Is it okay to repeat Tarot questions?

Don’t keep asking. Let the answer come into focus.

We approach Tarot on issues that matter to us–sometimes, a lot. Maybe this is why some fear Tarot–there’s almost an air of inevitability once “the cards have spoken,” as if all has been magically preordained and there is nothing left save cowering at the eternal manifestation. And we get upset, because, well, even with Tarot talking, we’re just not necessarily hearing.

“What does it mean? Am I sure I’m understanding this message? What if it’s really not what I want? What if I’m getting it wrong? Can I change it? Does Tarot say the same thing today as yesterday? Why? Oh my God, oh my God. What now?!?”

We believe Tarot holds answers, which is why we ask the questions. But sometimes we don’t understand  the answers or don’t like them. So we may ask, again and again–all with the same intense, scattered emotional energy. Panic readings, I call them. And you know, they don’t help much.

Tarot works predictably. The readers’ emotional state IS part of the energy connection. Fear produces static and distortion, scrambling signal. If you keep pulling cards repeatedly on the same question–let’s be honest, most of us have–you’ll start getting nonsense. Or at least, this is how it works for me.

I consider repeating Tarot questions akin to asking a sage for wisdom on the same issue nine times in a row. The first five or six times, you’ll likely get patiently delivered versions of the same message. But eventually, the sage will say something ridiculous to snap you out of your daze. Good! And honestly, I think it disrespectful to overindulge in repetitive grilling. Aren’t you more inclined to share your wisdom with those who try to listen and understand it?

I favor not repeating a question unless conditions have changed or marked time has passed. When I’m not finding the answers I’m seeking, I make note, set the question itself aside, and visualize opening up my chakras with light. I ask for understanding to come to me at the right time, in the right way, and release the question. This creates an empty space for the answer to appear. When I’m willing to let it in this way, I’ve found it does come. Not always on my schedule, but it would be hard to argue, not on the right schedule.

What do you think about repeating Tarot questions? Do you have a rule?

Sign of…confusion?

I’m always looking for signs. So it caught my attention, when I got a weird phone message on the tech support inbox for my business line Sunday evening.

“Hello. This is Maxine Crazylady. Call me back at 555-1212. I’m calling about…[insert full 30 second pause here]…I don’t know why I’m calling. I-found-you-or -something-mutter-mutter…anyway, call me back…..Maxine. Crazylady. Call me at 555-1212….Call me back………I like karma.” Click.

The funny thing is that for a few minutes, I actually planned on calling her back. Seriously. The woman says she doesn’t know why she called me and winds up with the declaration, “I like karma,” as if she were saying “I like oatmeal” or something, and I’m feeling an obligation to call her back?! What kind of crazy is that I’ve got there anyway? And can I get it off?

Maybe it’s a sign I need to mind my boundaries. Or maybe she had the secrets of the universe to reveal, and I was too short-sighted to call her befuddling, crazy ass back.

Or not. Probably not.

What would you think this is a sign of?

Misunderstanding the Voice in my Head

Spirit Guide Gives a Warning

Sprit Guides Try to Help

Speaking of my invisible friends, it’s not always the case I  understand what they’re saying. I remember a few years ago, I was experimenting with better communicating.

“Please, give me guidance without me always asking first, okay? I might forget to ask when I need it. I might not know, but I want help. In advance. And louder! I want to hear it loud!” This is the kind of thing I was requesting, repeatedly.

I was out running errands, that day, when it came in. Getting into my car, I suddenly heard in my head, “LOCK DOORS! LOCK DOORS!”

“Oh my God. What does ‘LOCK DOORS!’ mean? I keep my car doors locked. Is somebody going to try and carjack me, or what?” It kept up, still loud.


What door, I wondered, and saw our front door at home. My daughter would be home from school by then, alone. Uhhhh….I called her on the phone.

“Do you have the front door locked?! Are you sure? Make sure. Right now. I don’t know what this is, but I’m hearing to keep the doors locked. Loud! So please go check it.” She did. My family is respectful of me, even if they don’t always see the same magic I do. Still, I didn’t want to overreact to a voice in my head–I hear they lock you up for that–but I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit it was starting to freak me out.

It was confusing. There were no incidents that night–nobody tried to break in, no escaped convicts reported, nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, there was not clue one as to why I’d pick up that signal. I felt a little disappointed, figuring I must have misfired it somehow.

That is, until the next day. My daughter and I were going out, but were delayed because I accidentally locked the keys in the house.

Ohhhhh….locked doors. Okay, that was loud and clear. I just missed it like a big, red brick upside my head. And how funny is it that my locking us out of the house was already set enough in motion I could have been warned about it the day before? That amazes me. All of it does, really. I hope it never stops.

