8 Ways to Spot a Psychic Fraud

One thing that blows me up like a Supernova--and makes honest readers across the universe cringe--is the scam artist, the bullshit Tarot Reader (or psychic, or astrologer, or whatever). Because so ... [Manifest the Rest]

Negative Predictions in Readings

This is a psychic readers' rant: I can say 200 helpful, positive and optimistic things in a reading. But if I have ONE iffy, even remotely negative thing to say, guess which one reverberates loudest? ... [Manifest the Rest]

Dream Interpretation with Tarot?

Working with the cards and working with dreams share great similarity--understanding metaphor and allegory, noting and interpreting the little details that jump out unbidden, and a solid connection to ... [Manifest the Rest]

06/01/12: Why I Don’t Judge…

"I feel no judgment coming from you." That's a comment I get frequently from clients, and they're absolutely right. I may not agree with particular choices, and I absolutely will cringe if I see a ... [Manifest the Rest]

What about Tarot Rituals?

I use rituals  for preparing for a reading. They vary depending on opportunity and mood, but I do some form for any reading. I like to take a couple minutes and clear my mind. Take slow, deep breaths ... [Manifest the Rest]

Helping Your Reader: Breathe

Readings = energetic fraternization. It's you, your reader, and the universal ether-net all mixing it up. Auric dance party! So...it's not just about the reader. The energy YOU bring to the table is ... [Manifest the Rest]

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