Everyday Tarot, 06/18/11: Making Your Own Dinner

tarot-3-card-forecastWhen you’re working with the cards, there will be times you get something that you don’t want. In client readings, I’ll often ask for clarification, advice or more info to deal with troublesome energy. That’s just what I did with today’s Tarot forecast.

First, I pulled the Five of Wands. Oh great—conflict! I really appreciate all Tarot has to tell me, but c’mon! The Five of Wands is a tiresome vibe. Who wants to fight?

“Okay, what do we do with this conflict, then?” I asked. The inverted Ten of Swords appeared in response. “And what kind of outcome can we expect with that approach?” yielded the King of Swords.

IMG_1372So let’s get to the chase.  Whatever conflict has you feeling overwhelmed? Stop taking it personally! Back off from problematic situations and detach. You’ll feel like a pincushion only as long as you allow those little attacks to remain intact in your psyche.

Other people’s issues impact you, sure, but are SO not about you. Without internalizing those little pricks of betrayal, you can make rational, considered decisions about what to accept as your reality. You get to pick what you eat.

It’s remaining attached to behavior you have no control over that messes us up. Getting a little more Zen, forgiving and releasing, gives a clarity we’d never be able to find remaining wounded. In the release is freedom.

You don’t have to manage anyone else’s conflicts. You only have to manage yourself, and keep trusting that is enough. It is, you know. That’s exactly your job here—living the best life YOU can.

How’s your dinner?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Everyday Tarot, 06/17/11: You’ve Earned the Universe!

universe-psychic-tarot-oracle-forecastI’ve got a Saturn/Neptune signature. This means I sometimes miss (Neptune) mile markers on the road to achievement (Saturn). My Saturn-flavored moon is skilled at sussing out weak spots, but sometimes forgets to bask in accomplishments. Today, we’ve got permission to feel good.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Universe, aka the World or “The Great one of the Night of Time,” number 21 of the Major Arcana and associated with Saturn. This is usually a happy card to see, as it indicates the high side of Saturn’s expression—accomplishment, achievement and mastery.

I unexpectedly ended up spending the evening of that lights-up lunar eclipse with relatives, and consequently, vivid reminders of roads not taken. Funny, since it wasn’t on the agenda when I wrote about the eclipse. Tarot’s keeping me plugged in, man! But you know what? It was fine, and I still feel good with my choices. That’s no small feat on any day.

An individual’s sense of reality is a function of perspective. We have the power to change personal reality via altering perspective, but not anyone else’s. Which is just as well, since it’s not our right.

That’s why we need to work at pulling together our internal landscape, getting it arranged as we’d like. But we also need to guard our boundaries and protect our own worldview if we want to keep it intact. Saturn would have you build fences for good neighbors! You can invite others over, but if they’re disruptive guests, don’t invite them back.

When you see the Universe appear, take some time to  reflect on all the work you’ve doneand acknowledge your mastery. This card shows up to let you know that you’ve earned it.

What achievements have you earned?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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Everyday Tarot, 06/16/11: Planting a New Garden / 4 of Cups

tarot-forecast-four-cupsAre you a “grass is always greener” sort?  Or do you tend to stay with what you’ve got, maybe even long after you’d have been better served moving on?

Today’s Tarot is “Discontent and Boredom,” better known as the Four of Cups or “Lord of Blended Pleasure,” associated with the Moon in Cancer. And it’s true, sometimes this card can signal being stuck in a rut. Mostly, I see this fellow pop up when more attention is being paid to what is not than to what is.

Now, we talk about the Law of Attraction, and tuning in to the vibration you want. And what you want may not exactly be reflective of current experience. Ouch. Feeling like you’re missing the boat  doesn’t exactly put you on the frequency to fulfillment, huh? So you need another approach.

Instead, start with elements that have the essence you want, and turn them up. Since form is irrelevant at this point, you can be creative. Work your way backwards, starting with the feeling you want.

If I wanted a partner, I’d look to what I expected to get from having that relationship. Companionship, security, and love? Get a dog! A sense of shared goals and dreams? Volunteer, or work on a cause. Your enjoyment is much more important that how you activate that vibration. The more joy, the higher, quicker, and louder the energy echoes into other other areas of your life.

