Gemstone Guides: Clear Vision with Lapis Lazuli


Lapis is a gemstone with quite a history! It's named 'lapis', the Latin word for stone, and 'azula', which is Arabic meaning blue. Lapis lazuli is made up of several minerals, including but not ... [Manifest the Rest]

Gemstone Guide: Soft Wings of Angelite


Before I write about a gemstone, I like to take it out and play with it a bit. Getting attuned, reminding myself of the impressions it leaves. Grabbing my little Angelite ball, I noticed how very ... [Manifest the Rest]

Gemstone Guides: Howlite Sucks it Up!


There's a new woo-woo shop in town, and I had a good time checking it out. I got myself up a couple new rocks. I used my usual method of hovering my hand over the baskets of rocks to see where I felt ... [Manifest the Rest]

Quick Reference: Chakra Cheatsheet


Chakras are spinning energy centers in the body, each corresponding to a particular type of energetic expression. The seven main chakras have associations that can be used to help us tap into the ... [Manifest the Rest]

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