Basic Astrology: Zodiac Rulerships by House

medical-astrologyHere is a brief rundown of the Zodiac House rulerships. Please bear in mind these are only the briefest of keywords used as a snapshots, but they should provide a quick idea as to the character and tone of each house and sign.

Aries: Pioneering, independent, assertive
1st House: Basic attitude towards life, stance in life
Rules Self / “I am…”

Taurus: Stubborn, steady, practical
2nd House: Possessions, finances, values ethics.
Rules Money / “I have…”

Gemini: Light, intelligent, multitasking, curious
3rd House: Way of understanding and learning.
Rules Family / “I think…”

Cancer: Moody, protective, emotional
4th: home, what makes you feel comfortable.
Rules home / “I feel…”

Leo: Self-conscious, vital, sincere, egotistical, loyal
5th House: Games, sports, creativity.
Rules Children / “I will…”

Virgo: Methodical, helpful, particular, fussy
6th House: Work, practical effort and health.
Rules Work / “I serve…”

Libra: Partnerships, friends, fairness, indecisive
7th House: Partnership and friends.
Rules Partnership / “I balance…”

Scorpio: Instinctive, charismatic, intense, deep
8th House: Investments, business, legacy, death.
Rules Rebirth / “I desire…”

Sagittarius: Expansive, travels, optimistic, blunt
9th House: Travel, philosophy, broad view.
Rules Education / “I see…”

Capricorn: Planning, practical, responsible, fearful
10th House: Career, role in life.
Rules Reputation / “I use…”

Aquarius: Friendly, intelligent, urban, shocking
11th House Organizations, clubs, social activities.
Rules Friends / “I know…”

Pisces: Sensitive, sacrificing, holistic, dreamer
12th House: Unconscious, delusion, sacrifice, transcendence.
Rules Hidden / “I believe…”

Moon Signs Blanket: A Little Woo in Crochet

Crochet is therapy. And art.

I used to crochet in high school–during a difficult time. I wasn’t getting along with my folks so well. I was breaking free from a whole lot that wasn’t me. And you know, the crochet was shockingly helpful.

A whole lot of angst, frustration and pain was burned off, right into those stitches.

So now, I completely understand, folks that use crochet to grieve, to heal, to meditate. The work requires just enough attention to distract and clear the mind, but not so much you have to focus heavily for most of it. It’s very zen.

My daughter recently took up crochet. “They crochet all the time on “Orange is the New Black,” and it made me want to learn.”

Which inspired me to pull out my yarn and hooks again, after some thirty-five-ish odd years.

I’d heard of a Temperature Gauge blanket and loved the idea. You do a few rows a day, choosing the color from a predetermined palette to represent the temperature. So it becomes a tangible representation of that time period, when you birthed it.

But I wanted something more…astrological.

I wasn’t super clear on the plan. You know, because the Temperature Gauge notion is all about the random. I’m great with random. Whereas, the moon goes through signs in a predictable order.

“Okay, I will just use whatever yarn matched where the moon was, when I was working on the blanket.”

But that’s kind of tough to purchase the yarn based on such a premise, when you don’t know how much work you’ll be doing in each sign. And besides, I wanted to be sure and include all the signs. What if I crocheted like a madwoman in an Aries moon but slept through the Pisces moon? Would not work.

So I settled for doing the work in order, making sure I did at least some work with the current moon sign during each moon. Because if I had too many rules, it would suck out the joy. I had different types of yarns and different size skeins. I was badly out of practice crocheting. But it didn’t matter if it was perfect. Only that I got something out of it. And I did!

But this wasn’t about making a blanket. Not really. I have been following the moon. It seemed a way to creatively connect to the energy of each moon sign. I had SO MUCH FUN picking out the yarn for each sign.

Astrological Yarn Choices

  • For Aries, I was looking for fire! I could have done more red, but this is what we found and Aries didn’t want to wait for a better fit.
  • Taurus had to have some green, with an earthy vibe. And soft! Taurus insisted on being soft. Wouldn’t budge on the point.
  • Gemini insisted on boldly multicolored–it’s the only thing that distracted from the bother I couldn’t find the right sparkle yarn. Next time, Gemini.
  • Cancer was going to be silvery like the moon reflecting on a lake, but let Aquairus have the silver yarn instead, because Mamas do that. So a quiet, peaceful pool of blue, Cancer was.
  • Leo came in a different, more fussy form–a hank, you know, for the special yarns–and was not as flexible as I would have liked. But Leo sure looked great in the final show, as you’d expect.
  • Virgo is modestly sporting the hues of a spring garden. There wasn’t quite enough. Must encourage Virgo to take a full turn next time.
  • Libra is pretty and dainty in jewel tones. I’d have liked a more dramatic showing for Libra, but she didn’t want to be treated differently than anyone else.
  • Scorpio blends the colors of night, with purple for power and depth.
  • Sagittarius expansively casts tones of an exoctic sunset.
  • Capricorn refused to be anything but boring–not realizing those flecks would make the final section look like it had fuzz! Capricorn is mortified, but stoically denies it.
  • Aquairus has a hint of futuristic, metallic shimmer, like the Star card who shares it’s modern, planetary association of Uranus.
  • Pisces is just muddling together the colors of the sea–not as soft as it should be, but Pisces quickly forgets that.

