Old-School Ethics – Weekly Tarot Forecast, Mar 23 – 29

weekly tarot forecast

So how has this eclispsey astro-weather been treating you? I've been feeling a heightened emotionality all around…the vibrational air seems literally saturated with emotion, both personally and in the ... [Manifest the Rest]

Not How; What or Why Instead. Tarot Flow Forecast, March 2 – 8


I recently told a friend, I'd stopped worrying so much about what kind of work I'm doing, and starting thinking a lot more about what kind of life I want to be living. It's a lot easier, too. I don't ... [Manifest the Rest]

Revisionist History: Weekly Flow, January 19 – 25


Many years ago, I went to a reader at a psychic fair and asked my favorite question to ask of readers: “What do you see regarding my spiritual development? Am I doing it right? Am I missing ... [Manifest the Rest]

Two-Step Forward Tango: Weekly Flow Tarot, Dec 29 – Jan 4


As I look this over, I think of the bit I just read today from my friend Josi, on the 1st quarter moon. “It is quite common to encounter blocks to intentions at this time. These blocks are not ... [Manifest the Rest]

Life’s White Spaces: Weekly Flow Tarot, Dec. 22 – 28


Happy Solstice/New Moon! There is unquestionably some magic on tap, but it’s a Capricorn new moon. So you have to turn on the faucet yourself. This looks to be a very transitional week. I’m reminded ... [Manifest the Rest]

Lion to Lamb – Weekly Flow Tarot Forecast, Aug 25 – 31


Seeing the week start out with so many of the Wands, I am thinking we begin with some heat, some motion and a lot of activity. Expecting a busy week, with recuperation needs to catch up with us at the ... [Manifest the Rest]

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