Gemstones in Real Life: Moldavite Clearing the Decks


I was blessed with a surprise gift when Jupiter was conjunct Uranus--a minivan! It was much needed and appreciated, since I was driving a complete crap-mobile. There was only one problem--the energy. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Selecting Gemstones by Energy

Selecting Gemstones by Energy

I've noticed several people mention they like "pretty rocks" but have no idea how to go about picking them. Here's my very simple technique for getting a good gemstone for you without knowing thing ... [Manifest the Rest]

Using Infinite: The Healers’ Gemstone


At a psychic fair eons ago, before I was actively working with cards or much anything metaphysical, I got a very, very good reading. So I asked the reader about progressing on my own path since she ... [Manifest the Rest]

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