“Reminded me there is a lot to live for…”

450729_67577087From a Tarot client:

“This is absolutely wonderful, and so spot on…I’ve never felt this low in my life–every day I seem to be bombarded with information that turns my life on its head again, and sometimes I feel like giving up–but you reminded me of what’s important, what I can achieve and give, and that there is a lot to live for. I cannot thank you enough. ” – JP

I’m so grateful our work together made a difference for you. Thank you, JP. ♥

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“Compassion but honesty…”

Image courtesy JavierPsilocybin

Image courtesy JavierPsilocybin

From a client.

“First of all, I want to thank you for the way you give your readings. You always use compassion but honesty. Your words soften the blow, yet you make sure I get the message even though it hurts. This past reading helped me come to terms with my relationship. Your evaluation was very accurate. You always calm me down and even when my reading isn’t what I want, your reading is very therapeutic and I am able to accept. Thank you for your patience with me. I know it can be trying!” – JP

Not trying at all. Thank you, JP!

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“Following me throughout the year…with great precision”

carAbout a Zodiac Look-Ahead Tarot Forecast

“Last Year’s 2013 Look Ahead Zodiac Reading has been following me through the year. It was so very insightful and accurate and so well written that I would go back and read it again and again throughout the whole year processing all the juicy advice again and again. Now the best part truly is that:… the most important “predictions” in it have actually come true!!! and the way my life changed during this year had been reflected in that reading with great precision. Thank you so much, Dixie! I truly appreciate your precious talent that has guided me trough hard times and harder decisions over this period of recent years I’ve been getting readings from you. ” = M.P.

Thank you so much, M.P.! I’m delighted it was helpful for you.

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“She untangles my tangled-like-spaghetti-mind…”

Photo via bloomgal

From a client.

“I love getting readings from Dixie (and I am a regular client of hers) because she always gets my head back on straight!

Yeah that’s me, head flying off in this direction, that direction, and she’s like a honing device for me, bringing it all back together, helping me feel centered again and more solid. She sees clearly into the heart of whatever matter I show up with. She untangles my tangled-like-spaghetti-mind (not easy).

So if you want a hearty helping of insight, perspective, spot-on intuition, call her up! She does email readings too. I like both methods, depending on my problem that day

Thank you so much, Dixie. Blessings.” – A.C.

Thank you, A.C.–you are very much appreciated. ♥

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“Insight needed to see through these rough waters…”

rough-waters-afFrom a client.

“As always, you are right on target…so much of what you said rings true. Thanks for giving me the insight needed to see through these rough waters.  I have a much better understanding of my role and I am ready to deal with it. Thanks again! ” -K.O.

Thank you, K.O.! I’m so glad it was helpful.

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“Focused and Direct”

From a client.

“I purchased a mini-reading, and definitely got bang for my buck! It was very focused and direct. I have clear idea of what will help me now. Thanks!” – LW

Thank you, LW!

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