Where’s the Feng Shui Lottery-Winning Fishpond?

Feng shui fishpond

Lucky Koi?

My husband was flipping through channels, pausing on a show about lottery winners. One winner was proudly attributing her winnings to her Feng Shui fishpond, with the water flowing right in toward the door.

My husband leans back with a mildly disturbed look and sort of grunts.


“Feng shui.” He shakes his head. “Where’s our fishpond?! How come you didn’t tell me about that? We have no fishpond. We have no winning lottery ticket! What’s wrong with this picture?!”

“Ooops. Sorry. Guess I was slacking!”

Evidently, it’s my job to keep him posted about these things. What’s your job?

Everyday Tarot, 05/28/11: Detours / Inverted 8 of Pentacles

daily-tarot-forecast-eight-coins-reversedSome changes come in a flash—insights, realizations, or just a shift in scenery that dawns like the sun peeking over a mountaintop. It’s clear, complete and unquestionable. You’ve left A and reached B, possibly not even being aware of the line connecting the two beforehand.

Other times, not so much. It’s those other times I’m thinking of today!

Today’s Tarot forecast is the inverted Eight of Pentacles, aka “The Lord of Prudence,” associated with the Sun in Virgo. And what Virgo would not love to be deigned the Lord of Prudence, huh? That sounds…useful. Helpful. Organized. Tarot eights suggest sustained work, value achieved through maintaining coherent efforts despite tensions that arise. Inverted, look to disruptions, delays or blocks as possibilities.

Are you questioning the efficacy of your efforts? Thinking about giving up? Because the reversed Eight of Coins would suggest you reconsider. So often, our plans are just easier than reality, kindly shielding us from…well, unintended consequences, pesky details and the stuff we haven’t already figured out beforehand. There’s always something. The point isn’t so much whether or not your plans are working as you thought they would. It’s more about looking to what you’re getting from the plan’s execution.

When I first took over a well-established online community, I had BIG plans. The site was very much in need of attention I knew how to provide; having started as a community member, I had a solid understanding of the niche and great fondness for the membership. Serving as a moderator, I had a good working relationship with the other moderators and community. Working as a web developer for years, I was comfortable with doing the tech work myself.

stepping_stone_path-91224015_stdDespite a long-term lack of attention, the site was also doing better than I would have hoped financially. It was a good place, I wanted to make better. Throughout the period of consideration, I consistently got very clear signs this was the right move. All lights were go, so I took the leap.

I stopped taking on projects for nine months while I reworked, transformed, and updated every single nook and cranny. A baby I had here! And everybody loved the new life—and all was good. Except, well, it didn’t become what I’d expected. It did, however, become more and more difficult to pay expenses. I hadn’t bargained on the financial crisis or that making the site more engaging would drop income, but it did. Nobody clicked out on the ads anymore!

I ended up selling the site at a modest profit, feeling relieved to let go of the responsibility. I could (okay—did) feel bad about it for a while. But I know I was right, both in the acquisition and the moving on. I learned SO MUCH in the process, it became a stepping stone along my path.

I could lose faith because my plans were off, or I could say, “Okay, what next, Spirit?” Because I’ve no doubt that no matter what I can personally imagine accomplishing, there’s so more out there I haven’t yet. That’s the stuff I want to experience!

You go on detours, too?

Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!
by Josephine Ellershaw

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Gemstones in Real Life: Moldavite Clearing the Decks

I was blessed with a surprise gift when Jupiter was conjunct Uranus–a minivan! It was much needed and appreciated, since I was driving a complete crap-mobile. There was only one problem–the energy. It belonged to my brother. My relationships with family are sketchy on a good day, and I’d only talked to this brother once in the decade prior. So climbing in this vehicle, thick with his energy, dredged up a lot of pain. I’d hop in to go to the store and end up bawling within minutes and it wasn’t shaking off.

Purple Leopard Car Seat Covers

“That is SO you,” said my husband upon seeing these.

I decided I needed to inject some “Dixie”in there and clear the energy. Started with a few accessories and added a sparkly necklace to hang from the rear view mirror. It was better, but I wanted more.

Hello, seat covers! Knowing my brother would have had nothing to do with such flashy foolishness, they helped hugely. All of a sudden, I could get in without feeling sad.

I also grabbed a bottle of Purification spray–love this stuff!–used it liberally, and stashed nearby for quick recharges and clearing. Much, much better. Then Jinjan suggested adding gemstones. Duh! Why did I not think of that? Specifically, Moldavite, a rare,  green piece of ancient meteorite.


