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I finished my first video class! It was about a hundred times harder than I expected, I misspelled “Chakras” in the title of the class (and hence the link is now wrong), and there is one particular gemstone whose name  I consistently mispronounce throughout the entire course. Oy! At least it’s spelled right in the downloadable workbook.

But the point is, I finished my Chakra Video course! As a celebration and a special thank you to my Tarot people, I want to give a little back.

Use this link to get the video Chakra class for 20% off

And if you’ve previously purchased the Chakra Workshop e-book, please give me a holler, okay? I’ve got something even better for you.

Thanks for all your support. ♥

About the the Everyday Chakra Class

As a professional Tarot reader, I love what I do, but was finding myself drained and run down after intense sessions. Looking to take better care of myself, I was nudged from the Universe to investigate Chakras as a framework for managing the considerable energetic demands of my work.

Staying laser-focused on practical, accessible, and simple options that don’t require much fuss, I was shocked how much impact these very simple techniques had in a very short time. I found myself not merely “less drained,” but enjoying significant improvement in physical complaints, with clearer thinking and better focus to boot. Although Chakra work does not replace traditional medical support, it does provide a perfect (and effective) compliment to more traditional therapies without risk.

Everybody has non-negotiable demands on time, attention and energy.So often, vital self-care gets relegated to “someday” that never seems to come. We can all use simple, practical ways to stay at our best. Chakra work addresses this need elegantly.

Whether we’re facing extraordinary challenges or whether we just want to be as happy and successful as possible, Chakra work provides easy, accessible and rewarding options to “center” in the midst of busy life. That’s why I decided to share the research I did for myself with others; I knew firsthand how much it could help.

This course walks you through each of the Chakras and how they work, individually and within the system. We’ll discover how to identify centers that are out of balance and more importantly, simple approaches to bring your energy back into alignment.

You’ll learn my “Meditation in a Minute” technique to immediately shore up functioning in any area of your life. You’ll be armed with information on food, essential oils, gemstones and everyday activities that can help you stay healthy, focused and in balance.

Sections cover getting oriented to the Chakra system, the lower Chakras, the upper Chakras, quizzes and review checkpoints to make sure you are fully prepared to put into practice what you’ve learned.

I will be available to answer questions and offer support. Even if you’re not ready to enroll in this course, I do hope you make some space for Chakra work in your life. I was blessed with great results from my own Chakra work and hope to inspire others to embark on experiments for themselves. Thanks for coming along on the journey with me.

Enroll now @ 20% Off.

Please note: This class is not yet closed captioned. My apologies to people who use captions.

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