07/04/13: Over-Preaching it / King of Wands Rx


Happy Independence Day, for my US folks. :) Sorry I'm late. Mercury retro means missed post schedules, I guess. I had it written and slated to go, man! On this Independence Day, I’d be inclined ... [Manifest the Rest]

01/12/13: On Task | Swords Hold Court


Man! I’ve been fighting with tech issues all day and it’s getting late. I haven’t done this column. I pull the cards ahead—way ahead. I like to write ahead too, but sometimes, that doesn’t ... [Manifest the Rest]

11/29/12: Heart-True | King of Cups

When I was first learning the cards, Courts gave me fits. Even though I had a general idea of the qualities of each suit, distinguishing between Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings, understanding the ... [Manifest the Rest]

Interpreting Tarot Court Cards: Person or Not?


Great question! The Court cards are challenging, especially for those just starting out. I know I hated getting court cards at first. As I once heard the lament, "I'm looking for an answer, not a ... [Manifest the Rest]

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