Speed of Planet Transits: Quick Reference

Here’s a quick reference for transits. Degrees and times are approximate, but are enough to give a rough idea of how fast various celestial bodies move. Speeds provided are from geocentric perspective. (“Minutes” here are 1/60 of a degree.)

Speed per Day Time in Sign Time through Zodiac

Sun's Glyph


1 degree 1 month 1 year

Moon's Glyph


13 1/2 degrees 2 1/4 days 27 – 28 days

Mercury's Glyph


1 degree 1 month 1 year

Venus's Glyph


1 degree 1 month 1 year

Mars's Glyph


1/2 degree 2 months a little under 2 years

Jupiter's Glyph


about 5 minutes
(< 1 degree)
1 year 12 years

Saturn's Glyph


about 2 minutes 2 1/2 years 29 1/2 years

Uranus Glyph


about 1 minute 7 years 84 years

Neptune Glyph


< 1 minute 14 years 165 years

Pluto Glyph


< 1 minute 21 years 248 years

The Devil is Not So Bad

Next to Death, the Devil is the probably the most feared card in the Tarot deck. Here are some quick tips on working with the Devil’s energy, using it’s astrological association, Capricorn, to suggest the best approach.

What do you think when you see the Devil in a reading?

Essential Oils Introduction

YouTube sprite CharmingPixieFlora explains the basics of essential oils, including definitions, where essential oils come from and how they work. Simple suggestions for getting started.

What do you think?

Making Herbal or Essential Oil Bath Salts

In this fun video, CharmingPixieFlora explains how to make your own bath salts. This is a hard-to-mess-up recipe–just my speed. Very simple and they smell great!

The Aromatherapy Bible has lots of info and tips for working with essential oils.

So you can customize to whatever you’re looking to accomplish by carefully choosing an oil blend. Choose oils for a specific skin type, physical or emotional condition, stress relief, energy, sleep, chakra balance, psychic attunement, an astrological transit, a spell, or anything else you can think of.

Does it give you ideas, too?