Eliminating Distractions: From a Reading / Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords, Housewives' Tarot

Seeking a way to feel better…

It’s a question of eliminating attachments. Focus on your goals, on logic, on what you do have control over. This is where you attention is appropriately spent. Actively seek to to “deadhead” spent blooms from your rosebush–what isn’t working, what you have no control over anyway, what isn’t yours, what isn’t relevant to the task at hand. A large number of spent blooms on the rosebush siphons off energy and keeps the remaining buds from blooming as fully.

The anxiety you feel is largely a matter perspective. Releasing attachment to a specific outcome helps eliminate worries about how everything will turn out. Releasing attachment to a particular storyline helps open up the ending for your book. Releasing attachment to a need to control helps you feel competent to keep moving forward.

Affirmation: Reaching for joy first, all else follows. Your emotional state is your GPS system. Your feelings of anxiety and heaviness are indication that you are off course. As you let go of the heaviness, let go of the drive to control and become still, you can reach for the subtle fruit of joy that get missed in the worry and frenetic activity of constantly fussing.

Let go. Eliminate distraction. Exercise faith. Reach for joy. This is an unstoppable combination for feeling better.

Can you use this advice? I know I can!

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Light Touch in Romance: Weekly Tarot Video, 5/12

What do the cards say for this week as a whole in romance?

Short version: I pulled for a public-at-large forecast, but the deck wanted to give us a little relationship advice! Don’t fight without cause, and be aware you could come across as curt. I’m totally blaming Mars retrograde for this, by the way! Just communicate clearly, okay?

How’s your relationship looking this week?

p.s. This video features extra outtakes. You can say it’s because I had lots of screw-ups. Or you can say it’s entertainment. I’m calling it a feature, damnit!

p.p.s. I can help if your romantic live is crazy. Give me a holler, yo.

Osho Zen Tarot Deck Review

I was browsing a local metaphysical shop, looking for a new “friend” if one happened to speak to me, and the fella working there was SOOOOOO excited about how great the Osho Zen deck was, I ended up buying it. His joy at sharing something he obviously loved was infectious. I thought it was a beautiful deck, but wasn’t sure I’d be able to read with it. I actually bought it to ride his happy wave.

It is beautiful, though. I had to give him that. The artwork is colorful and striking. Many of the images Eastern-flavored, using highly saturated colors and some modern imagery. The pictures are engaging and expressive. It IS the kind of deck you may get just to admire, because the cards are just flat out engaging.

Osho ZenThe teachings espoused in the card interpretations are from Osho, a Zen master. Osho himself was quite a colorful character, controversial but interesting.  Nonetheless, I was annoyed discovering an extra Major Arcana card for “The Master,” representative of transcending the cycle of life and death and illustrated by a painting of (the deceased) Osho. This struck me as contrived and self-indulgent, considering the concepts within the deck and book should already be enough to introduce his perspective. Y’kno? But it’s easy enough to nix that card if you don’t want to participate.

The suits are Fire, Water, Clouds (Air), and Rainbows (Earth), represented by elemental icons.  For each card, the companion book has black and white card images, a selection from Osho relating to the card’s meaning, and a less poetic suggested interpretation.  Some of Osho’s selections may require extra consideration if you have little exposure to Zen philosophy. No particular attention is paid to astrological correspondences beyond that inherited by the semi-traditional card associations.

I actually had the deck for several years before I learned to read with it. I was concerned I’d have trouble interpreting it. Once I got to know the cards a little better, I found I could indeed get sharp and helpful readings. Card interpretations are often similar to the Rider/Waite, but sometimes focus on specific aspects or angles of the traditional meanings. Suits are represented by the colors in the diamond icon at card’s bottom, and court cards are designated by their corresponding elemental symbols to make identification easier.

I find this deck to be direct, very much on the blunt side. I don’t consider that a criticism, personally. I highly value directness. I also am a fan of Zen—I find freedom in detachment and see gifts in mindfulness. But not everybody feels the same, so bear in mind your own preferences when considering this deck.

Some of the imagery packs a punch, and there are a number of cards that some may consider bleak. A random sampling:

I would recommend this deck for people who like Zen-flavored perspective, prefer straight talk and are willing to put in the time needed to get to know these cards. In return, they’ll return vivid imagery, new perspective, and to-the-point advice.

Anyone work with this deck? Your thoughts?

p.s. Feel free to request this deck when booking a session with me.

Due Diligence! Weekly Tarot Video, 5/5/14

So what do you need to keep in mind for the coming week? A little video to pull that weekly flow together.

You like my face here? Har!

Short version: Don’t just accept someone else’s word for it. I’m unfortunately seeing potential for hidden agendas in play this week, so exercise caution and check out the facts that matter to you  independently. Especially important anytime you have that “funny feeling”–to me, it’s kind of a flat uncomfortableness around statements where the words and emotional tone don’t match, a sense of the words being empty somehow.

Those funny feelings will not steer you wrong.

You have use for this advice? I’m hoping, NO!

Week Ahead, 4/28: Not that bad…

Eh. Kinda ouchy but still manageable…

Short version: It’s probably not as bad as you think–a fact which I underscored and illustrated by misreading Osho Zen’s version of “Strength” as the “Tower.” You’ll get the most mileage by cultivating some faith where it’s lacking, doing what you have to do but letting the rest go.

Upside: May be some blessings in disguise, wrapped up in this intense mess.

Aside: For Godssakes, stop comparing your worth to everybody else’s! This is cropping up all over the place on my radar, so I’m mentioning it now. You are unique and so is your value. Okay?

You feeling this?

Coping in April (for the Rest of it) – Energy Budget!

I know there’s not a lot of April left, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use some additional encouragement anyway. Or at least, that’s what I was thinking when I recorded this video.

Short version: Yes, it’s been harsh. Yes, it sucks. But for most, there is probably plenty of point to the pain. Ground frequently, be kind to yourself, and set up an energy budget so you don’t give out what you need to cope yourself. I can do that.

How are y’all faring with this mess in the sky? 

p.s. Happy Easter! Or Ostera day, or Pagan Fertility Remembrance or whatever! I had a nice dinner with the family, too many Easter peanut butter cups and (characteristically) odd conversation. Hope you had a good holiday too, if you celebrate.