Basic Astrology: Rising Sign as Chart Ruler

Your Rising Sign is determined by the sign that was hitting the Eastern horizon at the time and place you were born. That’s why precise birth info is required to determine the Rising sign, and hints to its significance. Aside: The term “Ascendent” (ASC) is pretty much used interchangeably with term “Rising sign,” although Ascendent refers to the degree of the ecliptic ascending on the Eastern horizon, not the sign itself.

Beyond the Sun and the Moon (aka “Luminaries” or “Lights”), the rising sign is one of the most important parts of your natal chart. If you know only three things about your chart, they should be Sun, Moon and Rising sign!

If the Sun sign reflects core identity (nature), the Rising becomes a filter for expressing that identity to the outside world (nurture). The Rising sign is sometimes referred to as a mask we wear, sort of like our personality’s front door. It’s the default Self you take out to meet and greet the world, whether or not you’re aware.

Rising signs can also flavor physical appearance as well as the impression you make on others. It will always fall somewhere in your first house, and determines the house positioning. If someone else is describing you, they will most likely pinpoint characteristics related to your Rising sign.

The planet associated with your Rising Sign is generally called the Chart Ruler–not your sun sign! For example, I am a Virgo with Leo Rising, so my Chart Ruler would be the Sun, as the Sun rules Leo. A Virgo with Leo rising like me may indeed be critical and perfectionistic by nature, but will have learned to express it in a warm, sunny way. How’s that for a trick?

Ascendents falling closer to the beginning of a sign are expected to have stronger influence, because most of the first house will fall within that sign. The Rising Sign is also said to have more influence if the Sun falls towards the bottom of the chart, which would make the Sun’s influence less outwardly visible. The differences may lessen after an individual reaches their first Saturn return (28ish) and may tend to have a more integrated presentation of the Sun Sign and Rising Sign due maturity and greater self-confidence.

Aspects to the Chart Ruler, either natal or by transit, will tend to have a noticeable impact on an individual. What’s going on with your Chart Ruler packs punch, so it makes sense to pay attention.

Do you feel the influence of your Chart Ruler?

Video: Psychic Strengths via Elemental Sympathies in Natal Chart

In this video, Nico explains how the preponderance of elemental energies represented in your chart impacts the way and kind of psychic info you get. He discusses the myths and stereotypes about Water placements being the only psychic-friendly ones. Fascinating!

I have a couple of Air placements, the rest evenly divided between Earth and Water and his descriptions rang quite true for me. This also explains why I hate Yes/No divination questions. I’m very short on fire!

Do you see elemental balances from your chart at work in how you get psychic info?

Are You Getting the Message? Mercury and the Page of Coins

With the current sky (Mercury/Neptune action), thought I’d pull up some more Page of Pentacles communication love from some old work for you all…

When I was a kid, my mom often said, “Do as I say, not as I do.” It was one of her catchphrases that eternally frustrated me. It did not compute! Earthy bundle of goodness that I am, I expect what you say for me to do and what you do yourself to match. That’s only logical, right?

Mom wasn’t buying it. She was invoking a parental authority prerogative, I guess.

The Page of Pentacles (or Coins) is associated with Earth (pages) in Earth (pentacles), sometimes expressed as “Earthy part of Earth.” Ha! Pages often refer to communication, so inverted, you may want to look at disconnects in the communication process.

Different people, different charts, will hear messages best communicated different ways. The Page of Wands (Fire) communicates with passion, heard loudest by those with Mercury in a fire sign. Page of Cups (Water) communicates emotionally—arguments based on emotion convince Mercury in water folks. Page of Swords (Air) intellectualizes, just as Mercury in air signs look for the dispassionate, logical arguments. And the Page of Earth looks at tangible action as the overriding method of endorsing a message, as Mercury in Earth signs will tend towards.

Not so very long ago, I started following politics. My husband is a die-hard newshound and watches the events of the world closely, and some of it rubbed off. My good fortune was that this interest hit in time for that Saturn-Uranus opposition, when political discussion hit new levels of rancor. Ugh! But as uncomfortable it has been at times, learning to hear others’ messages is something that I needed to master, and I think I’ve made progress. It’s essentially picking up a new language.

