Create Your Own Sancturary | Four of Wands

Four of Wands TarotFrom a client’s take-home message:

You can start by creating your own sanctuary and safety. You don’t need anyone else to do this.

You care for yourself, it does create a vibration. You think and feel good things about yourself, you nurture yourself, and thereby construct a sacred space for yourself. The stronger the energy space you create, the stronger vibration of love and acceptance, the more you attract the same from the outside people.

You don’t have to worry about how to get a specific person to respect you or act honorably toward you. Because once your energy is set very clearly in that direction, those who don’t sync up with it will fall away naturally, and those who do support you, those with similar vibration will be drawn in. As within, so without.

Do you see anything in this Four of Wands?

Tarot in Real Life: Queen’s Work Never Done!

Queen of Pentacles Universal Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Does Mother know best?

“There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep. ”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I draw for Everyday Tarot, I don’t ask for a personal message, although often I get one. I laughed, realizing this was the case when I pulled the Queen of Pentacles recently.

The Queen has long been what I consider a “personal card.” I have that Earthy, maternal vibe about me. Come to my house, and I will feed you! It’s what I do. So I always take extra note when this particular queen shows up.

Right now, I’m surrounded by multiple incarnations of “Mother.” The most dramatic–my Leo girl is home, following a year and a half far away. I’m finding it doesn’t take long to revisit that “Mom” place in your head. Not that I quit being a mom entirely of course, but it’s a much different experience without children nearby. The “Mother’s Brain” quiets some in ignorance of growing pains. You divert attention and keep on living, redecorating the now-empty nest.

As I’m telling my own mother, she’s telling me they are preparing to move away again. I get a twang of mixed feelings and sadness, because it’s all but physically impossible to stop feeling I eternally disappoint her. No one’s fault or plan, but still, my reality. We accept this and love each other, anyway.

The Queen does highlight my path of the last few of years–over and again, I’ve found myself choosing whom and how I will mother. Be it with family, friends or even Tarot clients, the caretaking questions remain salient. I’m mostly comfortable with where the answers have landed, but I know, there are more layers to delve. Reviewing lessons, just as I”m moving into the end of my own reproductive cycle. On cue? I’m thinking, yeah.

At one point in my life, awareness of a need for mothering would have been all it took for me to feel compelled to mother. Now, though, I’m far more selfish in evaluating. I ask, “Is this my responsibility? What is the cost, to me and my loved ones? Am I up for doing the job, well and as long as needed?” I don’t think I’m somehow less, that I have a bigger list of considerations now. I’ve just discovered (for me, at least), there’s a bottom to the wellspring of maternal compassion–a realization simultaneously disturbing and relieving, if you want to know the truth. It’s hard work being endlessly giving, man.

What I do know–for those whom I mother in whatever capacity, I’ll give my best. I can’t imagine doing anything less. Perhaps that’s good cause to be discriminating. I want my energy to matter, however I spend it. And as we’ve been saying, that trusting others to care for themselves thing? Total act of faith. I’m coming by more of that, everyday.

You feeling maternal?

Judgment Advises

From a reading, with the Judgment card in the near future position. It offers very pointed, direct advice.

“You’ll find yourself in a position to account for your choices. So bear that in mind as you  make them.”

What does Judgement suggest to you?

Healing the Emotonal Limp, w/Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords Tarot

From a reading:

The fear is like a leash that keeps you from wandering out too far. ‘Do nothing, hide under the bed, stay safe.’ It functions as an emotional limp, a foot you are careful not to put much weight on.

After an extended period of time being very withdrawn, you become very disconnected from your inner voice. You lowered your expectations to shield from disappointment and learned to keep your heart quiet, your passions secret–not putting your soul out there on display meant nobody could step on it.

But the environment has changed. Now, the only person who can hold you down is you. Find the space to let that song out. You can plug back in and that’s where you really heal.

What do you see?

Seeing What? Four of Cups, Inverted

Inverted Four of Cups

What do you really see?

Take home message from a reading:

There’s a difference between dreaming about the future, versus seeing only what you want to see. When you get very emotionally attached to one possibility, it can be incredibly disruptive if your scenario doesn’t work out.

The secret doesn’t lie in finding some mystical gift from outside that you can’t quite reach. It comes from letting your heart overflow with love and joy for what you DO value in your life, without needing to deceive yourself over what you don’t. That path will allow real joy, not as a function of fate handing over  your your prize, but as a function of faith you can create your own prize.

What do you see?

Magician says, “Head to the party!”

Tarot Magician I

Claim your power.

From a reading:

Look for ways to feel powerful. Don’t worry who will or won’t come along with you. Send your energy in the direction of what you want to feel. This will disrupt the current balance. Either others will come with you or, if there becomes too much disparity in the vibrations, will  detach for their own path.

You’ve been feeling a bit like you’re missing the party, waiting to resolve. Go to the party! The trick here is not figuring out how to get a companion to travel with you. It’s starting the trip, and keeping your eyes open to who sits down next to you, you know?

What does the Magician tell you?