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frosted rose

I have to laugh, as I look at my daily for tomorrow: Psychosomatic Illness. Funnier that it was posted early. The information needed extra air time! See, I've been complaining for the last several ... [Manifest the Rest]

Creative Whack Video – Shield Yourself!

Creative Whack Video – Shield Yourself!

What to expect if you're very creatively gifted (also known as a freak)... Short version: If you're brand of originality is supremely original, chances are you're going to annoy, threaten or ... [Manifest the Rest]

The Value of a Self

Value, worth, self-esteem

On my radar I've noticed the question several times recently: how do you set your own value? What is your worth? Are you only valuable when you sacrifice? If that's your calculator, then you pretty ... [Manifest the Rest]

If you’re having a bad day…


So you're having an awful, terrible, upsetting or overwhelming day? Don't just be miserable. Pull out some coping skills and give 'em a working! Here are random ideas to manage, in no particular ... [Manifest the Rest]

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