Moldavite wrapped in ribbon

Now, Moldavite had already hit my radar, since a recent order to the Natural Magick Shop had mistakenly netted me a whole bunch of Moldavite oil! Ten bottles of something you didn’t order captures your attention, after all.

I vaguely remembered maybe having a piece of my own from eons ago. I’d gotten it when I was new at collecting gemstones, as a gift. I felt it’s vibrations like crazy when I touched it and had no idea what else to do with it. So it lived in it’s little bag, pushed behind other stuff, long put away and forgotten until I went seeking it. It showed up again, right when I asked for it. Thanks, Universe!

I hung it on the rear view mirror with some ribbon inside a ring my husband gave me, adding an amethyst necklace to ground and some other personal items to round out the energetic transfusion. The results were quick and exceeded my expectations. I’ve been happily driving, sans emotional ghosts, ever since.

moldativte necklace

Pretty, don’t you think?

They say Moldavite helps you transform and let go of whatever you no longer need, you know?

What I didn’t expect was that within few days of  hanging that Moldavite, I would be finishing up my work at Elsa’s site to be here at A Fool’s Journey, giving it all I’ve got. As hard as it was to transition (and it was), deep down, I knew it was time, to move forward and see where it led. I don’t know when I would have, though, had circumstances not come together the way they did. I credit Moldavite energy for driving the process into motion.

I loved it so much, I recently ordered myself a Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Moldavite Pendant from Amazon. I’m excited to see what other changes this stone brings. But I’ll warn you now–don’t get it if you’re not ready to be shot into the future.

Do you have any Moldavite? What do you think of it?

Everyday Tarot, 05/27/11: Moving Beyond Planning with Page of Swords

page-swordsThe reason that everybody likes planning is that nobody has to do anything. – Jerry Brown

Planning for “someday” is not the same as doing. I’ll take a modest action over a truckload of grandiose plans anytime. As beautiful and important as our dreams are, as the magical spark that begins the process of creation, they can sometimes morph into little more than a pretty package for procrastination. What makes the difference between real-world results and being an also-ran is what you DO with those ethereal bits of intellectual flotsam.

Today’s Tarot is the Page of Swords, “Princess of the Rushing Winds”—okay, I think of this rendition as having that Y chromosome, but whatever. He’s associated with Earth in Air—the start of manifesting (earth) a new (page) idea (air). You’ll sometimes see him as you undertake a new enterprise, sign contracts, or even work up a business plan. I think of him as heralding ideas made real.

Plans are great. But when you see the Page of Swords, you can take it as indication that you’ve done enough planning for the moment. It’s time to do the work to make those plans real.

Whatever it is you say you want—those 20 pounds gone, the closets organized, the blog you’ve been planning to start, the skill you have been intending to learn—well, what’s stopping you? Is it just you, stopping you?

The Page of Swords reminds us to take the next logical (Swords) step in our process. Here, we streamline the dreams from the practical and, if we hope to accomplish something, take some real-world steps in that direction. He prods us to get moving!

You have any plans ready to be implimented?

Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!
by Josephine Ellershaw

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Foolish Friends: Other Tarot and Astrology Blogs

Some of our friends are busy working the woo-woo and doing a fine job of it, I might add. Thought I’d share a few of their new Astrology and Tarot blogs with y’all. You can even tell ’em Dixie sent you, and they won’t run (I don’t think, anyway).

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My pal Lupa has set up shop over at Jupiter Shines. She’s writing, talking, and communing with the cards, of course. She sometimes offers complimentary, 1-card readings on her site. This lady has Scorpio, and can pack a punch even in a single-card draw. So check her out–and really, how can you not love a woman who dyes poodles pink?!?


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Some of y’all may know MoonPluto for her work on ElsaElsa.com–she’s got MoonPluto Astrology now and is writing like a woman possessed (in addition to finally offering consults). Since she’s got the Virgo,  she communicates, man! She also loves to chat, so head over for some astro-insight and great conversation. Go, MoonPluto!


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Everyday Tarot, 05/26/11: Queen of Swords Gets Critical

daily-tarot-forecast-queen-swords-osho-zenSeems no matter what you do, there’s somebody always waiting in the wings, more than happy to enlighten you with their blessed gift of insight that you’re wrong! Is it any wonder so many of us are tempted to just keep our mouths shut?

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