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Revisionist History: Weekly Flow, January 19 – 25


Many years ago, I went to a reader at a psychic fair and asked my favorite question to ask of readers: “What do you see regarding my spiritual development? Am I doing it right? Am I missing something? Am I progressing fast enough? It seems ... [Manifest the Rest]

Universal Transportation Upgrade: Weekly Flow Tarot, Jan 12–18


We used to have an old beater car—okay, we’ve had a LOT of old beater cars, but there was one in particular that I absolutely hated. It had been in a wreck before we got it, and it drove funny. The steering wheel had a little shimmy in it—a little ... [Manifest the Rest]

Not Driving that Car: Weekly Flow Tarot, Jan. 5 – 11


To me, this is an almost invisible weekly forecast. It’s like the most important stuff going on is between your ears, you know? Not that is unusual in and of itself, but it’s pronounced this week. We’ve got 3 Major Arcana cards, so the week is ... [Manifest the Rest]

Spiritual Protection How-To Guide


An old post about black cloud people and ugly entities has been getting unexpected attention in the last week, so it's on my radar. While I'm hardly the world's premier expert (Lord knows,) I'm glad to contribute to the best of my ability and share ... [Manifest the Rest]

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