In the Moment, Best We Can: Weekend Flow Tarot, July 5 – 6


I am not a huge fan of The Tower for an overview/advice card! However, you get what you get, you know? Look at these cards as a whole, I am inclined to say to stay fully present in the moment, best ... [Manifest the Rest]

Unyielding Truth: Weekly Flow, June 9 – 13


  Update: Bumping this up to keep oriented. How y'all faring? Mercury Retro is being a BEAR from all the reports I'm getting, and the energy has felt wonky as Hell all week long! And of ... [Manifest the Rest]

04/22/14: Art of Being Human / Hermit Reversed


One of the more uncomfortable realizations as I progressed in the professional woo-woo world was getting slapped with the notion that some in this world--regardless of perceived status--are not all ... [Manifest the Rest]

03/12/14: Budget review! / Hermit


The Hermit showing up for finances? Eeek! Check your budget, review the accounts including line items, and verify everything is categorized correctly. Are the spreadsheet formulas accurate? Virgo ... [Manifest the Rest]

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