Four of Wands Rx: Figuring it Out as We Go

I am generally not an anxious person. Right now, though…eh. Not so much my general temperament. I’m feeling at least regular twinges of worry and stress…

Probably along with 99.8% of the rest of the world.

Now I could rattle off a list of situations and unresolved questions to justify those feelings, for sure. My feelings are completely understandable from a logical perspective. Yours no doubt are, as well. I just see no benefit from justifying feelings. They are not right or wrong. They just are.

Besides–I have always found it far more helpful to accept and accommodate my feelings than to pick them apart. Explaining feelings repeatedly entrenches them. Fighting feelings as somehow “wrong” just doesn’t work. The only thing that’s always effective is riding the feelings out. That’s what takes you to the other side.

Next week, expect some generalized angst and a sense of (perhaps many) matters remaining unsettled. With a little faith, however, we can absolutely ride through the uncomfortable feelings to reach the other side. For real.

Next Week in Tarot

For the outlook, we have the Four of Wands reversed. Advice is the Hanged Man. Cards pictured are from the Crystal Visions Tarot deck.

Often, I read the Four of Wands as a feeling of “coming home,” finding your safe space. Reversed, the card suggests you’ll get home but still feel uneasy. I expect feelings of being unsettled or ill at ease to be prevalent throughout the coming week. This may persist even if there are no outward signs of things amiss.

Tell me something I don’t know, Tarot.

Still, I love the Hanged Man here for advice. Don’t do anything until you’re ready. Expect it all to work. Have some faith: in yourself; in your people; in the world; and in the Universe. Work that faith.

Make a mantra of the phrase, “We’ll figure it out as we go.”

We will, you know. We always do.

I mean, face it. How often does life go exactly as we plan? Just this side of never? But we do what we do, anyway. We figure it out as we go. We put one foot in front of the other today and then get up and do it tomorrow. Along the way, we can often find flowers to smell or birds to watch or people to hug.

So take it easy this coming week. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Accept whatever feelings come your way and call upon your faith (as opposed to massive action) to manage. Before you know it, we’ll have ridden to the other side. So hang on and be kind to yourselves through the process. We’re on this ride together.

You feeling angsty? Can you call upon your faith to help?

If you’d like a little help figuring out your own ride, give me a ping for a private session.

Six of Wands Rx: Do-It-Yourself Bright Sides

Some of the whole purge-fest I’m doing is sorting my memories and history.

There’s an incense burner I’ve been considering. I’m not kidding when I say I’m inching along here, considering things in isolation of all else.

So yes, it sounds ridiculous. But I’m considering this incense burner at length.

I really love the design. It’s a light blue ceramic dragon and it’s very cool. But the piece has got baggage.

I bought this incense burner to cheer myself up on a very hard day several years ago. It was a weepy day. A day where I felt like a failure.

A day I don’t particularly like to remember.

So what is this incense burner to me, now? Is this a physical representation of that rough day? Or is it a tangible symbol of my decision to be kind to myself when I most needed it?

In reality, it’s both. What it’s mostly is what I decide for it to be.

And that decision is the same sort of thing we’re looking at for next week.

Next Week in Tarot

Outlook is the reversed Six of Wands, with advice coming through as the Ten of Pentacles, pictured from the Radiant Rider-Waite deck.

I expect the week to feature plenty of partial wins, and that’s good news. However, it’s not all going to  pretty in the making, so just let yourself be okay with that. Pragmatically speaking, what choice do we have anyway?

Count your blessings, whatever they are. Make the most of what’s good. Eat, drink and be merry with whatever bounty you discover. Give yourself full permission to dismiss any losses as ultimately unimportant (because they are, whether or not it’s obvious yet).

Calling up loving feelings will help you stay grounded and centered throughout. Love will help you see blessings for what they are. Love offers clarity and direction. Love connects us to inspiration and creativity.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say love really fixes damn near everything next week. Consider it your go-to cure-all secret weapon and you’ll do well.

Are you mixing up some bright sides?

Looking to adjust your own perspective(s)? Reach out for a private and confidential session.

Reversed 8 of Cups: One at a Time

I started cleaning out my closets last week. It’s slow going, but I choose the meandering approach. Easier on every level.

Too much, too quickly leaves me feeling strung out, because each item I pick up has its own vibes like energetic dust. If I try to multi-task it, I start to feel overwhelmed on all levels. But one thing at a time, I can do.

“Where did I get this? Would I miss it were it gone? Does it simplify or complicate my life?” 

Environment impacts your energy and vice versa. Change one and the other shifts accordingly.

Those socks that disappoint me every time I slide them on because of the holes–why do I hang on? It’s not like they will spontaneously heal in the wash and yet I keep tossing them in just the same. “Do I foster unrealistic expectations? Do I readily let go of what is no longer working?”

Falling-apart underwear hints self-care isn’t always priority. Oops! “How consistently do I address my own needs for comfort and support?”

Mostly, I’m finding it comes down to the joy factor. “Does *this* bring me joy?”

