Feedback on the Chakra Workbook?

Everyday Chakra WorkshopWanted to offer a big thanks to those who purchased the Everyday Chakra Workbook when I had it on sale! I believe that keeping those energy centers in balance is a major key to staying healthy both energetically and physically, and so it’s gratifying to think I’ve been able to contribute even a little to that in my own humble way, you know?

I would LOVE to hear your feedback–either what you thought of the material itself or what you noticed once you started working with it. Feel free to share in the comments below or just give me a holler.

If you missed the offer, you can still download  The Root Chakra chapter as my gift to you. :present:

And if you fine the info helpful and want to work on the rest of those pesky ol’ chakras, you can still purchase the entire workbook for $17. You’ll get an immediate download link once your payment is processed.

Happy Balancing, Seekers!

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  1. I have sun-Saturn. It’s not that I try to make I harder as much as I don’t trust an easy solution.

  2. Also? Thank you. Never would have occurred to me to try this.

  3. I have been trying to do this for a few days now. The mobile site sometimes doesn’t play nice.

    I am really enjoying the workbook. I’m slowly working on the root chakra stuff, mainly because – what do you know, my lower back acts up and Dixie bell offers a free chapter of her chakra workbook. Hi Universe! I’m listening! Lol

    I think the lessons are practical and pretty simple to put to use. I’m doing a bit of fake-it-til-you-make-it, since I’ve never done any chakra work, but I am feeling noticeably better.

    • Shannon, that is wonderful to hear! You know, I was shocked myself, at how much difference even small shifts make. I was not expecting it to be quite so easy and yet still effective, you know?

      Makes me wonder how much of our lives we end up making harder than it needs to be.

      Thanks for your comments, Shannon.

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