April 8

04/09/13: Ah, Contentment / 9 of Cups



Ah, did you deal with the Devil effectively? Because I totally dig seeing the Nine of Cups appear as “Fulfillment of Wishes” as a follow-up! It’s that moment of great satisfaction when you allow yourself complete contentment.

I like to think of this as just rewards, just like this week’s Tarot Forecast. Gosh, I hope that rings true for you.

For me? I’m taking this as opportunity to feel good about what I’ve done, where I’ve been, and what I’ve got in my life. If anything, this is a card of contentment. Mix with a dose of gratitude and enjoy your day.

Do you have some fulfilled wishes on your radar right now?

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Nine of Cups, Psychic Tarot Oracle

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  1. And yes. I’m not being bi-polar I’m separating the two topics. However, in the previous “no” maybe the wishes fulfilled are about learning lessons when they’re inexpensive and HOPEFULLY having people learn from them. That’s every mother’s wish so it could be a yes as well.

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