Dealing with Insecurities: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 15 – 21

You know how people who are insecure sometimes act like they are super-duper important, to try and cover those feelings up? And you know how that tactic just leaves people feeling even more ... [Manifest the Rest]

Emotions are Loud: Weekly Flow Tarot, May 11 – 17

I'm sad right now. My cat is sick, and I know she's not going to be with us a whole lot longer. This is making the time with her right now both very, very precious, and very, very hard. Emotions ... [Manifest the Rest]

Choose Peace. Weekly Tarot Flow, Mar 30 – Apr 5

I've had a really, really difficult time getting this forecast written. My blogging software has eaten it multiple times now. The browser even crashed when I started to write it online. Makes me kind ... [Manifest the Rest]

Dr. Google Lies – Weekly Flow Tarot, Dec. 15 -21

Have you ever consulted “Dr. Google” for some physical malady and left a search session convinced you have some bizarre, debilitating disease? The later at night, the more tired and stressed you are, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Open Door Policy? Weekly Flow Tarot, Sept 29–Oct 5

I’m getting kind of used to seeing the inverted cards in the weekly lineups, especially with Mercury in it’s shadow, prepping for an upcoming retrograde. (Astrology newbies: That means communication, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Hearing Exam: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 28–August 1

Anytime I see this many cards reversed, I know it’s not going to be an especially easy week. It helps some that they are generally friendly cards, but it still tells me progress will feel slow and ... [Manifest the Rest]

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