All the magic that some deny, while others embrace.

Glitter Tarot Deck Craft Project

Looks like the Sun is rising on Tarot wisdom. And glitter!

Ever since I trimmed my Radiant Rider Waite deck, it hasn't been entirely happy with me. Yes, I anthropomorphize my decks. Deal with it. Not because I think it's blasphemy. I think it's just ... [Manifest the Rest]

Video: Seeing the Pattern

Video: Seeing the Pattern

Patterns are all over the place! Short version: Seeing patterns is not only a mark of intellect and a source of inspiration, it also helps us detach enough to think more clearly about an ... [Manifest the Rest]

Video: What’s in a Name?

Video: What’s in a Name?

The words we use matter. Short version: Sometimes a complete change in perspective is as simple as a change of vocabulary. Can you think of a time changing the words you use changed your ... [Manifest the Rest]

Truth About Romance from a Tarot Reader


Here's a core truth about romance that only somebody like a Tarot reader could tell you: Everybody gets EXACTLY the right partner at the right time. I'm not talking soul mates, twin flames, past ... [Manifest the Rest]

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