Reading Tarot at the Kansas City Spirit Fair, February 26 & 27, 2011

Sunday, Feb 26 noon-6pm
Saturday, Feb 27
noon-7pmFree General Admission!
Best Western Inn & Conf Center
501 Southwest Blvd
KCKS 66103

I’ll be reading Tarot at the Kansas City Spirit Fair, February 26 and 27, 2011. Since this is my first fair (I know! You’d have thought by now, I’d have done one, but no!), I’ll be reading for “Love Donations.” It’s a chance to meet new folks and give back some some of the blessings I’ve enjoyed from attending psychic fairs. I’ll be there for the whole time, so if you’re within range, I’d love to see you!

And if you haven’t ever gotten to attend an Angel Messages/Billets session with Cyndy Green, you’re missing out! Cyndy and Tidbit are fun, helpful and hilarious all at once. I’ve been amazed at the insights I’ve taken from the ones I’ve attended. Highly recommended.

I’m excited.

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