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Open Door Policy? Weekly Flow Tarot, Sept 29–Oct 5


I’m getting kind of used to seeing the inverted cards in the weekly lineups, especially with Mercury in it’s shadow, prepping for an upcoming retrograde. (Astrology newbies: That means communication, short travel and electronics get wonky for a few ... [Manifest the Rest]

Pity Party or Pruning? Weekly Flow Tarot, September 22 -28


Looking at this week as a whole doesn’t make me feel at ease, to put it mildly. This flow does have a transitional feel to it, though, where the biggest obstacles to changes are completely internal. It’s not what’s going on nearly as much as how you ... [Manifest the Rest]

Fogged Mirrors. Oy! Weekly Flow, Sept. 15 – 21


I'm seeing a lot of confusion over your own feelings and motivations in this weekly flow. If last week was fogged up windows, this week is fogged up mirrors. Eh, what are you gonna do? At the very least, knowing what you’ve got going down is ... [Manifest the Rest]

Fogged Up Windows-Weekly Flow Tarot Forecast, Sept. 8 – 14


Looking at this weekly flow as a whole, it smells very strongly of transition. Hard-to-hold-on-to, slippery and unclear transition. Sorry, I’m not expecting this to be a popular conclusion. But no matter how thick the fog, the sun always comes out ... [Manifest the Rest]

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