Dixie at Haunted Atchison Spirit Fair October 29, 2011

401 Santa Fe Street Atchison, Kansas 66002

Atchison, KS is well known for ghosts.

“For more than 150 years, residents of this riverside town and its visitors have reported strange occurrences and the presence of otherworldly entities. As the hub of Westward migration in the late 1800s, thousands of pioneers embarked upon journeys here, launching from Atchison by wagon train, steamboat or the new Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. Maybe it was that displacement, those trials that kept spirits here. Maybe it’s the abundance of water porous limestone that reportedly holds spirits. Maybe it’s just that today’s Atchisonians are more open to the possibility that ghosts and other spirits do exist. Whatever the reason, thousands of people flock to Atchison each year to experience the paranormal, whether through leisurely tours, dinner events or paranormal investigation.

This year, Atchison is proud to host its first annual Atchison Spirit Fair. Join us at historic Theatre Atchison, which has its own unique paranormal history, as we host a collection of psychics, media, readers, therapists and much more!  –Haunted Atchison

They are having their first ever Spirit Fair and I’m going to be there. It’s the Theatre Atchison, 401 Santa Fe Street, Atchison, KS on Saturday, October 29 from 10am – 5pm.  And it’s a  haunted Theater. Maybe I’ll find out  I’m a medium–har! :laugh:

I’m excited, although it’s too bad I’ll be working and not able to run around town checking out all the thrills and chills. It just sounds like a lot of fun! A cemetery tour,  paranormal investigators, dinner with the spirits…great for Scorpio Season. Cool, huh? Come on out if you can!

Have you ever done any ghost hunting?

Where’s Dixie and Today’s Everyday Tarot?

Spirit Psychic Fair Tarot Dixie Vogel

I thought my table looked pretty nice, anyway.

Sorry I didn’t have an Everyday Tarot for you this morning. As you know, I was reading at the Spirit Fair this weekend. I thought I’d written far enough ahead to cover today, but I was wrong. I may have caught it anyway, but last night turned out a little upside down.

My daughter became ill last night and was in great deal of pain, so we ended up spending the night in the  hospital. She’s fine now, sleeping currently. It looks like  her gall bladder. They’ll do some more tests next week and she’ll decide how she wants to proceed. But I skipped working at the fair today. As we were joking when I went in to pick up my stuff, no telling what I’d have ended up channeling under the circumstances. Ha!

Just thought y’all might be wondering. The fair was pretty quiet yesterday, but I did a few readings and got TONS of compliments on my freshly colored hair. Not quite what I’d planned, but then again, when is life what you’d planned? Nonetheless, I’m very grateful she’s okay.

How are y’all doing?

On Writing the Everyday Tarot Column

Tarot Scrapbook

I keep a Tarot scrapbook with symbolism and associations for reference in writing Everyday Tarot.

People ask pretty regularly about how I select cards for the Everyday Tarot forecast column. Some have wondered what I ask, or how I know what to write about on a given day.

“Boom…here is your coffee and head on a platter” —Jenn Hillman, on Everyday Tarot

I draw cards specifically for the column, and most of the time, I just ask for what we need that day as a collective. Sometimes, I’ll ask a different question, or look for clarification after an initial card if get the urge to do so. Some days, I’ll feel like grabbing a particular deck or doing a 3-card spread or whatever. In other words, I just go with whatever flow I’m feeling.

Most of the time, I’ll pull cards for a few days in a single sitting, and write about them in the order they were drawn. That’s also why you’ll often see the same deck a few days in a row. I slate them to publish in time for your morning coffee.

My main rule is that I can’t cop out or plead lack of inspiration–whatever I get is what I work with. I don’t always fully grasp how the energy may express or why certain ideas might be important, but I chalk that up to my own range of vision, not Tarot’s. It seems to work.

In fact, I often have little idea what I’m going to say until I’ve heard myself say it, or don’t retain all I’ve said until I go back and review it, in the context of the day’s experience. But to me, the most important part is letting the Tarot talk, and I think I capture it well enough for it to be useful.  That’s the goal, anyway.

Anything else you’re wondering about?

Foolish Friends: Jenn Hillman features Everyday Tarot


My friend Jenn Hillman featured that Everyday Tarot on the Five of Cups on JennHillmanReflections, tying in the energy I wrote about with that blessed/cursed Grand Cross we’ve got going.

Thank you, Jenn, for helping pull it together. Jenn’s quite poetic, and her designs are always pretty. So go give her a gander if you’re so inclined.

Happy traveling!

Woo-Woo, Out of the Closet?

Talking to a friend about Facebook and the complications of mixing professional identities.

“I’m sure my web people thought I had taken leave of my senses, when I started posting a steady stream of Tarot and astrology stuff! I went from posting search engine optimization tips to a constant stream of daily Tarot forecasts and astrology articles.”

“Has anyone from high school contact you to…”

“…let me know I’m going to Hell?” I finished. I always called my hometown the “Buckle on the Bible Belt,” after all. While I have respect for Christianity, the group as a whole takes a dim view of star watching and card reading.

“No, not yet. But it’s only a matter of time. The question is, who is it going to be first? It could be family as likely as somebody from high school. It’s not like I’m trying to hide it anymore. All they have to do is Google me, and within minutes, it’s pretty clear what I do. I use my real name and picture everywhere.”

By the time Saturn finished it’s way through Virgo, I didn’t much care anymore who knew what. I was tired of keeping only part of myself visible, constantly monitoring who might have a bad reaction to what. While is was probably more prudent than just putting my color on display, I ceased tracking.

I’m in my mid forties now–if I cannot just “be” at this point, how I am and who I am, when is that ever going to happen? I’m going to start living more true when I’m fifty? Sixty? Am I waiting for my parents to pass on first? For more people to start finding it acceptable? To become somehow mainstream?

Because how I think is not mainstream. Not in this lifetime. My friend Uranus sees to that. I’ll always be the crazy cat lady because it’s in my DNA. I could impersonate mainstream, but I think little bits of my soul would be burned up in the process. And therein lies the crux–Hell, to me, is living without integrity, feeling the need to hide or lie about who I am.

Whatever skills and potentials I’ve been blessed enough to receive, I want to utilize! Gifts cannot shine if you’ve got them packed in the back of the closet, huh? Somebody may think what you make is ugly. But somebody else will find it beautiful. And besides, you really keep it out for yourself, anyway. You know?

Are you out of the woo-woo closet?


What about the Daily Tarot?

I’ve had a number of folks ask about the daily Tarot column from ElsaElsa.com, as today’s was my last. I’ve been very, very touched by the kind comments and emails. Thank you!

I love Elsa and the crew that frequents the place, so realizing it was time to travel my own path was bittersweet to say the least. (I still plan on hanging out at the bar!) But I’ll always be thankful for the wonderful opportunities granted me there, not the least of which was realizing how very much I enjoy doing this work. Which leads me here, to start my own journey. I’m foolish. So this should work, right?

To those who’ve asked, yes, I do plan to keep writing. The discipline of a daily column has been a growing experience, and the constant seeking for something useful to say to you gave me pockets of perspective, dealt by the Tarot and much  aimed straight at me. It’s like Tarot meditation.

So for now, I’ll keep doing it if you’ll keep reading it. Deal? Look for more from me around May 1st. And thanks for all the fish!