Real Healers? Sort Of.

"You're a healer," the reader says decidedly, looking down at the worn deck of playing cards spread out on the cloth before her. "Yes," I nod. "A very good one..." she adds, looking ... [Manifest the Rest]

8 Ways to Spot a Psychic Fraud

One thing that blows me up like a Supernova--and makes honest readers across the universe cringe--is the scam artist, the bullshit Tarot Reader (or psychic, or astrologer, or whatever). Because so ... [Manifest the Rest]

Hit-and-Run Doomsday Psychic Readers

I recently wrote on negative predictions in readings, from the angle that folks sometimes zero in on less-than-glowing bits in an otherwise optimistic reading. One of the comments I got on that piece ... [Manifest the Rest]

Negative Predictions in Readings

This is a psychic readers' rant: I can say 200 helpful, positive and optimistic things in a reading. But if I have ONE iffy, even remotely negative thing to say, guess which one reverberates loudest? ... [Manifest the Rest]

Why can’t you tell me what I want to know?

Sometimes, you have a burning question and I WANT to answer it, but cannot. Why? Short answer: A combination of intent for the reading and the cooperation of the reader's "people" (or yours) may ... [Manifest the Rest]

What if that Tarot Reading makes your client Mad?!?

Got an awesome question from one of my Tarot peeps, so I made a video on it. Sorry it took me a while to get this posted! Short answer: Apologize, show compassion, try to address the underlying ... [Manifest the Rest]

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