A Gift for you. But just for a minute.

In celebration of my next edition of EVERYDAY TAROT ARCHIVES being released like, any second now(!), I’m offering a free download of the first edition, LIVING the Major Arcana! But you better be quick.
The first edition’s FREE on 8/9/12 and 8/10/12 Eastern time. If you’ve already bought a copy, maybe you can take a minute to write an honest review on Amazon or share the link with a friend? (Hint, hint from the Goddess of Subtlety. Har!)
Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you think would enjoy it.
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  1. I dont know why but I was compelled to write an honest review of your Major Arcana book Ive been reading…and the name “Goddess of Subtlety” is on my mind for some other reason (tee-hee). Glad to send positive vibs your way Dixie! Hope it brings even more!

  2. Thank you soooo much!!

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