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04/18/14: Anger Optional / 5 of Wands


Not long ago, I was having a Class A rant over something I just didn’t want to do. I was mid-stream and in fine form no less, colorfully outlining all the ways it said task was going to be a pain in ... [Manifest the Rest]

04/17/14: Date Night / The Empress


Oh my gosh! Seeing the Empress (ruled by Venus) paired up with Romance, I’m delighted. If you’re not paired up nor in a position to be interested in such, then fall in love with a creative endeavor. ... [Manifest the Rest]

04/16/14: Emotional Drainage / Ace of Cups Reversed


What’s coming into focus via “crowning influences?” The Ace of Cups reversed suggests to me somebody—maybe it’s you—doesn’t have a single $&%# left to give. This is not merely a declaration of ... [Manifest the Rest]

04/15/14: Rehab Without a Bag / Devil Reversed


What a card for what a day! We’ve got some serious Eclipse action, tax day and in general, the mood seems to be amped up and hot. So seeing a reversed Devil as “the answer” seems to fit the mood to ... [Manifest the Rest]

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