Whiff of Drama? Run. Weekly Tarot Flow, Aug. 18 – 24


Noticeable in this weekly forecast is the number of Major Arcana (5 of 8 drawn) and the business with the court (the remaining 3 of 8). Taken together, I’m expecting the flow of the week to be ... [Manifest the Rest]

Unyielding Truth: Weekly Flow, June 9 – 13


  Update: Bumping this up to keep oriented. How y'all faring? Mercury Retro is being a BEAR from all the reports I'm getting, and the energy has felt wonky as Hell all week long! And of ... [Manifest the Rest]

02/16/14: Past Performance / Judgment


With Judgment paired with “Positive Influences,” your best best today is going to be the liberal exercise of sound judgment. We're talking the kind of judgement that requires a step back, mentally ... [Manifest the Rest]

01/12/14: More with the Tough Choices / 2 of Swords, Judgment


Have you noticed how prominent the Judgment card seems lately? After I pulled the Two of Swords, I drew a follow-up because really, do we need Tarot to point out what everybody already knows? What I ... [Manifest the Rest]

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