Coping Strategies for April 2014: Energy Budget!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it’s half over. You have a point?

Short version: I pulled us a mind/body/spirit for coping with the rest of the month. You need quiet time, to get yourself a grip, ground already, watch the drinking, sleep adequately. Self-care, like I’m always preaching, man.

Also expect some raw on the way to dealing with what you’ve got to heal. Necessary, but rough.

How y’all doing?


Video Forecast, 3/2: Digging In with Your Heart

Filmed this during Mercury retro. Can you tell? :smirk:

Short version: The “resolution” to your current situation is obtained by a King of Wands approach. Enthusiastic optimism, determination, passion and not giving up or in is how to move forward. In other words, we’re talking digging in with your heart! Got it?

You feeling this?

Weekly Forecast: Let it go / Rev. 2 of Pentacles

Sometimes it’s advisable to drop the ball.

Short version: Are you doing more than you need to be? Do you have energy out in pursuits that are not paying off or not rightfully your job? The reversed Two of Pentacles is telling me there’s benefit to be gained from paring down the unnecessary commitments this week.

Are you seeing this scenario?

Loud Fat Ladies? Weekly Tarot, February 17, 2014

I can talk about fat ladies, because I am one.

Short version: What’s apparently clear and settled continues to be…deceptive. No need to get worked up or aggravated, just please, keep doing what you need to be doing. You may think that fat lady you hear singing is for you, but beware another, fatter lady showing up to crash the party.

In short, “the check is mailed” doesn’t cut it. That check needs to be received, deposited and cleared the bank with sufficient funds before you put the matter to rest! I’m thinking false finishes this week. Hello, Mercury is still retro, after all.

Are you dealing with false finishes?

Tarot Video Forecast, 2/10: Not what you expected!

Next week’s video forecast? Got you covered!

Short version: It ain’t all sewn up and you may not be too happy about it. Accept what is, focus on the FEELING you want instead of the form, and do what you can with it.

Are you feeling unsettled?

Tarot Weekly, Jan. 13: No Coddle Mirror

I missed doing a weekly last week, so I hopped on the webcam for a quickie!

Short version: Mind your own manners this week, not everybody else’s! I’m suspecting a tendency to essentially go “Oh, s/he’s worse” or citing “I can’t help it” rather than facing compulsive or otherwise…eh, questionable behavior. Awareness of problematic patterns is a gift, but utterly wasted if you refuse to open the box.

Are you becoming aware of problematic behaviors of your own?

p.s. I have my own laundry list, so don’t think for a minute I’m judging you! I just suspect there will be an opportunity crop up sometime in the next week to cross something off that list.