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Sorting: Weekly Forecast, Apr 20 – 26

Tarot Forecast

Last week, we were cleaning out closets. This week? It's sorting through the ensuing mess. You know how it is. The mess gets bigger before it gets smaller.  When you clean your closet, you take the time to notice what's what's really buried in ... [Manifest the Rest]

Cleaning out the closet: Weekly Flow Tarot Forecast, April 13 – 19


This forecast looks a lot like a “purge week” to me. From the start, ignoring what's sentimental for loved ones to focus on your own needs (Monday), putting up with the chaos in route of a clean out (Tuesday), being hit with the changes in your life ... [Manifest the Rest]

Break up and Date up: Weekly Tarot Flow, April 6 -12

Weekly Tarot April 6, 2015

This week reads like a breakup, but the week ends with a new date. Like in real life, the new date doesn't tend to show up until after the breakup. So bear that in mind if you've got some letting go to do. Looking over this combination as a whole, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Choose Peace. Weekly Tarot Flow, Mar 30 – Apr 5


I've had a really, really difficult time getting this forecast written. My blogging software has eaten it multiple times now. The browser even crashed when I started to write it online. Makes me kind of wonder. Is that an omen? :eek: But I'm ... [Manifest the Rest]

Old-School Ethics – Weekly Tarot Forecast, Mar 23 – 29

weekly tarot forecast

So how has this eclispsey astro-weather been treating you? I've been feeling a heightened emotionality all around…the vibrational air seems literally saturated with emotion, both personally and in the group consciousness. But this one didn't kick my ... [Manifest the Rest]

Over Budget: Weekly Flow Tarot, March 16 – 22

March 16 Tarot Forecast

As I write this week's column, I'm thinking of (or maybe avoiding) looking up the metaphysical cause of allergies. My eyes are a little swollen, but I've put off the allergy meds for a bit because I wanted to finish writing without feeling ... [Manifest the Rest]

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