Osho Zen Tarot Deck Review


I was browsing a local metaphysical shop, looking for a new "friend" if one happened to speak to me, and the fella working there was SOOOOOO excited about how great the Osho Zen deck was, I ended up ... [Manifest the Rest]

Due Diligence! Weekly Tarot Video, 5/5/14

Due Diligence! Weekly Tarot Video, 5/5/14

So what do you need to keep in mind for the coming week? A little video to pull that weekly flow together. You like my face here? Har! Short version: Don't just accept someone else's word for it. ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/03/14: Still lazy? Day Off! / 9 of Cups!


Tarot is once again stuttering with a repeat appearance of the Nine of Cups. Y’all know I shuffle the cards, because I wouldn’t be picking the same ones over and over again. Of course, if one was ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/02/14: Joy of Just Being / Sun


The Sun comes out in the guise of “innocence.” This is a charming rendition, showing an elderly man clearly enjoying communion with the preying mantis, surrounded by beautiful, pink blooms. I am not ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/01/14: Lazy Day! / 9 of Cups


Well Osh Zen calls a spade a spade, huh? The 9 of Cups is “laziness” here, but it’s a happy laziness. Hello, Taurus season! How are you? One thing I’ve had to remind myself over and over again, that ... [Manifest the Rest]

04/30/14: Mind your own Karma / Queen of Swords Reversed


I used to be kind of judgmental. The people that work with me now, my clients who know me and my approach would no doubt be shocked to realize this because it’s the one comment I hear over and over ... [Manifest the Rest]

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