Have you checked your chart, Sparky?

It’s such a simple thing. You’d think it would go without saying at this point for me, but it doesn’t.

If you’re feeling edgy, out-of-sorts, over-emotional, whatever…have you checked your chart? I mean, you could know the sky is…busy. But how is it hitting you personally?

I was complaining of being fussy. And Aliza (of MoonPluto Astrology) reminded me of how the sky could be impacting my mood.

Oh yeah. I should check my chart. Duh!

Why is it that it’s the last thing I think of?

If you don’t have astrology software, you can get free, personalized charts from astro.com. Plus if you’re studying, nothing’s more powerful than comparing personal experiences to transits to see how it all fits together. I think adding astrological information to a personal journal would be an especially effective learning aid, allowing for later review when both perspective on the personal side and greater facility with the astrology side develops.

Seeing the astrological configurations at work doesn’t make the feelings go away, but it can be nice to see some larger patterns at work and have an idea how long those feelings are likely to persist.

Do you remember to check your chart?

p.s. It’s definitely itchy-scratchy out there! So sorry to all the people who are feeling it. Group hug! ♥

Mercury-Saturn and the Big Mouth

Big Mouth

“Oh my God! I wish I would have just kept my mouth shut!” Mercury-Saturn

Mercury-Saturn contacts can be almost debilitating. There’s often a sense of being offensive, misunderstood, or otherwise unheard. It can feel as if speech or even thoughts are unwelcome and unwanted.

Saturn’s influence may leave a taste of inadequacy that is hard to wash away. Mercury wants to be heard–and now! Fast, impulsive Mercury wants to go, go go, and is not very happy bogged down in the gummy mire of “I don’t think so!” Saturn.

Those impacted by Mercury-Saturn aspects may find it helpful to remember some feelings are more likely a function of the astrology than accurate reflection or either truth or perception. But even knowing that doesn’t make the feeling very warm and fuzzy.

It can be helpful to make sure this energy has an positive expression, though, which helps take some of the punch out of the less pleasant expressions.

Mercury-Saturn people do well to work (Saturn) to speak (Mercury) with integrity (Saturn).  Fact-checking, along with a clear, orderly thinking process, presented with respect is going to net the best outcome. That doesn’t mean the ouch factor goes away! It just makes it easier to let go of the (real or perceived) misunderstandings.

In other words, the Mercury-Saturn person will be well served by being aware.

  • Clarity of thought and purpose for communications from the outset.
  • Balancing out the drive to be heard (now!) with the drive to remain silent (forever). Each has it’s place.
  • Working hard on communications to satisfy Saturn.
  • Continuing expressions despite discomfort to satisfy Mercury.
  • Strong personal boundaries so reactions don’t take on undue importance.
  • Remembering the people who have resonance with your message will be able to hear it.
  • A whole lot of faith!

The bottom line, though, is sometimes there will be regret over words. It’s inevitable. You may know why…or not. There’s not really much to be done for this that I’m aware of, but if you’ve done the best you know how throughout, at least it’s easier to let it go.

What you don’t want to do is let it shut you down because that’s the real tragedy–not sharing your light. You know?

What’s your experience with Mercury-Saturn? Do you have anything to add?

Mercury Rx in Scorpio Alert: 10/21 – 11/10

Update: It’s here!

It’s that time again, folks…Mercury is going retrograde from October 21 – November 10, 2013. Please be mindful of the standard Mercury Rx precautions: anything revisited, or with “re” in front of it is workable.

New projects, new starts? Not so much! And for God’s sakes, don’t sign contracts or long-term leases during this time if you can help it. They will have to be redone.

Mercury is in Scorpio for this go round, so look to the items being revisited to potentially be deep, dark and very mysterious. Whatever you got going during this retrograde, I’m thinking it probably won’t be trivial. Check the house in your natal chart to review what sphere of your life will likely be most impacted.

Being rather Virgo, I often sweat the Mercury retrogrades but I’m very comfortable with the Mercury/Pluto mixes, so I’m not going to worry about this. If you like your communication and thinking deep and real, any questionable rot will out itself during this period. So be it!

How do you feel about Mercury retrogrades?

Calling Stuart Smalley for the New Moon in Virgo

“Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” -Stuart Smalley

I’ve been noticing a whole lot of self-doubt in the wild recently. “I suck, I suck, I suck, ” boom, boom, boom. Like that. And it just now struck me, maybe this is related to the New Moon in Virgo that’s upon us.

People are quick to point out how Virgo is so damn critical. The un-evolved Virgo can indeed be harsh, I know. But far more than Virgo criticizes you, Virgo criticizes Virgo, man! A Virgo that feels ineffectual, unhelpful, or just plain lacking is the Virgo that heaps nitpick upon  fellow humans with a shovel. This is a classic defense mechanism. When people are uncomfortable with themselves, they become extra critical of others. Whatever stirs up a sense of inadequacy tends to make us cranky, man. With precious few exceptions, a person that says you’re not “enough” is one who isn’t feeling like enough him or herself. That doesn’t mean you’re golden; the criticism may be valid but the way it’s delivered is more about them than you. And vice versa.

If you are feeling unusually dissatisfied with yourself or the people around you…well this New Moon in Virgo provides an excellent opportunity to declare a whole new game. You can check to see where it falls in your chart if you want. Or not, I’m not going to quiz you on it.

The point is, New Moons are a great time for fresh starts, do-overs and new beginnings. Use what you’re unhappy about as intelligence, laser pointing areas for overhaul. List it out if you like. Make a plan, break it down, organize or categorize to your heart’s content. Virgo approves! And if you don’t have much Virgo and have no patience for that approach, okay. Just pick up the biggest, brightest threads of discontent, resolving to taking specific action to make manageable strides.

The details are always what turns things around for Virgo. Because you know what? Those details add up. That’s the “new plan” part of riding the New Moon energy.

And the feeling better about yourself bit can be delivered via details as well. Channel the spirit of Stuart Smalley and remind yourself of specific reasons supporting the conclusion that you ARE good enough, smart enough, and many people that like you. Doggone it!

Because you know what? Stuff to feel good about is there. You will find it if you start looking. Use this simple plan as a 1-2 punch to beat the I-Suck Blues.

You have use for Stuart’s philosophy?

Mercury Wreck-trograde!


So far, I’ve got a posts missing the schedule, a dead microwave,  revelation that my van gas gauge reads 1/8 over reality (don’t ask) and now the AC went on the fritz. Tomorrow’s forecast is 97.

How’s your Mercury Wreck going?

Communicating with Mercury Saturn Aspects

Whether it’s via birth chart or by transit, Mercury-Saturn aspects can be an absolute bear to deal with when trying to communicate. Here are some quick tips from a Mercury-Saturn native!

Short version: Consciously express Saturn qualities in your communication (or thinking, or whatever Mercury-related realm) to satisfy the old man like integrity, hard work and responsibility–and you’ll be spared the sting of the less comfortable expressions of Saturn.

Are you familiar with Mercury-Saturn combinations? What do you find works?