10/02/13: Instant Judgment?


This version of Judgment seems a fitting prelude to the upcoming Libra New Moon, even though Justice is the card officially associated with Libra. This angel is Plutonian energy, thank you very much! ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/12/13: Self-Protection Prerogative / rev 7 Swords


I cannot see this particular Seven of Swords reversed without thinking of a memorable appearance in a reading. My client was wondering if her stalker was lurking. I got this card in response as a ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/11/13: Self-Doubt Bravado / rev 2 Pentacles


Sometimes a defensively uttered “I got it!” means “Don’t question my ability to manage because I’m not so sure myself.” It’s the same as when the question “Are you alright?” leads to a firm yes ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/10/13: Ready to Make up? / Lovers inverted


Making up with a grudge? The reversed Lovers radiates reservations that may not be readily apparent during the smooch fest. It doesn’t mean the differences cannot be resolved, of course. The Lovers ... [Manifest the Rest]

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