Foolish Friends: Josi and the Newlyweds

shock-therapyMy pal Josi just “came out” offering astrology and Tarot services.¬† She is an absolute sweetheart and one of those folks who is gifted with a natural connection extraordinare, so I’m especially thrilled to see she’s joined the ranks of professional readers. Be sure to check out her awesome blog where she serves up an uncompromisingly honest, sometimes raw look at life through the woo-woo lens. Great stuff!

And many of you know my astrologer friends, oh-so-sweet Aliza Moonpluto and the sharp-witted and incorrigible Matthew Currie, right? Aliza runs a number of classes on Facebook so look her up there, and Matthew has a new gig at Beliefnet.

And well…if you hadn’t heard the news, those two just got MARRIED! If you would like to wish them well on their blessed union, check out the wedding registry at Indigogo. (I swiped y’all’s pic from there, hope you don’t mind!)

So I guess this is the “Foolish Friends, ¬†Congratulatory Edition.” Ha!

Congrats, you guys! And thanks for all you do.


  1. Aliza is right. You are awesome.
    And you bet it's Mercury Rx's fault. LOL!
    Thank you Dixie, at the risk of repeating myself and over gushing, this truly meant the world to me

  2. You are awesome
    And hooray for Josi! I will have to check her out. Thanks Dixie. Love to you.

    • Love right back! ‚ô•

      Would have been a nicer plug for Josi if the links worked to her site. Bah! Got that fixed and am ready to start blaming Merc retro for everything now…

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