Do you get heads up’s? And do you “get it” when you do?

Invisible Friends and The Voices in Your Head

Spiritual Invisible Friends

Invisible friends or Spirit Guides? 

The Cloud Spirit story reminded me of more bits and pieces from childhood I’d dismissed as I grew up, just not thinking a lot about it anymore. Looking at it now, it does make me wonder…As the youngest, my brothers all at least five years older than me, I spent a lot of time alone. More or less, that is. The chorus in my head kept me good company!

I had an invisible friend, for example, who lived in a little purple key-chain that was shaped like a chandelier crystal. All I had to do was look through it and see the prism of light to call her up. We had long conversations, the two of us, and she would always come to visit when I was lonely. She was friendly and fun, always interested in what I had to say.

I also frequently had conversations in my head. I’d address comments to absent friends, telling them what I’d say if they were with me, and listening to what they’d say back. I could (and did) go on for hours this way–I never grew tired of it. The answers I got seemed as real to me as the ones I would have gotten had my friends been there.

In retrospect, it kind of makes me wonder…maybe my invisible friends were realer than I gave them credit for. Maybe they are still there–they just don’t talk as loud when you quit listening so much. Maybe I should see about reconnecting with some of them. Who knows what they may have to say now?

Did you (or do you) have any invisible friends?

Many Fathers Before

people in clouds reincarnation

Happy Father’s Day to All Your Dads!

When I was little, I used to tell stories. About things that happened in  “my other family.”

It confused my parents at first. They asked what I meant.

“You know. My other family. Where I lived before I lived here. Before I was born.” Because I knew I had to be somewhere before I was born. I didn’t come out of nothing!

I thought back, and decided, I’d lived with my other family. The one before this one. I could see them in my head. My other family was Chinese, by the way. Everything about my other family–and especially that they were Chinese–amused my father to no end.

“What about before that family?” he asked.

“I had another family! But it’s hard to remember; it was a long time ago.” It was! Three lifetimes ago, at least.

I had many, many anecdotes from my other family, and the more I talked, the more I remembered. The stories would come especially when I’d lay on the grass and gaze up in the clouds.

I’d see figures, Cloud Spirits as I thought of them, some from my other family, and others just passers-by. I could only catch little bits of their world peeking over the edge of those clouds. But if I let my attention drift into the scene, I still knew what was going on. Sometimes, they’d put on plays, tell stories or teach me lessons. I spent a lot of time gazing up at the Cloud Spirits. I always felt a sense of peace, communing with them.

“Mom doesn’t like it when I tell stories about my other family, does she?” I’d whisper to Dad, in conspiratorial tones. “She thinks I’m making it up. But I’m not! I am not making it up. How would Mom know? She wasn’t there. I remember.”

Eventually, I stopped telling stories about my other family. It disturbed my mom enough to avoid, and I became less sure of myself. At some point, I stopped paying attention to the Cloud Spirits. I stopped talking to my invisible friends, or having the conversations in my head with people who weren’t there. I stopped a lot of things, because it seemed it was time for me to grow up.

And it’s taken me most of my life to start reclaiming that. Part of the reason is I have a husband who can hear me. Thanks to him and my father for listening, regardless of what they saw for themselves.

Happy Father’s Day! How is yours?

Haphazzard Magic

magic witchcraft

Haphazzard Witch?

I like to mark astrological events like the eclipse we just had–really, any moon activity. Since the moon is watery, it’s going to impact emotions, psychic work, creativity and manifesting. Under the right astrological weather, it’s easier to tap into the flow. It’s like the difference between swimming with versus against the current. You’ll get further swimming with, so I try to be mindful.

But since I’m not well-versed in witchcraft, and I used to think I couldn’t do any magic work to maximize these occassions, lest I inadvertently caused some kind of harm, messing about in forces I knew little about.

Until one day it occurred to me–what is magic work if not working with energy? Regardless of the tools you use, you’re still focusing intent and channeling energy toward that intention? I do that all the time, reading Tarot! I do that when I’m pray before a reading, when I envision light charging my body and cards, when I send out love and light for healing. Heck, I successfully perform magic all the time!

Besides–I think any spiritual endeavor should be joyous, and it’s hard to feel joy if you’re worrying about causing harm. So I ask for protection first–I pray, and often include the bit of Wiccan Rede: “An’ ye harm none, so mote it be.” Asking the source for guidance, for all things in the highest good of all concerned. Spiritual malpractice insurance. I ask for (and trust I’ll receive) exactly what I need. That makes it very simple.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy learning more about it. I do! But now, the learning is an adventure instead of a duty that must be fulfilled. It is a lot more fun that way.

Do you work magic? Do you think it works?