Weekly Tarot 4/21: Do Your $%*#!

Weekly Tarot 4/21: Do Your $%*#!

What's coming up for next week? As usual, I've got some advice! Short version: The reward goes to the responsible. Sorry! But getting it done, well...gets it done! Feels good to check off the ... [Manifest the Rest]

01/09/14: Setting Aside Your Story / Judgment


I will say what I so often want to say when I see the Judgment card—here renamed “Beyond Illusion”—blame is not especially relevant. Declaring blame irrelevant seems almost sacrilegious in discussing ... [Manifest the Rest]

01/08/14: Ground Zero for Living / King of Wands


Evidently, Tarot stutters. Today’s draw is “The Source,” Osho Zen’s version of the King of Wands. It’s nice they are from different decks, anyway. It gives us the opportunity to look at different ... [Manifest the Rest]

01/05/14: Uncensored Joy / Page of Wands


Here I am, facing my least favorite Osho Zen card…again. I’d honestly tell you (and I have) that it’s the creepy, half-dressed clown lady giving me pause. And I’m sorry, but a big red nose is ... [Manifest the Rest]

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