03/12/14: Budget review! / Hermit


The Hermit showing up for finances? Eeek! Check your budget, review the accounts including line items, and verify everything is categorized correctly. Are the spreadsheet formulas accurate? Virgo ... [Manifest the Rest]

Tarot Weekly, Jan. 13: No Coddle Mirror

Tarot Weekly, Jan. 13: No Coddle Mirror

I missed doing a weekly last week, so I hopped on the webcam for a quickie! Short version: Mind your own manners this week, not everybody else's! I'm suspecting a tendency to essentially go ... [Manifest the Rest]

11/15/13: Windows into Mirrors / Hermit


I like to say sometimes with Tarot, all roads lead home. Every observation ultimately becomes a personal observation. The stuff that drives you crazy about other people? It says more about YOU than ... [Manifest the Rest]

10/22/13: Defining Agendas / The Hermit


Have you noticed all the Nines we’ve had lately? The number seems to be jumping out at me from these daily forecasts. And we’ve recently seen another version of the Hermit as well. Damn. When Tarot ... [Manifest the Rest]

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