Bye-bye, Blame!

Affirmation and a few thoughts on releasing blame…

Short version: Blame is like the ropes that tether a balloon to the ground, keeping you tied to old hurts, problems and ways of thinking that you could otherwise leave behind. In ditching the blame, you can ditch the pain!

Do you find this true?

Affirmations: Relationship Harmony

Need a quick pick-me up? Try watching one of my new “Random Affirmation” videos!

I pulled out my Louise Hay “Power Thought Cards” for a random affirmation. This one’s on relationship harmony. Enjoy!

Are your relationships harmonious?

How to Let Go and Be Glad

So, for the Everyday Tarot forecast, I said, “Let go and be glad.” Lilliput asked a really good question.

“Any ideas on how to go about doing this?????????”

I know, right? It’s not always easy.

Remember, one of the cards I was looking at was the Hierophant. That would suggest to me emulating your teachers, calling upon your faith or path, whatever it is. The Hierophant is also associated with Taurus, so physical comforts are helpful.

For me, I pray, specifically turning over my worries to God/the Universe/the Angels/Ganesh/my guides, just whomever I am moved to call upon at the time.

If it have trouble getting it out of my head, I write it out. Journal, write a letter to the spirits, write a letter to the person whom I’m having trouble with (always in the 3rd person, actually, like sending off the energy in an energetic message).

If I’m strung out by the stress, I never go wrong with¬† the Taurus-approved nap option!

As far as being glad, one of the fastest, easiest ways to raise my vibration is spend some time working on a gratitude list. Yes, I know it sounds trite, but listing out as many things as I can find to be thankful for in the moment, spending a few minutes really FEELING that thankfulness, helps tremendously.

Try it, you’ll see what I mean.

I also find music is a wonderful aid in lifting my vibration. And baths or showers. I set my intention to wash that gunk right off me!

And meditation. And reading. Those are some of my favorites.

How do YOU let go and be glad?

For the Heart Day VD Haters

Okay. So you hate Valentine’s Day. I get it. Maybe it reminds you of what you don’t have. It reminds you of what you want. And you know…it highlights the missing.

But you know what? That’s a good thing. That’s useful information.

That tug, that zap, that emotional twang that shows up is indication, something in your life is out of alignment.

It’s an oppotunity to get it in alignment.

No, you don’t control who shows up in your life and when. But you do control what your energy feels like…what it’s like to BE you.

Which, in turn, puts you in sync with other people who are at a similar place, energetically.

Happy, high energy people with lots of contentment and loving energy in their lives (expressed in a myriad of ways, not all of them necessitating a Victoria’s Secret credit line), these are the people who are attracted to others like them. And in the meantime, you are naturally going to lead a better life. When you keep your thoughts healthy, clear, when you take good care of your body, when you feed your mind a stream of uplifting and inspirational energy, it keeps you in good touch with your spirit. It makes you shine. Your light comes out and guess what: it attracts! That light not only attracts, but it attracts what’s at the same level as you. You get back exactly what you are putting out.

Don’t you see, it’s a win-win opportunity? People makes shifts. You make shifts. As your energy shifts, the people that come and go in your life with line up with where your energy is. It all syncs up.

You want more, better quality relationships in your life? Then develop a more engaging relationship with yourself.

By not being with the wrong person, you open the door for someone who is a good fit.

Every time you feel disjointedness¬† with something in your life, consider it gift. It’s a neon sign, lighting up what needs to be tweaked. It’s a big, red blinking arrow, saying, “Look here!”

On the other hand, if you just hate all the chocolate and sap factor, there ain’t much I can do.

You a VD hater?





“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” –Lao Tzu

That’s one definition of an infinite number of potential definitions. How do you define “enlightenment”?

Jealous Much?

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars. ” Gary Allan

jealousyI’d planned on writing about jealousy for the full moon. It’s a Leo topic, you know? Instead, it sat in draft while I ended up talking to one of my Tarot peeps about–wait for it–jealousy! Har!

Aside: Nadia over at Ruby Slipper Astrology wrote a great (and succinct) post that covers being unappreciated. Good reason it was on my radar, I guess. Fits the sky.

Maybe it would be more semantically accurate to call it “envy,” but I’m talking about resentment over someone else having what you don’t.

The interesting thing to me about jealousy (or whatever you call it) isn’t what is says about whomever deemed “unduly blessed.” It’s not even what it says about the person feeling jealous, although it says something to be sure!

I’m interested the practical outcomes, energetically.

If I am jealous of your status, I am setting myself apart not so much from YOU, but from that status specifically.

I’m attaching a negative vibration (read: repelling energy) between myself and the coveted status. I’m defining having that status as evidence of wrongdoing, or the effects of dumb luck.¬† I’m finding reasons why you did not get there honorably, and excuses as to why I am not there myself. This is what we do to comfort ourselves.

By not crediting you directly, I’m relinquishing my own power to obtain similar outcomes. It is a shallow comfort.

I’m not saying I never feel jealousy. I’m as human as the next gal! But whenever it crops up, I know it’s a poke for me to look deeper and ask myself, “Why?” More times than not, it’s because I fear myself lacking.

And fear IS a great saboteur of success, having not a damn thing to do with anybody else. The good news is, fear is a problem that can be solved!

If someone else accomplishes what I would like for myself, there is encouragement! That means I could do so, too! If they worked harder than I am willing to work to get there, or have skills I do not possess, then it is not my path. But someone else’s shininess doesn’t detract from my own shine. Many beautiful flowers can come together to make up a garden.

Fear and resentment are repulsive energies. Appreciation and gratitude are magnetic energies. It’s not hard to guess which will bring the most success. Instead of rolling around in jealousy, I’m looking to up my own game and raise my own vibrations. That gets me where I want to go!

What do you notice about jealousy?