The inverted Page of Pentacles reminds me to check to see if I’m really HEARING others. Some don’t communicate the way I do. I still choose to place more weight on what people do than what they say (being a Mercury in Earth gal), but a different communication style is not automatic license to discard the message. You get a lot more out of this trip if you are willing to tune into a variety of stations. You know? It also reminds to me be aware of my own communication. While I expect my actions to speak for themselves, someone else may need to feel it or understand it in a different way.

What messages persuade you most readily? Can you see it in your Mercury?

Loving Mars in Cancer – 10 Swords

Mars in Cancer is another one of those placements that just doesn’t get any respect. It makes me feel compelled to speak up for the other side. While I’m not an astrologer, I pay attention. My dear husband has Mars in Cancer, so I have had long-term opportunity to become acquainted. I asked Tarot for help in illuminating the often misunderstood Mars in Cancer.

Up shows the Ten of Swords. This version from the Legacy of the Divine is particularly stunning rendition. I think of Tens in Tarot as that void between the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new one, holding both the completeness of what’s been and the birth energy of what will be in tandem. Swords are, of course, the Air element, so we’re centered largely in thinking. Astrologically, this card is associated with the Sun in Gemini. The 10 of Swords shows up for me both for betrayals or overreacting. Think overkill.

Because Cancer is so sensitive, even slight attacks are felt very deeply by Mars in Cancer. You may not have idea you were responsible for those swords. Maybe you consider the reaction out of proportion, but you’re not the one with the swords in your back, huh? Be aware that being part of a Mars in Cancer person’s “family”–the inner circle–is a hallowed position of trust. If you want to stay there, never ever take a stab at his soft spots. You’re doing much more damage then you realize.

You’ll often see Mars in Cancer characterized as passive aggressive, and like any generalization, there is some truth. That’s certainly one way for the energy to express. I think it most likely to come out that way when the individual is not sufficiently mature, or if Mars in Cancer folks do not feel heard. Mars prefers to be more direct. But if the direct way is blocked, Cancer will express indirectly. One way or another, that frustration is coming out. Acknowledge conflict and listen kindly, even when (especially when) your viewpoint differs, and you will have much less trouble with passive aggressiveness.

One of the things about the placement you don’t hear enough about is the loyalty factor. Mars in Cancer will defend their home and their family, birth or chosen, vigorously. The quickest way to rile a Mars in Cancer person is NOT direct attack, but through an attack on a loved one. They pull out all the stops. Furthermore, they will genuinely and deeply care about their beloved’s safety and security, doing their best to quietly, gently look after you.

The Mars in Cancer man may check to make sure your tires are well inflated, fill your windshield wiper fluid reservoir, or remind you about ice on the road. The Mars in Cancer woman will not only feed you well, but also make sure that meal is nutritionally balanced and healthy. In other words, they will act (Mars) to secure your well-being (Cancer), physical and emotional. Mars in Cancer often expresses love in a very tangible, practical way. As a bonus, Mars in Cancer will generally respect your feelings, having an innate understanding of the role emotion (Cancer) plays in your actions (Mars).

The Ten of Swords reminds us that the pain Mars in Cancer feels is real and intense, even when it may be (at least partially) self-generated. To successfully relate to a Mars in Cancer native, don’t wield one of those swords. If a Mars in Cancer native is wounded, allow them time to retreat, heal, and gain perspective. Be sensitive to their needs and clearly express the value you place on all those sticky feelings they’ve got. A Mars in Cancer person who is secure they are heard and loved as-is will be less likely to overreact to small slights or become passive aggressive. Treasure the loyalty and devotion to you. Not many would go to the lengths they will in order to protect you and make sure you’re secure. They don’t commit with their mouth—they commit with their heart and express it by action. That’s worth the trouble to manage, don’t you think?

What’s your experience of Mars in Cancer?

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Planetary Energy of Rings on Your Thumb: Activating Mars

Another in the “Rings on Your Fingers” series by astrologer Kathy Rose. Thumbs = Mars!

I’ve always liked wearing thumb rings (when I have done so), but never thought about why. They do, however, feel kind of powerful somehow.

Anybody wear thumb rings?

Plantentary Energy of Rings – 3rd (Sun) and Pinkie (Mercury)

From astrologer Kathy Rose – rings on the third and pinky fingers. I have my wedding rings on my third finger, and have had pinky finger rings, but again, it’s been a long time. The connection to the pinkie finger to sexuality was especially interesting. And great point about the rings needing to be comfortable!

Do you have rings on these fingers?