I already want to do it again! Get all the same kind of yarn, and try for a better match for each sign. Maybe variegated yarn for mutable signs, with single colors for fixed? Two strands for Gemini? Or maybe I could do big squares for each sign, with something that represents the energy worked in? So many options.

Now, when I look at yarn, I see the zodiac. Or chakra colors. Or Tarot cards. Or elemental energies. Or magick spells. Sabbat throws? Eclipse hats? Prosperity pillows? Who knows?!

And I love the creative process of it, even if kind of suck at the craftsmanship bits. Because I’m doing it for the JOY of creating it. Personally, I think there is no reason better.

My favorite (not surprisingly) was the Gemini moon yarn. I just ordered a boatload of it but don’t know what I’ll make with it yet…once I’m done with this one.


Upper Chakra blanket, in progress.

Do you do any art for art’s sake?

Mercury Rx, Jan 2016: “Adulting” for the Win


But it probably is from Mercury Rx. Really.

Mercury rx, officially in force now. It stations direct Jan. 25; that’s when the worst of the fallout will be over.

My computer shut off randomly this morning and I’ve started getting “the calls”–I won a cruise, and I need to update my free Google business listing. Because I get random calls having pretty much nothing to do with me every Mercury retrograde.

People wince when Mercury is retro, myself included. But I’ve found a number of activities to go very well during retrogrades. You have the standard advice, you can do anything that begins with “re” like revise, review, redo, etc. But that includes a lot.

Mercury Rx Activity Ideas

  • Editing! I edited my book under Mercury Rx and it went well.
  • Training. I am working my way through various training videos I’ve collected and put off today. Getting lots of stuff figured out. Oh, the notes I’m taking!
  • Finishing up. Tasks that have been on the to-do list forever are often amenable to completion during a retrograde period. It’s a great time to take care of what you’ve been putting off. I’m really appreciating how much I’m getting done just hopping in there and doing stuff.
  • Planning. Planning is different from doing. Planning is gathering facts, rethinking circumstances, outlining goals. Mercury totally approves of plan-making during a retrograde period. Currently, I’m really enjoying setting up an events calendar for major transits through the year. It’s a great way to feel like I’m on top of what’s going on, and helps me brush up on my astrology at the same time. And I’m having a whole bunch of fun in the process. Triple win!
  • Setting Priorities. What is priority setting if not “rethinking?” It’s January, folks. Great time to be thinking about what you want to do this year…
  • Budgeting. I know. Fun, right? But reviewing income vs. expenditures is a Mercury-retrograde-approved activity. You may want to wait until Mercury goes direct to implement some of your plans, depending. But if you’re brave, go ahead. Just double check  first.  (I also find Venus retrograde very powerful for reviewing finances. Mercury rx favors the planning and categorizing aspects, whereas Venus rx seemed to favor looking at how your financial distribution relates to your overall happiness.)
  • Clean and purge. I advise this a whole lot more than I actually do it, but think about what you’re actually doing during a clean and purge: reevaluating your possessions.

Most of this retro period, Mercury will be in Capricorn. So to stay in the flow, make sure your choices are RESPONSIBLE. Any planet visiting Capricorn is going to benefit from exercising follow through, hard work and “adulting” as they say. Do the right thing. Set appropriate boundaries. Finish business.

And yes, we have a New Moon in Capricorn coming up on the 9th. So heads up, this advice goes double.

You can check to see which house Mercury is traveling in your natal chart. While anything is game for the second look now, review and redo in the area of your life as determined by transiting Mercury’s house position (or the house of your natal Mercury) is likely to be especially effective.

He’s transiting my 6th house with natal Mercury in my second, so reviewing work-related tasks and finances is perfect for me this time around.

I was really happy with the start of this retrograde period. I was expecting a seriously wonky day with the various transits, but instead got a lot of good news and a whole lot of unfinished business got finished. I’m feeling like I’ve finally got a handle here and am not swimming upstream on this one.

It’s obviously a bit too early to call, but I’m optimistic. And I cannot remember the last time I used the word “optimistic” to describe a Mercury retrograde period. I’m usually a lot more cautious (and whiny).

So if the Queen of Virgo–that’s me!–can not only survive but thrive through a Mercury retrograde, so can you!

Do you have an Mercury Rx plans or projects?

Holiday Tarot Special – 2016 Look-Ahead Zodiac Readings

“Tarot readings! Can we get Tarot readings?”

2016 Holiday Tarot Special

Zodiac Spread has 1 card for each of the 12 astrological houses plus an overview card.

Being a Tarot-reading mom, sometimes at holiday gatherings, I become the entertainment for my kids.

This Thanksgiving, they weren’t aware of the Saturn-Neptune square…making the perfect astrology for delusional (Neptune) bubbles to be popped (Saturn). Oops. But they were good sports nonetheless and even expressed interest in Christmas year-ahead Tarot readings.

“They’ve been…very accurate,” said one.

