Remembering Zen Master Kitty

“I have known many Zen masters in my life. All of them cats.” –my friend, Cyndy

This is Vega. He was always in my lap, snuggled up next to me, or laying on top of me, pawing me in the face to remind me it was lovin’ time. He understood contentment on a cellular level and radiated love. He really was a Zen master!

Vega snuggled up like a little baby, all on his own.

He snuggled up like that on his own.

We did talk, you know. We understood one another, very well. That connection made it especially hard when he passed, but I’m nonetheless very grateful for our time together.

He comes to visit–I feel him climb into bed with us, or brush past my leg. One or the other of our kitties often sits in the hallway, with high-pitched yelps when he’s nearby.

I find it comforting, feeling his energy when he stops in. How could you not love the little furball, after all?

Do you have a special connection with a pet?

p.s. Happy (belated) Memorial Day. Here’s to loving memories.

Everyday Tarot, 05/31/11: Sorting through the Threads

daily-tarot-forecast-rev-five-swords-housewivesAh, I’ve got to smile. It’s my first Everyday Tarot repeat! The first card I drew for the column. The question always is, “Will I find something new to say about it?” Somehow, I always seem to.

Today’s Tarot Forecast is the inverted Five of Swords or “Lord of Defeat,” associated with Venus in Aquarius. This is a card of a hard-won battle, winner takes all.

Inverted, the Five of Swords suggests comparing cost versus real value. Is the battle worth fighting? It’s not much of a win if getting there costs more than it nets.

Open your mind to the unusual approaches to conflicts and let ideas flow freely. (This includes internal conflict as well as external.) Don’t toss a solution out of hand just because you haven’t successfully executed it before. Just allow the flow to see where it takes you. You may be surprised with where you land.

Be objective in considering the situation. You’ll find conflicting threads, but you can sort it out by deciding what you value and letting that pattern be your guide.

How you doing sorting  through the threads of your conflicts?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Town Crazy Stocks up on Prayer Candles

Catholic Candle

You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate the energy invoked.

I’m sure they have no idea what to make of me–the people in the small town I live in.

I was joking with MoonPluto that I live in the same town as in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” I’ll cop to about 15% of that assessment taking dramatic poetic license, but that’s a generous estimate. I once sat in this town waiting for my daughters band concert to start while I listened to a conversation between large men in overalls on how to properly retrieve and prepare roadkill.

At least, I think they were large men in overalls. I make it a point to have minimal eye contact when I am having an out-of-body experience.

The local grocery store here in the land of cornstalks-and-good-ol’-boys starting carrying prayer candles. They don’t cost much and I like the spiritual, heavenly theme, so I get them to burn during readings and rituals. I think religious-themed items can carry the energy of the archetypes. Like tapping that vein from the collective unconscious. So I buy a bunch of them. Repeatedly.

I know townsfolk already look at me weird. Some more friendly than others. Don’t know if bulk prayer candle consumption adds or distracts from my mystique as that crazy, pink haired Tarot reader lady. I have no idea what they make of me, period.

But you know what? I prefer it that way. If you figure it out, I don’t want to know! I’d rather leave it in the fog and not have to bother. I’ll be over here ============>> living in my magic fairy world. It’s beautiful here!

Anybody else feel like the town “color”?

Everyday Tarot, 05/30/11: Punch-Drunk / Inverted Knight of Cups

daily-tarot-forecast-rev-knight-cups-houswivesAnytime people remain in problematic circumstance, there’s a reason. I know sometimes we feel trapped in a world not of our making, but most traps in the long view become about weighing what you’re willing to leave behind against freedom, you know? There’s usually an underlying “why” we stay that can be unacknowledged—that core belief, feeling or reason is the real chain that binds us.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the inverted Knight of Cups or “Lord of the Waves and the Waters,” associated with Air in Water. I often see this fellow with emotional instability surrounding a situation, wildly fluctuating feelings. In fact, “punch-drunk” is a great description for this Knight. Whatever the feelings we’re drinking up, they go straight to our heads!

The Knight of Cups often shows up around emotional confusion. But it’s not about one person tricking the other. The blur factor doesn’t occur in isolation. A really good, Knight of Cups question is, “Who’s fooling whom?” Inverted, look for the scales tipping one way or the other about now. Either she’s going to get fall-down drunk or she’s going to pay closer attention to what’s in that cup. It’s a decision point.

fruit-punch-sl-300501-xIf you want to change the situation, the inverted Knight of Cups would have you sober up a bit and take ownership of your own emotional needs and reactions. You’re deciding what you continue to drink in.

Is resistance to re solving a disruptive emotional issue related to avoidance? Is there some bit of experience or a realization you’ve been wishing to deny? It’s your choice what cup to drink from. No judgment here! We each move at the pace that’s right for us. But if you’re tired of being drunk, it’s silly to keep sucking down the spiked punch. Pretending like you didn’t realize it was spiked isn’t of much help.

You ever “put down the punch?” How’d it work out?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Love and Reflecting a New Reality

Tarot Lovers from Legacy of the Divine DeckI just got this Take-home message for one of my Tarot people, and thought others may benefit. She said I was welcome to share it with you, so I am!

The Lovers are not always a romantic couple–this card can speak to any deep bond. Specifically, a Lovers’ pairing is always going to be transformative in some way to participants. In a Lovers-type relationship, each defines reality largely through the other person’s eyes–it goes both ways. Changing where you fix your gaze alters how you both feel. So you could focus on seeing what you’d want the other to see in themselves, and end up with a new vision of yourself in the bargain.

What do you see in the Lovers card?

Everyday Tarot, 05/29/11: Reserving Judgment

daily-tarot-forecast-judgement-legacy-divineI have a 3-times rule about messages. When I notice something three times, I consider it officially “on my radar.” I don’t always know why I need to know something, but if tunes in on my channel, it always seems to come in handy.

How we attribute success and failures, and how we hand out credit and blame, triggered the rule. It occurs, this function is not always so clear-cut.

maj20sToday’s Tarot Forecast is Judgment inverted, “The Spirit of the Primal Fire,” modernly associated with Pluto. Even reversed, this version is prettier than the Rider-Waite Zombie parade. But the people are still blue and on their  heads, no less! Somebody could fall.

Tarot twos mean two distinct sides—one energy cannot exist in isolation. So if your assessment doesn’t include a dual perspective, you’re not done with the research.

michelangelos-last-judgment-2Judgment Day is where choices come home to roost. Especially, that done without witness, when nobody’s watching. Who and what people are come out in the light.

What you see is seldom all there is, and what seems like a mistake or tragedy often ends up preparing or insulating from harsher experiences. Some lessons are easy and some are hard, but if you’re willing to accept whatever’s there, you can wield power in direct proportion to your studies.

You don’t have to force it now. Just let your eyes adjust gradually, as the light changes to reveal a clearer picture. Be open to accepting what comes out, even if it’s not what you’d expect. Be as kind as you can in letting each learn the lessons they need. (This includes yourself, Sparky.)

Are you reserving Judgment?

Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!
by Josephine Ellershaw

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