Everyday Tarot, 05/27/11: Moving Beyond Planning with Page of Swords

page-swordsThe reason that everybody likes planning is that nobody has to do anything. – Jerry Brown

Planning for “someday” is not the same as doing. I’ll take a modest action over a truckload of grandiose plans anytime. As beautiful and important as our dreams are, as the magical spark that begins the process of creation, they can sometimes morph into little more than a pretty package for procrastination. What makes the difference between real-world results and being an also-ran is what you DO with those ethereal bits of intellectual flotsam.

Today’s Tarot is the Page of Swords, “Princess of the Rushing Winds”—okay, I think of this rendition as having that Y chromosome, but whatever. He’s associated with Earth in Air—the start of manifesting (earth) a new (page) idea (air). You’ll sometimes see him as you undertake a new enterprise, sign contracts, or even work up a business plan. I think of him as heralding ideas made real.

Plans are great. But when you see the Page of Swords, you can take it as indication that you’ve done enough planning for the moment. It’s time to do the work to make those plans real.

Whatever it is you say you want—those 20 pounds gone, the closets organized, the blog you’ve been planning to start, the skill you have been intending to learn—well, what’s stopping you? Is it just you, stopping you?

The Page of Swords reminds us to take the next logical (Swords) step in our process. Here, we streamline the dreams from the practical and, if we hope to accomplish something, take some real-world steps in that direction. He prods us to get moving!

You have any plans ready to be implimented?

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Foolish Friends: Other Tarot and Astrology Blogs

Some of our friends are busy working the woo-woo and doing a fine job of it, I might add. Thought I’d share a few of their new Astrology and Tarot blogs with y’all. You can even tell ’em Dixie sent you, and they won’t run (I don’t think, anyway).

Lupa's Jupiter Shines BlogJupiter Shines Tarot (and Astrology)

My pal Lupa has set up shop over at Jupiter Shines. She’s writing, talking, and communing with the cards, of course. She sometimes offers complimentary, 1-card readings on her site. This lady has Scorpio, and can pack a punch even in a single-card draw. So check her out–and really, how can you not love a woman who dyes poodles pink?!?


Moon Pluto's Astrology BlogMoonPluto’s Astro Help for the Emotionally Intense

Some of y’all may know MoonPluto for her work on ElsaElsa.com–she’s got MoonPluto Astrology now and is writing like a woman possessed (in addition to finally offering consults). Since she’s got the Virgo,  she communicates, man! She also loves to chat, so head over for some astro-insight and great conversation. Go, MoonPluto!


MarlyK's Tarot and Astrology BlogMarlyK’s Moon Street Tarot and Astrology

MarlyK is another one who marries Tarot with astrology, because, well, they go together! She’s just getting started over at Moon Street Tarot and Astrology, but is putting out some good stuff already. It’s a thought-providing read, and she offers both Astrology and Tarot consults as well. Best of luck to you, Marly!

Everyday Tarot, 05/26/11: Queen of Swords Gets Critical

daily-tarot-forecast-queen-swords-osho-zenSeems no matter what you do, there’s somebody always waiting in the wings, more than happy to enlighten you with their blessed gift of insight that you’re wrong! Is it any wonder so many of us are tempted to just keep our mouths shut?

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Psychic Dreams?

Psychic DreamsI have had a few of what I’d call “psychic dreams,” information from outside my conscious awareness and seems to have a higher origin. For me, I can tell the difference between an ordinary dream and one to pay special attention to by how vivid they are, and how I feel upon waking up.

Sometimes, it’s a knowing, whereas other times, it’s a physical sensation that clues me in. For example, I often get goosebumps when I hit an idea that’s very important. That’s my signal to pay special attention.

Do you have psychic dreams? How do you tell them apart from more mundane dreaming?


