Christmas Owl Visits


I got an unexpected box from Amazon today. No indication who sent it. And I’ve extracted no confessions. So its a bit of a mystery.

Very cool gift too. Something the whole family can have fun with. So for now, I’m declaring it a gift from Christmas Owl.

The best part will be taunting my daughter about what it might be before Christmas.  That’s our favorite holiday sport here.



  1. The Christmas Owl should be making a visit soon! You can taunt your family with this if you choose! Only you can have your gifts before 12/24!


  2. The taunting has begun. Hahaha! :present:

  3. The Christmas Owl – that’s priceless!

    Dixie, you’re a Hoot and I hope you find out WHOOOO sent the gift. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

    • HAHAHA!!! You, too, are a Hooooooot, CancerMom!

      I got a free drawing app for my phone the other day and it had the Owl and Christmas paper built in. Hence, the birth of “Christmas Owl.”

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