Purges are both symbolic and literal. Done with clear intention, cleaning and purging becomes a sort of magic ritual, amplifying the energy invoked via the sorts. I want to simplify my life and feel good, so I am calling up organization, flexibility and appreciation in my sorting. You might call upon different energy, specific to your needs. It works just the same.

Next week is a prime time for more conscious and creative sorting. Purging or not, still allow plenty of space to recharge because there’s a lot of intense and potentially transformative energy out there in the wild this next week.

Next Week in Tarot

8 of cups reversed, 2 of pentacles reversed

This week, our outlook is the reversed Eight of Cups, with the reversed Two of Pentacles advising (pictured from my beloved Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot).

We cannot simply let go of our past; it’s inherently part of who we are. I’m expecting echoes of the past to reverberate in the present. As we’re gearing up for a Mercury Retrograde beginning in Scorpio ( Oct. 13 – Nov 3), expect potential “Zombie issues” to appear in plenty of time for Halloween.

We’re not required to parse and juggle all those Zombie issues, however. The reversed Two of Pentacles says, “One thing at a time.” Each consideration is best approached individually and in isolation. We’re shooting for an in-the-moment, full-attention approach to life right now.

Expect plenty of feels, but don’t attempt to micromanage mood. I’m still pushing that hearing through the heart. Love yourself exactly as you are, right here and now, without condition or asterisk. That’s the only kind of love that’s pure, after all. Let that love serve as your guiding light and you can’t go far wrong.

Be good to yourselves out there, friends.  Bonus points: That’s the first and most important step in being good to everybody else, too.

If you’d some support for your own processing, drop me a line and we’ll set up a private session.

Queen of Swords: Cleaning the Closet

The air is saturated with uncertainty. Seems like everybody I talk with has some sort of big, fat unknown hovering on the horizon. People are re-evaluating jobs, relationships, living arrangements and more.

Root chakra issues inflamed: security, stability, health, and physical safety. It’s like life has provided us this weird pause as this cycle plays out and people are still feeling their way ahead.

I’m blaming it on 1.) crazy-ass times; and 2.) Mars retrograde.

Personally, I’m spending a whole lot of time on the front porch, contemplating my flowers. I get the clearest ideas out there.

Cockscomb: Flowers Are My Friends

Cockscomb: Flowers Are My Friends

So many questions being asked.

What matters most? What brings happiness? What’s the signal-to-noise ratio in my life? What would work out better?

This odd space we share makes the world feel like nothing is off the table. Anything’s possible next–a thought simultaneously exhilarating and unnerving.

To move ahead, we don’t need to flowchart all the potentialities and thank the Gods for that! Instead, we do the Queen of Swords work and start cleaning out metaphorical and/or literal closets.

Decide what still works for you and what’s getting you nowhere. And next week would be a great time to kick off any purge-fests.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the Queen of Swords, with advice coming as the Five of Wands + Six of Cups reversed. These images are from the mini Radiant Rider-Waite deck – one of my favorite for readings.

Expect sorting of all sorts to characterize the coming week. With the Queen of Swords, division could be a thing for sure, but she’s not prone to argue for argument’s sake. She’s much more interested in rationally pursuing her goals than she is in what anyone else is doing. To her, other people’s agendas are not relevant.

Specifically, she focuses on utilizing whatever approach or process necessary to achieve her objectives, eliminating the extraneous, whatever doesn’t align. Swords often represent mental or intellectual energy, so the process is potentially enlightening.

Just because this is a mental energy, however, don’t dismiss physical sorting. The clarity we’re talking about is rooted in the decision-making process; whatever you choose to sort will benefit.

We’re advised by the Five of Wands to fight through the process. Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting altercations.

If you get into a brawl, don’t blame me. Or do, but I still won’t take credit.

Just work it out yourself. Do not blindly trust or accept whatever you’re handed (reversed Six of Cups). Ready-made answers may be offered with best of intent, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit. You have to decide that on your own.

In this process, you’ll undoubtedly find some of the outfits no longer fit. The reversed Six of Cups suggests nostalgia isn’t the way to decide. Whatever we carry into the future with us needs to “earn it’s keep”  (Five of Wands) and justify a spot in our lives.

Sort, my friends, sort! If you do, I’m quite certain that you’ll end next week feeling lighter than you went in. I’m definitely going to test that theory myself.  Be well.

If you’d like to ponder your process in a private session, give me a holler and we’ll talk.

Queen of Cups: Hearing Through Your Heart

Sometimes, I’ll pull cards for a forecast and immediately ask myself THAT question. Like this week.

“Are these cards really for the forecast? Or are they for me?”

I know it’s a silly question in practical terms. There is no meaningful distinction between the two.

Looking for signs or messages is akin to studying a piece of art. You may be appreciating the very same work thousands or even hundreds of thousands have before you. But whatever you take home from the experience will be personal to you.

Intuition will surface through whatever cracks we allow. Messages don’t require a single, specific address on the envelope to reach the intended destination.

 The Universe is a multi-tasker.

Thus, I find it very instructive to listen to myself handing out advice. If I hear the same words coming out of my mouth at least three times in a short period, I take note. I also realize it’s probably something others could benefit from considering as well.

