Six of Pentacles & Help Manifesting

six-pentaclesFrom a reading:

Divvy out your attention according to what it is you WANT in the physical, not escaping what you don’t. Change does not come from dreaming about how everything will be perfect when you’re out of a situation you don’t want. It’s not event-based. Change comes from small actions taken on faith, a result of directing your energy where you want to go.

Work on your feelings daily to vibrationally align with the ones closest to what you want.  The trick here is feeling gratitude for the essence turns up the volume. All your activities related to where you want to go are best started charged with the kind of energy you want to connect to.

Do you see this principle operate in your life?

Ace of Cups, Rev: Let it Out

Reversed Ace of Cups

From a reading:

Let go of spent emotion. Let tears flow when they come; it washes away much confusion and facilitates acceptance needed to move forward.

There is trouble accessing intuition when you expend massive amounts of energy to keep emotions in check. You’re separating yourself from the Source. Emotional control is important during periods of disruption to function, but once the threat has passed, those habits don’t need to become permanent.

Processing those feelings is clearing the path.

What does the inverted Ace of Cups say to you?

Hanged Man Says, “Transcend it, Baby!”

Hanged Man Tarot

From a reading–the “Take home” message:

The Hanged Man is all about letting go and having faith. It’s a lull, a time when it’s not only safe to rest and release what’s been worrying you, but also a time that’s actually the most effective strategy.

Things HAVE to take their course naturally and they are, right as it should be. When you see the Hanged Man, you know everything is stable and you answer any anxiety with exercising faith.

So when you find yourself asking, “Should I be bitch-slapping someone about now?” he would gently suggest transcending. So sayth the Tarot.

What do you see?

Inverted Sun: Love, Not Regret

From a reading…

Don’t worry that you’ve created the mess by not always focusing on the light, okay? Yes, you create your reality, but in a relationship, you do not create it alone. So stop thinking of problems as a personal failing, where you were not “good enough” to successfully fight for the higher ground.

This whole thing, the ups and downs and in between, is a series of the life lessons for you to study. You are not failing spiritually, because of the shadow on your happiness. You do not control everything that happens directly. You control your thoughts, where your energy goes.

And even when things stray into uncomfortable avenues, there will be something of use there for you to pick and and learn from that can add to your eventual fulfillment and gifts to others. So accept it all all part of the process, okay? With LOVE, not regret.

What do you see?

Love and Reflecting a New Reality

Tarot Lovers from Legacy of the Divine DeckI just got this Take-home message for one of my Tarot people, and thought others may benefit. She said I was welcome to share it with you, so I am!

The Lovers are not always a romantic couple–this card can speak to any deep bond. Specifically, a Lovers’ pairing is always going to be transformative in some way to participants. In a Lovers-type relationship, each defines reality largely through the other person’s eyes–it goes both ways. Changing where you fix your gaze alters how you both feel. So you could focus on seeing what you’d want the other to see in themselves, and end up with a new vision of yourself in the bargain.

What do you see in the Lovers card?

The Devil is Not So Bad

Next to Death, the Devil is the probably the most feared card in the Tarot deck. Here are some quick tips on working with the Devil’s energy, using it’s astrological association, Capricorn, to suggest the best approach.

What do you think when you see the Devil in a reading?