Is it okay to get a used Tarot deck?

Used Tarot Decks?Josi asked a terrific question in the comments: Are used Tarot decks okay? This is one of those topics people have differing opinions on, sometimes strong ones!

I only have one used Tarot deck–Morgan Greer–and that was from someone I knew (and was comfortable with already). So the vibe from the previous owner was not a problem. It’s worked great for me, just like any other deck. No problems at all.

That having been said, unless a deck is rare, out-of-print, or otherwise difficult to purchase new, I avoid used decks. It’s not that I don’t think they are “safe” or work properly. So long as a used deck doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable to the touch, or give off weird vibes, I would not be concerned. And even buying online, I’d just do a gut-check to see what kind of feelings I got when thinking of purchasing the deck to decide. If I felt good when thinking about it, it’s a go. If I felt queasy or anxious, it’s a no.

And for any deck, but especially used decks, I’d want to do cleansing and dedication rituals when it came into my life. Getting a new deck is an event! I like to mark it as such. We work closely together, you know.

It’s just my personal preference to get new decks. I’d prefer not to be the second wife in this case. Just me and the deck, bonding, you know? No potential baggage from past relationships.

But I think used decks could be a great choice–especially if the recycling appeals to your sensibilities as a way to care for the Earth and honor the deck. The choice of a used deck could be similar to adopting a rescue pet–another way to serve, you know? You would be giving the deck another chance to fulfill it’s higher purpose. In that light, it’s a great choice. It’s all in the hands of the reader.

What are your feelings on getting used Tarot decks?

Email vs. Phone vs. In-Person Readings?

The cards will say what the cards want to say.

People often ask what kind of reading is better or most accurate–I find no difference between communication mediums personally. Different clients have different preferred avenues of communication, sure.

And the “feel” of the communication is different, say between phone or email readings. And a little different still than in-person work. The back and forth interaction has a somewhat different character when it’s real-time versus when it’s in written format, although it’s still present regardless of how the messages are delivered.

But in terms of what I get, no, I see no difference. One works as well as the other. Same person, wearing different clothes.

Have you noticed differences between types of readings?

How much do you tell the Tarot reader?

How much should you tell your psychic?CancerMom had an interesting comment about how much info you do (or don’t) give readers, having gotten some grief for being talkative. Some folks think if you talk too much, your reader will start milking you for details and telling you just what you want to hear. I’ve no doubt there are some that do exactly that. But I’ve also no doubt some of my Tarot people could testify, I’m not one of them!

It’s a matter of personal preference for readers, how much info they want to work with. Some folks want nothing–that way, they don’t have to filter out their own impressions from otherworldly flow. Some want birthdays or pictures or names to work with. Some want just a question, while others want to know whatever background on the issue you’re comfortable giving. Everybody works differently.

Personally, I don’t care. If someone wants to talk, they can talk! If they want to be quiet, they can be quiet. I can work either way. One works as well as the other for me. If there is something specific someone wants to know, it’s good to mention it so I’ll be sure not to miss asking. I try to always honor the question that brings you to me. But in general, we will get what we need to get, one way or the other. Tarot is just like that. Tarot’s got a very big mouth.

As a reader, how much information do you want? As a questioner, how much do you share?