What’s the stumbling block in Ingrid’s Career? Mini Chakra Tarot Check-in

“Career is my main are of concern. It feels like there is a huge blockage here. But if something else comes up that’s just fine too =). I’m open to whatever the cards have to say.” -Ingrid

I’ll be glad to see what we can get for you!

Short Answer: All work and no play makes Ingrid a dull chick! In other words, the block in your career is you–you don’t have enough joy in your life, m’dear. There is always a long list of things you have to accomplish before you “earn” a break. Except it’s harder to hit your milestones because you’re not feeding your spirit. A little joy in your personal life becomes the grease on the wheels of your professional life. As a bonus, if you’re joints have been stiff, they should clear up. Ha!

Hope that helps get things back in the flow, dear Ingrid!

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Anna’s Long-Distance Romance: What’s next? Mini Tarot Chakra Reading

“I am dating a man that lives in a different state than I do and it’s very serious. I’m curious how things will develop.” -Anna

I’m very interested to see how this one comes out, in the context of chakra energy…hmmm. Hey, I’ll be Anna is, too. Har!

Short Answer: The future is not set yet. There seems to be an under-the-surface battle of wills of some sort–not necessarily between you and the guy, but related to the circumstances. It seems likely you’ll have an “impossible choice” coming (that’s not really “impossible” except that you can’t make everyone happy), probably within the next 6 months. It’s up to you set the parameters around what’s important to you and look to decide consistently with those values. That’s what gives you the best outcome.

Hope that isn’t too much of a downer and helps you out, dear.

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Lovely Queen Needs a Little Help Believing! Mini Chakra Check-in

Lovely Queen didn’t ask a question, so we’ll hop straight into whatever the cards say.

Short Answer: A few simple adjustments can really torque up your connection.

  • BELIEVE you’re doing it. You are!
  • Get in a good space before you start your work. The higher you can lift your vibration beforehand, the more tangible and dramatic the results.
  • Set the scene – have specific, consistent elements of your practice to help program yourself to get that vibration adjusting up as you prepare to work.

Hope that helps!

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Too late to have children? 1-Card Video Tarot Reading

“Is it too late for me to have children?” -Marly

Ouch! That’s a sticky one. Let’s see what we get.

Short Answer: Biological children? Maybe, but I’m not seeing it. I DO, however, see an opportunity to parent and nurture a child, but in a less obvious way. Step-parenting seems the most likely.. I hope at least the ideas on “turning up the parenting vibration” are helpful. Sorry, dear.

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Pingu Needs $ – Video Mini-Tarot Reading

“Hi there, Dixie! Thanks for this opportunity! I would like to know more about a new job coming in. Am currently jobless and feel like I am at a crossroad. I don’t know which way to go. Thanks!” -Pingu

Hello, Pingu! Very glad to see what we can get for you!

Short Answer: I’m seeing difficulty disconnecting from ick and pain connected to your last employer. (There could be a love component as well, but that seems secondary if it’s there at all.) Work on cleaning this out of your life, through changing your perspective on what it means, attitude adjustment, and energetic cleansing–taking extra care to remove physical ties to your last position.

Hope that helps!

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Sulrosscat asks about moving; Video Tarot Reading

“Should I move to the house in Valley Mills?” -sulrosscat

I’ll be glad to see what we can get for you!

Short Answer: It depends. Yes, it will have the benefits you hope. And yes, it will require the sacrifices you suspect. So making the decision is a question of prioritizing which is the bigger deal to you. Don’t expect this to be your only or last chance to get what you’re looking for, either.

Hope that helps!

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