automatic--so I've been looking to reconnect with the concept. "Unconditional: not ... [Manifest the Rest]

Easy Does It: Tarot Forecast, Sept 5 – 11, 2016


I've been nurturing a new practice of late, looking to lift my personal vibration. Tuning and turning up my connection, you know? Becoming more sure-footed in knowing and consciously, deliberately guiding my emotional state rather than leaving it up ... [Manifest the Rest]

Faith Through the Hills: Weekly Tarot, Aug 29 – Sep 4


When I was a kid, there were certain back roads we went down sometimes, that had big hills. And mom would sometimes drive these roads, way faster than she probably should have. And it my tummy would drop, like being on a roller coaster ride. I ... [Manifest the Rest]

Your Call: Tarot Forecast, Aug 22 – 28, 2016


One recurring comment I hear from my Tarot people after readings is, "I feel no judgement coming from you." I was thinking about that this morning and I realized, through all the years I've been doing this work with a goal of being as clear a ... [Manifest the Rest]

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