Everyday Tarot, 05/25/11: Emotional Radar for New Solutions / 4 of Cups

daily-tarot-forecast-4-water-osho-zenOne of the best compasses I’ve ever found for how I’m managing is emotion. It’s like reading the energy in the room—if I feel jarred and uncomfortable, reacting out of proportion to stimuli, I know something could stand shoring up. One the other hand, peace and contentment lets me know I’m staying in the flow, in sync with my desires as much as I can be.

While outside events (and the state of the sky) obviously impact stress levels, they don’t dictate how the stress is addressed. Tracking your emotional response can provide solid feedback in that regard.

cups04sToday’s Tarot Forecast is the Four of Cups, the “Lord of Blended Pleasure,” associated with the moon in Cancer. Some non-traditional decks illustrate this card with meditation; Osho Zen calls it “Turning in,” picturing a meditating woman,  connecting with the spirit realm. Or is she just turning out other voices to find her own truth? Watery patterns on her dress suggest a complete immersion in  the internal, ethereal realm.

Since Tarot Fours refer to static situations, this card sometimes appears alongside a feeling of stagnation. Are you not considering all the options, not fully tuned in, or missing an opportunity right under your nose—maybe because of emotional (cups) attachment? Even if it’s not everything you want, the familiar has a lot of comfort. Often, the path to change here (i.e. the Tarot Fives) requires you to consider something you haven’t up to this point.

emotional-waves-tarot-water-elementAs you’d expect for a Moon in Cancer card, emotions are the prime avenue of communication here—and protection. Where do you over or under-react? Where is the water not flowing freely in your life? Where do you feel stagnant or tired? This is the energy that needs attention. Uncomfortable feelings are an early warning system that can guide you where to focus light.

With the Four of Cups, needed insight IS available. You just may have to look outside your typical avenues before it hits your radar. You know when you’re getting warm by how it feels—relief, peace, or excitement, the internal “click,” or anything that amps up your positive expectations helps you know you’re plugged into the right energy stream for progress.

Does your emotional state provide you valuable feedback?

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Woo-Woo, Out of the Closet?

Talking to a friend about Facebook and the complications of mixing professional identities.

“I’m sure my web people thought I had taken leave of my senses, when I started posting a steady stream of Tarot and astrology stuff! I went from posting search engine optimization tips to a constant stream of daily Tarot forecasts and astrology articles.”

“Has anyone from high school contact you to…”

“…let me know I’m going to Hell?” I finished. I always called my hometown the “Buckle on the Bible Belt,” after all. While I have respect for Christianity, the group as a whole takes a dim view of star watching and card reading.

“No, not yet. But it’s only a matter of time. The question is, who is it going to be first? It could be family as likely as somebody from high school. It’s not like I’m trying to hide it anymore. All they have to do is Google me, and within minutes, it’s pretty clear what I do. I use my real name and picture everywhere.”

By the time Saturn finished it’s way through Virgo, I didn’t much care anymore who knew what. I was tired of keeping only part of myself visible, constantly monitoring who might have a bad reaction to what. While is was probably more prudent than just putting my color on display, I ceased tracking.

I’m in my mid forties now–if I cannot just “be” at this point, how I am and who I am, when is that ever going to happen? I’m going to start living more true when I’m fifty? Sixty? Am I waiting for my parents to pass on first? For more people to start finding it acceptable? To become somehow mainstream?

Because how I think is not mainstream. Not in this lifetime. My friend Uranus sees to that. I’ll always be the crazy cat lady because it’s in my DNA. I could impersonate mainstream, but I think little bits of my soul would be burned up in the process. And therein lies the crux–Hell, to me, is living without integrity, feeling the need to hide or lie about who I am.

Whatever skills and potentials I’ve been blessed enough to receive, I want to utilize! Gifts cannot shine if you’ve got them packed in the back of the closet, huh? Somebody may think what you make is ugly. But somebody else will find it beautiful. And besides, you really keep it out for yourself, anyway. You know?

Are you out of the woo-woo closet?