Tarot Workshop Update: Looks Like it’s On!

I’ve been talking about teaching the cards FOR-EV-ER and I”m finally just getting off my patootie and doing it! Walk the Fool’s Path with me and further your Tarot-finesse with 78 degrees of awesome. Because I will do my flat-out best to make sure it’s both enlightening and fun for all in attendance. 

The basics: I’m looking to run about 2 weeks, in a small, private Facebook group. No prying eyes reading our discussion! Price will be less than the cost of a 1/2 hour reading (i.e. <$50, just for the first run), with text, video, activities and discussion, custom-tailored to the specific interests of the group. 

It’s my first class so I’m kind of nervous–okay, pretty nervous–but also super excited. Because how cool is this, anyway?

I’ve created a very short survey for people who are interested in taking the workshop so I know what to cover. :-) If you’re in, I’d definitely like to get your responses as soon as I can so I can pull the resources together.

And thanks!


Survey: http://goo.gl/forms/JXabQynu7h

Outlook Users: Any Email Issues with Getting Posts?

glob_emailHey folks…one of our folks here has intermittent problems with subscription emails crashing her Outlook program and pretty much locking up her computer. Agggh!

Did anyone else notice a problem with the recent Mother’s Day posts?

I’m trying to figure out what the issue is so I can avoid it. You can contact me with reports at dixie [at] a foolsjourney [dot] com.

Thanks for any info you can offer. 

Zodiac Readings Available Again

Zodiac-2014.jpgThe last couple of years, I did a “year ahead” Zodiac forecast around the holidays. My kids have started requesting these every year as well. It’s become an odd part of our holiday tradition here.  I was crazy busy this year and didn’t manage it, but I missed doing them…especially the big overview of the year as a whole they gave me! It was fascinating to see the themes emerge across readings, one of the reasons I enjoy these so much.

So I’d like to make these available again for a while. At this point, we could either look at the rest of the year or perhaps use it to mark another milestone (like a birthday reading, for example). This is a great layout for when you are not sure what to ask about, but would like to get a feel for what’s coming up in your life.

You do NOT need to know your astrology to benefit from a Zodiac reading, but if you are familiar with the functions of the 12 houses, it will probably add another dimension for you. I pull a card for each house and an overview/take-home message for the entire reading. It’s a very simple process – we just go around the wheel!

I recommend looking at at least 6 months to year. Since we’re looking at so many different life areas, using a much shorter time frame tends to exaggerate and overemphasize the messages. (Getting the Tower for an annual reading is a whole lot different than getting the Tower for a daily check-in.) If you have a particularly critical situation, we could focus on understanding all aspects of that single situation. Just be sure to let me know that.

I’m going to offer these for $40 for a short time and if the the feedback is good, I’ll add them to my regular offerings (at $50). Otherwise, you might have to wait until the holidays again. Provided I’m more together this year.

Zodiac Look-Ahead Tarot Reading

A Zodiac reading looking at an upcoming period across all different areas of your life, with a card for each astrological house and a brief overview.
  • Holiday Tarot Special - MP3 Audio Reading w/photo of cards looking at the year ahead.
    Price: $50.00
  • Added per requests. ♥
  • If you have any area of life you're especially concerned with, you are welcome to mention that as well. Or not.
  • Your privacy is respected! Unsub anytime.
  • $0.00

Be well!

Time Off for Dixie!

Just an FYI – I am taking a week off--I cannot REMEMBER the last time I took that much time away. Literally! So while I will occasionally check my email during this time, responses will not be prompt and I won’t be scheduling any Tarot sessions. Anyone who does set up a session, I won’t be available from July 18 through July 28th.

So I posted this pretty picture for you to look at instead. Ha!

Thanks! And stay safe out there.

Peace out.


New Show Jan. 8: Spiritual Protection Q & A with Live Q!

Doing the next installment of the Woo-Woo Wonderful! show with my pal Josi Case tomorrow! We’re going to respond to the questions and feedback we got from the first show, expand a little here and there, and take your questions LIVE if you’ve got ’em!

You can always see the current broadcast by going to our “Watch” page at woowoowonderful.com/watch.

It’s not hard to ask questions live. You can add comments directly at YouTube (the January episode will be here), or get our attention anywhere on Google+ or Twitter by using a #woowoowonderful hashtag. Here are the directions for submitting a question or comment while we’re on-air. We may not be able to get to everybody, but we’ll address as many as we can that fit into our topical theme.

You can also ask questions ahead of time, or view the show video later if you’re not available at 6pm Eastern/5 Central. Hope to see some of y’all in the question feed. Looking forward to it!

Feedback or suggestions for future shows? Share ’em!

Zodiac 2014 Look-Ahead Readings

zodiac-tarot-spreadGood news (I hope!)–I am doing the Zodiac Look-Ahead readings again this year. Folks who subscribe to my newsletter or check the specials page know this, but for the rest of you, I’m announcing it!

For these readings, I pull one card for each house of the zodiac, covering pretty much the whole spectrum of your life. No questions, just the cards talking. If you are not a student of astrology and could use a refresher, check out the house cheat-sheets here and here

holiday-specialsI very much enjoy doing this spread, but between my schedule right now and a decision to keep the price very modest for the amount energy they require, I just cannot commit to offering them throughout January like last year. I’ll just have to see how it goes. So consider my holiday special to be just for the holidays. Which are here already, damn it!

In other words, if you would like one of these readings, please don’t delay too long. Expect a slightly longer wait than usual for my email readings. But I hope to make it worth the wait!

And thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I love you guys!

How are your Holidays going?

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