“I already feel my emotional state improving…”

“Thanks so much for this reading. It resonates with me completely and is very helpful…Your reading has definitely helped to get more clarity in my situation. Confirming what my intuition was telling me. I already feel my emotional state improving just after reading what you said. I am ready to focus my energy in the right direction. Thank you for helping me move forward!” -Ingrid

Thank you, Ingrid!

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“Very Specific and Detailed Advice”

Ocean Beach Shore“Thank you very much for this Tarot reading full of very specific and detailed advice about my job issues! The striking thing about it is that it addresses issues about me that apply to other spheres of my life as well. And the reading makes these problems stand out in a crystal clear way and it makes it easier for me to attend to them now that the need arises once again. ” -M.P.

Thanks, M.P.!

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Clients: Miscellaneous Love

computer-loveI adore getting feedback from clients. Here are a few comments from folks I’ve worked with. Thanks for the kind words, and allowing me to share.

“Wow, Dixie, working with you is truly amazing. From the specific things you say and the accurate way you describe me, the situation, and  my husband, you’d think you’ve known us personally for years! Getting this kind of confirmation or validation is such a great feeling and so important, I can’t even explain.” -A.

“I always shake my head after your readings at the sheer insight of what you write and interpret from the cards. It amazes me. Thank you. I have to process all that I read, sit and mull but this was very helpful already. Much love right back at you!” -M.M.

“Dixie is spot on with her readings and the money is well spent…she’s the real deal folks! I thank the light for you and your gifts.” -L.

“You have *many* gifts, but one of your most compelling is your ability to see into a person with unnerving accuracy. You are amazing at what you do and thank you for your continued support!” -A.E.

“I know what I do when I read.  It is really rare that someone else can do that for me.  It never ceases to amaze me when I tap in and get good stuff for people and I am even more amazed to be the recipient. Much love and gratitude.” – L.

“I wanted to thank you for a great reading. I had been sifting endlessly through my own Tarot decks and spreads, and you got some of the same cards I had been getting. But you immediately captured the meaning, and you gave me advice that had never occurred to me, but was so on point. Thanks, Dixie!” – E.

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to work with you.  If you’d like a reading, you can get one here.

“In depth, clear-cut psychological reading…”


“It’s just so freaky, but Dixie was able to really understand (rather, read) the subconscious aspects of my psyche with the help of the Tarot. I really loved her way of analyzing and interpreting the cards. I’ve been to other tarot readers before and they do manage to give me quite an understanding, but not such an in-depth, clear-cut psychological reading. I thank you Dixie with all my heart.” – Mitch

Thank you, Mitch!

Client: “Huge Revelation”

C.M. says:

“You are the DREAM NINJA!! The dreams you’ve done for me have been RIGHT ON!

Oh my God, this was a HUGE bit of enlightenment to the situation I’ve been trying to understand. When I sat back and deciphered the information, it was very clear what this meant. HUGE REVELATION!”

Thank you, C.M.

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“More Than I Expected”

547735_174213369373461_161651670629631_237566_1553846015_nMarta writes:

“It was a pleasure to work with Dixie. I asked for advice and I got a great reading that gave me more than I expected: reassurance, a new perspective and a lot of food for thought. Just one answer covered a lot of issues and gave me lots of information. It helped me to reevaluate my plans and get to work in a different way but, more important, I have the feeling this reading will be even more relevant in my near future. I’ll keep it near so I can read it often.”

Thank you, Marta!