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Living Lenormand Study Group Questions


I've been really pleased with the interest in the "Living Lenormand" study group. Thank you! Getting a lot of questions, so I thought it would be convenient to address them in one place. Is ... [Manifest the Rest]

Learning Lenormand Free Study Group


Marie Lenormand was a French fortune-teller, very famous and influential during her lifetime and beyond (1772–1843). She read for the rich and famous (said to include Napoleon and Josephine), was ... [Manifest the Rest]

Spirit Animals: Grackles


I recently retired from tech work, after...I dunno. Eighteen years? A long damn time. When I first started, the web was still pretty new to the mainstream, and the potential got me fired up. I ... [Manifest the Rest]

Spirit Animal Messages: Woodpeckers


Guess who's been showing up all over the place around here? Yep. I went from never seeing one of these little guys to having them fly back and forth in front of my face. Okay, Woody! I see ... [Manifest the Rest]

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