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About the Journey

Dixie in her happy place.

Dixie in her happy place.

I’ve been called many things, some decidedly unsuitable for polite company! At heart, I’m just a loud-mouthed, pink-haired, do-gooding hippie chick from Kansas who taught herself to read Tarot. Oh, yeah, and an eccentric genius. Don’t want to forget the “eccentric genius” part.

It’s been a Hell of a ride from the first day I cracked open a Tarot deck–half expecting thunder to strike me on the spot, half wondering how the Hell I expected a meaningful experience to be generated from a DECK OF CARDS FOR GOD’S SAKES!

It wasn’t long before I realized I had a gift for talking to those funny little cards. Those conversations opened doors in my life I didn’t even know existed. All that magic all over the floor left me with a deep desire to assist others in unlocking the magic hiding in their own lives.

Magic is everywhere, once you learn how to look.

Every day, I look to welcome Spirit into my life with the open heart of the Fool. Every day, I want to help YOU do the same. I cannot imagine a more important or rewarding mission.

I don’t pretend to know it all, but I’m a damn quick study and am definitely taking notes. “A Fool’s Journey” is one of my notebooks. I hope you find value to you here as well. Best wishes on your own journey, my Foolish friends!

More About Dixie

Dixie Vogel is an author, teacher, coach, psychic, Reiki practitioner, ordained minister and Tarot maven, befriending the cards many years ago. She returned to the professional woo-woo world after a long hiatus, invited to start what became a popular daily Tarot column at a top astrology blog. The success of the column and a growing private practice eventually led to the creation of “A Fool’s Journey” and a DIY Spirituality podcast, “Woo-Woo Wonderful!” [now on iTunes]

Dixie studied psychology in college, amassing an extensive work history in the social services. She spent years providing paraprofessional counseling and support for populations with severe and persistent mental illness, suicidal and crisis center clients, battered women, and people in substance abuse treatment.

Dixie currently lives a magical but low-drama life in the Midwest with husband of many years, “Captain Virgo,” and some severely spoiled cats. Her Leo rising will tell you with a straight face she was a cat in a former life. She means it quite seriously, but don’t let that throw you.

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On privacy: Dixie NEVER outs people from the metaphysical closet, but please realize her social media streams are unabashedly woo-woo. If you’re shooting for under the radar, hooking up wouldn’t be your best bet. She totally understands.