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New Show Jan. 8: Spiritual Protection Q & A with Live Q!

New Show Jan. 8: Spiritual Protection Q & A with Live Q!

Doing the next installment of the Woo-Woo Wonderful! show with my pal Josi Case tomorrow! We're going to respond to the questions and feedback we got from the first show, expand a little here and ... [Manifest the Rest]

Zodiac 2014 Look-Ahead Readings


Good news (I hope!)--I am doing the Zodiac Look-Ahead readings again this year. Folks who subscribe to my newsletter or check the specials page know this, but for the rest of you, I'm announcing ... [Manifest the Rest]

Thank you all!

dec forecast vid 019

Thank you to everyone who attended Woo-Woo Wonderful Show on Spirital Protection with Josi and I yesterday. Your feedback was both heartwarming and insanely encouraging as we figure out what the heck ... [Manifest the Rest]

New Live Video Show, “Woo-Woo Wonderful”


Watch the show on this page! One part of my work that I consider vitally important--and endlessly gratifying--is supporting people in the process of finding their own path and developing a personal ... [Manifest the Rest]

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