Tarot Workshop Update: Looks Like it’s On!

I've been talking about teaching the cards FOR-EV-ER and I"m finally just getting off my patootie and doing it! Walk the Fool's Path with me and further your Tarot-finesse with 78 degrees of ... [Manifest the Rest]

Outlook Users: Any Email Issues with Getting Posts?

Hey folks...one of our folks here has intermittent problems with subscription emails crashing her Outlook program and pretty much locking up her computer. Agggh! Did anyone else notice a problem ... [Manifest the Rest]

Zodiac Readings Available Again

The last couple of years, I did a "year ahead" Zodiac forecast around the holidays. My kids have started requesting these every year as well. It's become an odd part of our holiday tradition here.  I ... [Manifest the Rest]

Time Off for Dixie!

Just an FYI - I am taking a week off--I cannot REMEMBER the last time I took that much time away. Literally! So while I will occasionally check my email during this time, responses will not be prompt ... [Manifest the Rest]

New Show Jan. 8: Spiritual Protection Q & A with Live Q!

Doing the next installment of the Woo-Woo Wonderful! show with my pal Josi Case tomorrow! We're going to respond to the questions and feedback we got from the first show, expand a little here and ... [Manifest the Rest]

Zodiac 2014 Look-Ahead Readings

Good news (I hope!)--I am doing the Zodiac Look-Ahead readings again this year. Folks who subscribe to my newsletter or check the specials page know this, but for the rest of you, I'm announcing ... [Manifest the Rest]

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