Stabby Astro Weather in Eclipse Season

stabbyMan…It’s been stabby out there lately. Not that you need me to tell you this. I’m attributing it to eclipse season. Bam, bam, bam! I find eclipses to be very intense in general and being in the middle of a string of them…well, it’s noticeable. Especially if you do what I do for a living!

The Solar Eclipse May 9th, 2013 is a New Moon, so we’re looking at new beginnings. It’s a planetary pileup in fixed, plodding Taurus so whatever you commit to under this sky, expect it to be stable as Hell.

All that immovable bull energy opposes Saturn in Scorpio, so I’m thinking in terms of baring your soul as part and parcel of the activities at a very deep, exceptionally honest level. Be real, be true, and be of character and you’ve got access to a huge amount of power here. No iffy shortcuts.

I’m not an astrologer and I don’t play one on the internet. Just a little notice, acknowledgement that yes, is hard out there right now for a lot of people. Standard advisory for stabby astro-weather in effect: be kind to yourself and your fellow human beings. Do the right thing.

But then again, when is “do the right thing” wrong advice?

How are you faring?

Eclispe: Thorny Rose Alert

Happy (?!) Eclipse!  I don’t know what to tell y’all about this thing that my astrologer friends haven’t said better and with far more authority. (Nadia and Aliza are a couple of the folks I read.)

What I can say is that it’s INTENSE out there–and spiky. I am feeling a definite wallop with this baby! And judging from the folks I talk to, it’s a widespread phenomena.

I was a little surprised today’s Everyday Tarot forecast was for a breather, time to grab a second wind. I write those sometimes quite a bit ahead and don’t usually check the dates against what’s going on in the sky. I hope that ends up being on target for y’all because I know there are plenty of people that could use it right about now.

I don’t like to kick up anxiety or give in to fear over astrology. That’s kind of the opposite of what I’m about, you know? The sky is the sky and we have no control over what energy is activated. All we can do is choose how we focus the energy we’ve got on tap. And powerful energy generally has powerful potential.

I will say these vibes seem incredibly potent. Like a high-power jet stream that’s been blocked up, in the process of blasting through the blockage. So be careful where you aim that thing. Don’t blast the blooms right off the rose bush, you know? But if you’re conscious of your aim, you may be able to power-wash some blockage out of your life.

Much love and good luck to y’all!

How are you all faring under this sky?

Mercury Retrograde Already Fogging it Up

February 23 – March 17, we’re in a Mercury Retrograde. Most people know this is a time when communications go wonky, short trips get delayed, agreements are confused and electronics explode, or some variation. I’m heavy on the Mercury energy so I tend to feel retrogrades about a week out and this one is beginning to steam up.

For this retro period, Mercury will be hanging in the puddle that is Pisces,. Mars is in the neighborhood as well, so there’s a chance you’ll feel a sense of drive or frustration over sorting out the unsortable.

But that’s no reason to get all weirded out. You may not like it much. But it is what it is, man. Life goes on.

To do your best during this time frame, make a point of revisiting or redoing projects underway. Mercury Rx is always a good clean-up and clarification period. And call upon the Pisces superpower of faith and transcendence. This 1-2 approach will let you skip on by a lot of the angst–I’m not going to say ALL of it, mind you–but life flows easier if you swim with the current rather than against.

In general, you can address Virgo problems using Pisces energy and vice versa. Solve muddle with defining and planning, and solve perfectionism with releasing and blurring.

Not sure exactly how it’s going to play out, but I’m thinking it will be an interesting mix at least. Heads up!

You feeling this yet?

Being Invisible as a Superpower

You mean I’m not invisible?

My husband told me a long time ago, that if I were aware other people could see me, it would ruin what I do.

I have the Neptune.

I think he had a point.

But the good news? Even if I notice you can see me, I can erase it.

I WILL erase it. I don’t have to try. It just happens. I forget.

Just the same way I managed to forget I spill food on my shirt pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY.

invisible manI would spill the food, get mad, and promptly forget about it. Until the next day, when the same thing would happen. And that’s where it would have ended , if it hadn’t been for Captain Virgo pointing it out to me, this is a pattern…I argued for a while, but damn his Virgo, there no letting my subjective bullshit override the facts.

Fortunately, I don’t often remember this conversation.

I also get to act like a total weirdo. I can go to the grocery store in rubber duckie fleece pants and completely forget, that isn’t considered appropriate attire. The freedom is great!

