Be The Light Or Look for It: Weekly Tarot Flow, June 19 – 25, 2016

I've been thinking about what creates a feeling of security. We can say, "Oh, I'll feel secure when I have this much in the bank, when I have this relationship, when this other thing is going okay ... [Manifest the Rest]

Failure, Kindness and Joy: Tarot Flow Forecast, May 2 – 8, 2016

What does it mean, to be a good person? A good mom? A good daughter, spouse or friend? Those are questions in my head--and how I stack up, or not, are also in my head. In particular, how other people ... [Manifest the Rest]

Tangled Yarn – Tarot Forecast, Apr 18 – 24

My radar has been dinging off the hook lately. Overdrive! There is a lot of stress and angst out in the wild right now. I know, because I'm feeling it. I'm talking to people who are feeling ... [Manifest the Rest]

Do-it-Yourself Magick Work: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Feb 8 – 14, 2016

I have been known to...go my own way. Have my own (unusual) take on the world. Live according to my own rules. It's not a recipe for lacking accountability. Because my rules? They're stringent ... [Manifest the Rest]

Light Your Match: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Dec 14 -21

Light your match. It counts. Can you think of a time, when just a little bit of encouragement, a smile, a kind word came in exactly when you needed it? Sometimes, it's the smallest things that ... [Manifest the Rest]

It’s What You Make of It – Weekly Tarot Forecast, Nov. 9 -15, 2015

When I first started dating my husband, we had some near fights over things I said. Or to be more accurate, we had some near fights over what he HEARD. There were patterns in communication with ... [Manifest the Rest]

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