November Forecast: Out of Control?

I finally got another video up for y’all.

Short version: Rest of this month is feeling larger-than-life and out of control. You’ve got SOME say, even if it doesn’t quite feel like it. Do what you can with it and hang on to ride things out!

Is this consistent with your experience this month?

p.s. Don’t I just look like a crazed, magical super-villian in that screenshot?

Weekly Forecast, 9/30: Downtime not Optional

What’s coming up next week?

Short version: A little time off is in order. Situations are stable enough now to support it, and to be frank, you’ll need the additional juice a little replenishment provides. So take advantage of any rest and recreation opportunities that come your way in the coming week. We’ve got some scratchy astro-weather out there, so take these breaks when you can to keep your strength up!

Are you ready to sneak in some downtime?

Weekly Tarot 9/23: Exhale Sparky / Hanged Man

A little switch from last week…

Short version: You’ve done what you can. Time to step back, detach and show a little faith already. Because really, meddle, meddle, meddle won’t do you much good.

Are you finding the need for less action and more faith right about now? Or not feeling this vibe?

Weekly Tarot 9/16: Strength via Elbow Grease

Use your strength to get it going!

Short version: One step, one bit at a time, just do what you need to do. It’s going to take some stamina and follow-through this week, but you CAN accomplish. Just don’t procrasitinate and don’t give up. It does take work, but it’s not as hard as you likely fear before getting started.

Are you feeling this?

Forecast 9/9 – Good and Bad is Perspective

Nontraditional Tarot from nontraditional Dixie: What’s good and what’s bad, man?

Short version: ┬áThere will be some good and bad, at least from your perspective. Consider it a growing experience and understand what feels “bad” now isn’t necessarily. Do not focus all your attention on either side of the coin, but understand each are necessary ingredients in the whole. All is as it should be, even if you don’t like the individual flavors completely.

Are you feeling it?

Weekly Tarot Forecast: Electric Opportunities!

Still moving fast for the week starting September 2, 2013. Zoom!

Short version: It feels fast-paced and rather unpredictable out there. You may be granted a very optimistic opporutnity this week but if it’s offered, make sure you move on it without undue delay. There’s no promise you’ll get a second chance.

Are you feeling the air is charged?