But—and this is important—don’t dog yourself for feeling restless or unsettled sometimes. It’s not a failing. It’s a gift! Uncomfortable feelings are like a warning buzzer that something’s out of alignment. Or maybe we have extra challenges—difficulties give us powerful insights and potent energy. Our wounds grant us compassion, empathy and ability to heal.

Any difficult energy can operate like a a pent up spring—an invitation to burst forth in a new direction. It may be a challenge to master, but it’s a potent force for creation. “Discontent and Boredom” reminds us if we don’t like the view, we can plant a new garden, using whatever seeds we’ve got on hand.

How are your flowers doing?


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The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

Everyday Tarot, 06/15/11: Finding Home Under the Eclipse

lovers-psychic-tarot-oracleA friend asked a really good question yesterday: “What’s home to you?”

She wasn’t talking city or town, brick and mortar. When do you, in your heart, feel “at home?”

As soon as I heard the question, I knew the answer. And it’s one I’ve been looking for.

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Everyday Tarot, 06/14/11: Beyond “Should Have Been”

daily-tarot-forecast-transparent-3-cardI’ve been trying to integrate messages dropped in my lap, left and right lately. It’s hard work, to be honest. I know I’m not done, but am feeling a shift. This is both exciting and disturbing. It may be an ugly mess, but it is my ugly mess and it needs to be cleaned up. So I’ll do my best. (And will continue to blame my Moldavite, just the same.)

Today’s Tarot forecast is a three-card mash-up from the awesome Transparent Tarot—we got the Page of Pentacles, Eight of Cups and The Lovers.

page of pentacleslovers tarot cardeight of cups tarot

This is usually the place where I start talking about astrological correspondences and alternative titles and whatnot. But you know, I am just not going to go there today.

Instead, let’s head straight for the point—you get your gifts, find your harmony, and build a higher vibration in this physical world via opening your heart, leaving behind emotional attachments to how things “should be.”

Forget what might have been. Instead, take what IS, infuse it with as much love and understanding as you can muster–and walk away from the rest. Because it’s like poison, drinking from half-filled cups of hurt and regret. Love cleanses and heals. That’s what you want to invoke here.

What do you see?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Everyday Tarot, 06/13/11: Secret Formula of Harmony / Temperance

temperance-new-visions-tarot-forecastAlways aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.
Mohandas Gandhi

In the Synchronicity Department (also known as the Division of Dixie’s Clue-by-Four)…in the middle of writing this column, I’m having an email discussion centering on polarity. I did not bring it up. I was just sitting here writing about it instead.

“Okay, Tarot, I’m listening. Start talking!”

Today’s Tarot forecast is Temperance or “Daughter of the Reconcilers,” associated with Sagittarius. Numbered XIV of the Major Arcana, she becomes one of the Tarot fives reduced. She’s often pictured as blending fire and water.  One foot on the ground, one foot in the water

maj11sDuality is a prominent theme in Tarot, and this card speaks of it even more than an obvious example, like Justice. Justice compares, but Temperance combines. And fire and water, no less—our creative passions, our drives (fire) are melded with our hearts, our spiritual awareness (water). What a magically powerful combination!

Temperance highlights the need for restraint—sometimes in physical areas like eating or drinking, other times in thinking or emotional energy expenditure.

But hey—we’re talking Sagittarius, so think big!—it’s a lot of energy being channeled! You’re mixing spiritual with the physical. We have to mix the components in the right proportions. As flesh and blood beings, how we care for our bodies, the earth, other living things impact our vibrations and spiritual lives.  As spiritual beings, how we feed our minds and our hearts impact our subjective human experience. We are both part of the same whole.

If you primarily in one world, the other suffers for lack of attention. The secret is in making them all agree—feeding both physical and spiritual. Honoring your Sun and your Moon! Express both sides of the polarity by keeping your higher intention and everyday behavior consistent. The two mix to make the magic.

Now I just have to figure out why Tarot wanted me to say so.

Where do you see Temperance showing up?

Tarot of the New Vision (English & Spanish)
by Lo ScarabeoThis deck shows traditional RWS images from the back, offering an interesting alternative perspective.

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