Perceiving myself as near-invisible allows me to speak my mind, explore nooks and crannies and corners out HERE, in public, all while completely forgetting it’s in public. Nifty trick, huh? Being honest, being truthful without concern of who thinks you’re a dork or crazy or just plain freakish–that IS powerful.

The downside is that sometimes, I can upset people. I notice (eventually) in a realization of some type or another. I perceive the reaction and go looking for the root and soon or later see, “Oh…”

That part kind of sucks. I never intend to be hurtful. But it happens. I send goodwill and try to forget it. I think it probably works. I forget it (until I don’t) and then forget it again.

I think everybody has superpowers. The trick in life isn’t adopting someone else’s superpower. It’s embracing your own and learning how to use ti for good instead of evil.

What’s one of your superpowers?

(P.S. The first time I tried to post this, the post went BLANK. I had to restore it from a revision backup. Now THAT’S funny!)

Karma Cards Oracle Deck Review

If you’re learning astrology, I found a great little tool to help you get some insight on the ways different placements interact. Or at least, that’s how I use these cards!

The Karma Cards were developed by astrologer Monte Farber. The cards are divided into Planet, Sign and Houses. Making a deck of 36 total. In addition to using it as a divination tool, it’s a pretty friendly way to learn more astrology.

The cards were designed to answer outcome and action type questions, as in “What will be the outcome of…” or “What should I do about…” So slight variations, like “what to keep in mind about…” will also work. The cards themselves are very attractively illustrated, and have appropriate artwork for each with small symbols in the corner of planet glyphs, house placements, and so on.

The book is more substantial than a standard Tarot little white book. The first part is dedicated to working with the cards: the idea behind them, how to use them, etc., and the second section is devoted to discussion the astrology of the planets, signs and houses. The summaries are well done and easy to follow.

To use the cards, you pull one from each category of planets, signs and houses. Red and blue sides of the cards each have three bits of text, labeled S (Spiritual), M (Mental) and P (Physical). You simply read the sentence formed by the three cards—the red side for action oriented questions, and the blue side for outcome oriented questions.

Here’s an example of what you’d see for Mars in Aries in the first house:

So the “action” answer for this grouping would be:

  • Spiritual: Energize your willpower immediately.
  • Mental: Confront what you think you know about the way you protect yourself.
  • Physical: Force yourself to do it your own way and do it on your own.

And the “outcome” answer would be:

  • Spiritual: The drive for energies to meet the challenges of who you are.
  • Mental: The confronting of your desires regarding your desires.
  • Physical: Action resulting from the honesty and strength of your actions.

Since we’re doing Mars, Aries and the first house together here, the answers feel a little repetitive. But still, not a bad representation of this combination. I like these cards a lot!

For beginners, you’ve got keywords and short phrases for various astrological placements. Those more experienced in astrology will find the keywords less useful, of course, but the references to various placements could nonetheless help trigger insights. And regardless of your knowledge level, you can use these like any divination deck to see what the universe has to say. Always a worthwhile goal, in my estimation.

What do you think of the Karma cards? Anybody have them?

[amazon_link id=”140274546X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Karma Cards[/amazon_link]

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Mastering KR’s Saturn Woes

“I feel like I’m going through a Saturn “thing” currently. I have a Gemini moon which is more mental than emotional and it squares my Pisces Saturn (don’t you have that too?). I feel like I’ve been repressing my feelings on a lot of family related issues that can’t be ignored any longer. I say that because it seems I keep on attracting people in my life whose Saturn is on my Moon (ouch!) or my Sag Sun. I would love for you to pull a card for me asking for guidance (and clarity) around the sensitive issue of learning how to master my Saturn. Thank you.” -kr

Man, KR, I totally feel your pain here! You’re right about my chart as well, I have Gemini moon (in the 10th) square Saturn in Pisces. So yes, I’m hip. See my video response below.

Short answer: Saturn-moon aspects can make folks feel like they suck! I’d look to work your Natal Saturn. Use Saturn’s hard edges to shore up places Pisces lacks definition; use Pisces compassion to temper Saturn’s harsh criticism and turn it into loving, self-coaching to grow. Saturn has to feel like he’s achieved to be happy. Your Gemini moon will allow you to change how you feel via how you frame it. Use that Superpower, because it can suck out a lot of Saturn’s sting.

Hope it helps!