“You were going to say surprisingly!” I (accurately) accused.

“I caught myself,” she said, laughing. “You’ve predicted a lot that came true.”

“That’s kinda the point.” Tarot readings and all…

I do really enjoy the Zodiac Year-Ahead spreads. As rewarding as it can be to help folks through crisis, sometimes it’s just fun to sit down and do some old-fashioned fortune telling!

It’s been a few years since I’ve done a holiday Tarot special, which usually means doing a bunch of these readings over the holidays–and besides being fun to do, they allow me to peek at major themes in the collective for the year ahead.

Holiday Tarot SpecialSo I thought, “It’s time!” I plan on offering these at a discount, at least through the New Year. There may be a slightly longer-than-normal turn around time for these readings. So thanks for your patience!

Oh yeah: I absolutely will use a traditional deck, not a specialty deck, unless you request one of the decks you’ve seen on this website. Just add it to the notes if you have a special deck in mind and I’ll be happy to oblige.

And here’s hoping you have a solid, love-filled holiday.

Peace Out.


2016 Holiday Tarot Special!

Zodiac Look-Ahead Tarot Reading

A Zodiac reading looking at an upcoming period across all different areas of your life, with a card for each astrological house and a brief overview.
  • Holiday Tarot Special - MP3 Audio Reading w/photo of cards looking at the year ahead.
    Price: $50.00
  • Added per requests. ♥
  • If you have any area of life you're especially concerned with, you are welcome to mention that as well. Or not.
  • Your privacy is respected! Unsub anytime.
  • $0.00


Incoming Astro – Full Moon in Scorpio

Folks, I think this full moon in Scorpio is going to pack a punch. My astrologer friends seem to agree, so I pulled a few cards for guidance on managing the energy around it.

I usually like Scorpio moons, whether it’s a full moon in Scorpio, new moon in Scorpio, or an everyday ol’ moon in Scorpio. It’s sympatico with my energy. But this one…oy.

In short, it appears the full moon in Scorpio is going to be either an intense emotional or intense intellectual experience (thanks to Mercury’s intervention here)–wonder how much we get to choose?–maybe a “letting go” (voluntary or not), and a strong, potentially ill-timed compulsion to act. Happy, happy, joy, huh?

I think, “Deep breath” is a good mantra. I’m voting, clear head and open heart as the best way through and hence, forward. You know?

As a reminder, I’m still running my Transparent Tarot deal, if you need a quick hit around some Scorpio Moooooooooooon “issues.” Ha!

I was so excited to use the purple moon background for this video, I can’t even tell you. I mean, isn’t it perfect for a full moon in Scorpio?! Har!

Are you feeling the Full Moon in Scorpio vibes coming in?

Lessons from the Zodiac 2014 Look-Ahead Readings: Self on Trial

2014 Zodiac Tarot Look-Ahead

Thank you to all who’ve ordered the 2014 Zodiac Look-Ahead readings! I have sent out all of those ordered before today, so if you haven’t received yours, please check your spam folder or ping me for a resend.

This is the second year I’ve done these readings, and I am finding the process fascinating. One reason, I almost always work with a specific question. It’s very rare for me to do a general, predictive overview reading.

But the thing that most catches my eye is how themes seem to emerge in the cluster. I cannot say if it’s information I need to hear, if it’s the astrological weather now, or pointing to what we can expect overall in 2014. But I’m guessing a combination thereof.

If what I’m seeing is any indication, it’s feeling sort of like a showdown between honest (and fearless) self-representation versus living up to outside expectations and how this impacts self-esteem. It’s not about smacking down people who don’t agree with our lives. It’s more about not hiding any more and feeling good about who we are regardless.

Sometimes these dynamics were showing up in a family context, or a career context, or just in general. Considering myself as well as many of my Tarot peeps could already classify ourselves as “out-of-the-closet unique” makes the themes all the more noteworthy. But the clash between who you are versus who others want you to be (and how you feel about yourself in the process) could quite reasonably be expected for 2014.

I’m thinking this is probably due Mars in Libra.  The whole self/other axis just felt very fired up! So if this is an area in your own life where you feel a little shaky, forewarned is forearmed. Finding a balance that allows you to function in circles that are important to you without sacrificing your identity is key.

The other thing that was quite apparent was an overall balance between easy and hard in individual readings. I wasn’t seeing many getting free rides, nor was I seeing full plates of sour grapes. People had a mix. Very Spoiled Mayo, I suppose. So if you find yourself struggling with one area of your life, this is a good reminder to seek support and comfort from other arenas. It will help.

Are you seeing these kind of themes around you?

p.s. If you still want a Zodiac Look-Ahead Forecast, I’ll be offering them at least until the end of the year.

Zodiac Look-Ahead Tarot Reading

A Zodiac reading looking at an upcoming period across all different areas of your life, with a card for each astrological house and a brief overview.
  • Holiday Tarot Special - MP3 Audio Reading w/photo of cards looking at the year ahead.
    Price: $50.00
  • Added per requests. ♥
  • If you have any area of life you're especially concerned with, you are welcome to mention that as well. Or not.
  • Your privacy is respected! Unsub anytime.
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