1-Card Tarot reading for Hawaii Jake: New Man?

“Please, give me a reflection on when I will meet the right man for me.” -Hawaii_Jake

Be glad to see what I can get, Jake. Here goes!

Short Answer: You’re very close. It comes with “graduation” from whatever course or work you’re finishing in the name of improving and healing YOU.  Congratulations on your healthy approach. I expect it to pay off.

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1-Card Tarot Reading: What to do about money?

“What should I do about money?” -Marly

Dixie, a deck of Tarot cards, and Chongo the Cat team up to help out.

Short answer: Change how you look at YOU, and how your money flows will change as a direct result of that.

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Mini-Reading: Inspiriation for Baluga’s Healthy Eating

“I’m doing my best to ‘eat well,’ and I’m doing pretty good. I’ve got the nuts and bolts down, but any inspiration you can throw at me?” – Baluga

A worthy goal, and I’m glad to help. We’ve got input from not only Tarot and Dixie, but Chongo the cat!

Short answer: Less struggle, less self-criticism, more joy in the cooking and eating process itself. Make your food with LOVE. It adds very healthy, healing energy.

Feedback always welcome. (Just make sure it’s prepared with love. Ha! :heart:)

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Mini-Reading: Will Lee’s kid get into that school?

“Will my son get a placement at the school we wish him to go to soon?” -Lee

Let’s see!

Short answer: The Six of Cups. I sure think so–and furthermore, you can trust it’s going to be an excellent choice. I love giving good news! Lee, we’d love to have an update once you have the final news…

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Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: What’s Nana Need to know right now?

“What should I be aware of right now?” -nana

Well, Nana, let’s see what I can get for you!

Short answer: A younger, male seems to be trying to sell you a bill of goods. It’s kind of sad realizing things are not how they are being presented, but you also already know in your heart. “Too good to be true” is just that and if you were to move ahead on the misrepresented option, it will cost you. Sorry!

Hope that’s helpful. Much love for ya, Nana.

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Bridget’s Year Ahead

“What do you see in store for me this year? With regards to personal goals and Career mostly?
Thank you =)” -Bridget

Short answer: Limited choices as far as what’s coming up, mainly because there is some housework to be done dealing with stuff you’ve been putting off! Do the grown-up stuff, address whatever you’ve been shoving back in the corner trying to avoid. Eh, not a lot of fun, but usually not as bad as you think beforehand. But it has to be done, or you’ll lose some opportunity moving forward. After the housework comes playtime!

Hope that helps!