Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: What’s Lise need to know?

“Thanks in advance — I *know* you will deliver exactly the one I need today!” –Lise

Well, let’s get to the point then…

Short version: No hanky-panky is underway. What you see is what you get. Got it?!

Hope that helps. Much love

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Purple Bra’s Choice

“Is ‘orange’ a good choice, in the immediate? (‘Orange’ being code for an option being considered.)” -Purple bra

Oh what fun! I feel like a secret agent!

Short answer: Yes, for now, provided you reign in your expectations a bit and see it as a stepping stone. (I know, I know. Stepping stones can get old.) But you know where you’re headed and “Orange” can give you a piece of what you need to get there.

Hope that helps!

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Mastering KR’s Saturn Woes

“I feel like I’m going through a Saturn “thing” currently. I have a Gemini moon which is more mental than emotional and it squares my Pisces Saturn (don’t you have that too?). I feel like I’ve been repressing my feelings on a lot of family related issues that can’t be ignored any longer. I say that because it seems I keep on attracting people in my life whose Saturn is on my Moon (ouch!) or my Sag Sun. I would love for you to pull a card for me asking for guidance (and clarity) around the sensitive issue of learning how to master my Saturn. Thank you.” -kr

Man, KR, I totally feel your pain here! You’re right about my chart as well, I have Gemini moon (in the 10th) square Saturn in Pisces. So yes, I’m hip. See my video response below.

Short answer: Saturn-moon aspects can make folks feel like they suck! I’d look to work your Natal Saturn. Use Saturn’s hard edges to shore up places Pisces lacks definition; use Pisces compassion to temper Saturn’s harsh criticism and turn it into loving, self-coaching to grow. Saturn has to feel like he’s achieved to be happy. Your Gemini moon will allow you to change how you feel via how you frame it. Use that Superpower, because it can suck out a lot of Saturn’s sting.

Hope it helps!

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Lilliput’s Stuck

“Why is nothing going according to plan? I accept going with the flow but I wish I knew where that would take me?” -Lilliput

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear things feel stuck for you. Here’s what I got–this video is pretty long for a 1-card reading, but I wanted to get all I could for you to help get the ball rolling.

Short answer: You’re trying to carry everybody else’s baggage. Ask for help! It’s not charity, it’s right. And they will manage without your magic. You could stand to hoard some of that magic for personal consumption, thank you very much.

Hope it helps! Much love.

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Busy Erica’s New Job?

“Will I be getting a new job soon?” -Erica Is Busy

Thought it would be fun to do these on video, so here you go!

Short answer: you’re close. It’s likely the option you currently think is just out of your reach, by the way. I’m expecting action within three months, the full process within six. Hope this helps! (And hope I’m right. Ha!)

Much love.