10/04/13: Community Connection / 3 of Cups


A delightful draw for a Libra New Moon day, I think! This particular Three of Cups I often find cropping up for artistic types, especially those associated with the music industry and performing arts. ... [Manifest the Rest]

10/03/13: Charity that Ain’t / 6 of Coins Rx


Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door. -Charles Dickens The Six of Pentacles (Coins) reversed is charity withheld, gifts given with strings, hoarding or two-faced jealousy. It’s ... [Manifest the Rest]

10/02/13: Instant Judgment?


This version of Judgment seems a fitting prelude to the upcoming Libra New Moon, even though Justice is the card officially associated with Libra. This angel is Plutonian energy, thank you very much! ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/12/13: Self-Protection Prerogative / rev 7 Swords


I cannot see this particular Seven of Swords reversed without thinking of a memorable appearance in a reading. My client was wondering if her stalker was lurking. I got this card in response as a ... [Manifest the Rest]

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