“Accept how you feel. Don’t judge it. Don’t fight it. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Feeling crummy doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. It will come and go. So just do the best you can with it, be kind to yourself through it all, and love yourself anyway.”

That line of thinking is likely to make next week a whole lot easier to manage. Just sayin.’

Next Week in Tarot

Outlook next week is the Queen of Cups (Water) with advice as the reversed Page of Cups (again, Water), pictured here from the Good Tarot deck.

I hear on very good authority that the Page of Cups in making frequent appearances in Tarot readings near you. He’s evidently the flavor of the day.

I expect the next week to feel a little like therapy–waves in and out with plenty of processing in between.  Sometimes the feelings will be intense, with potential for bittersweet.

The emotional flux is giving me the image of a ship pitching back and forth in choppy water. The reversed Page of Cups is often emotionally over-saturated. He may be waterlogged and possibly in need of a nap.  And that’s okay. Naps are our friends.

Accept whatever feelings you’ve got on deck. The feelings may form the character of a given moment, but they are not forever-feelings. The tide may indeed be in right now, but it always rolls back out. There are no exceptions to this rule.

So breathe. Take a step back. Soften the edges and be gentle with both yourself and everybody else. Just do the best you can with what you’ve got. Allow the necessary space for any emotional choppiness to settle down, so you can once again hear the voice of your heart more clearly. It will come.

You won’t  be able to see your way ahead–but you’ll feel it. It’s just a matter of settling the internal din.

As much as possible, also make this a week of listening to your body and giving it what it asks for. Eat when you’re hungry. Sleep when you’re tired. Fill your own cup first.

Beyond that, also pay heed to what you are feeding your mind. Your mood will instruct here. If you’re absorbing vitriol, the topic or objective truthfulness of the details is irrelevant. It will make you sick just the same. And if you’re wrapping yourself up in love no matter what the specifics, it will heal you just the same.

Take care, friends.

And if you want some help feeling your way forward, give me a ping.

Five of Pents and Star Rx: Be the Lighthouse

The righteous fury and religious overtones of the polarization out there right now are inescapable (and sometimes a little triggering to boot).

We can process, but our history never ceases to be part of who we are.

If you’ve ever felt judged, scared, misunderstood, unheard, condemned, ignored, hated or unsafe? There’s something in the energetic climate right now to resonate with that personal history. We may not be thinking in those terms in the heat of the moment, but it’s inevitably part of what’s getting stirred up.

I am finding a thought that often helps center me: Almost everyone wants to do right, even when those visions of right drastically differ. People become emotional over issues they care deeply about. That’s why the stakes feel so high. Remembering this makes observing what seems to be ignorance or folly far easier to tolerate.

I’m not saying “easy” here, but “easier.” I’ll take all the improvement I can find!

If you feeling worn down, look for evidence of goodness. Actively seek encouraging signs, however humble they may be. There always are some if you’re looking specifically for them. Self-care, plenty of rest and regular distractions will all help you recharge.

Know it’s not yours to resolve. We sometimes feel like if we can hammer our points hard enough, shout our deeply-held convictions loudly enough, we can force the issues we hold dear and somehow make others see. It never seems to work that way.

But ultimately, that’s okay because it’s not our job to fix the world. The world is a dynamic, constantly evolving entity beyond any individual’s realm of control. Managing what’s right for everyone with all the implications is way above any individual’s pay grade.

That’s fine, though, because it’s so much simpler than we make it out to be.  Your one and only job is to manage yourself. THAT is how you make the world better. Be a lighthouse. Be the love. Maintain an unyielding attitude of kindness. Let your light serve both as self-encouragement and example to anyone so inclined to follow it.

This simple and self-contained approach can help a lot in the days to follow.

Next Week in Tarot

Five Pentacles Star Rx

Outlook is the Five of Pentacles (Earth), with advice as the Star reversed from the ever-so-gentle Good Tarot deck.

That five suggests the week will feature feelings of aloneness, being misunderstood or alienated somehow. Sorry! We’re looking at a distinct chill in the emotional weather.

As a perpetually-looking-for-the-bright-side sort, however, I want to acknowledge the unseen resources I always find with the Five of Pentacles. Help is always present when I see this card. Folks may not be ready to recognize and utilize any available support just yet, but it exists nonetheless. You are not as alone as you may feel in a given moment.

As advice, the Star reversed would have us temper expectations. Let your optimism be of the “cautious” variety. In other words, don’t hesitate to hope for the best, sure! Always hope for the best. Just expect it to take a minute arriving. This is a very do-it-yourself brand of optimism.

It’s not a great surprise to see patience-themed advice as we’ve just entered a Mars retrograde. Self-control is a real asset any time, but especially helpful when the God of War is retrograde–and an asset that may appear in perilously short supply at times. So take a deep breath and control thyself friends, letting your example speak true to your values. Nothing else will speak as clearly, after all.

You don’t have to find a lighthouse in the storm. Be the lighthouse. It will make all the difference.

If you’re looking to realign your own perspective, hit me up for a personal session.