Help – Questions for AFJ Readers!

Hey, folks, I could use some feedback if you would be kind enough to help…Please share in the comments or contact me privately if you prefer.

  • Do you like/use the Everyday Tarot forecasts? Would you rather see weekly forecasts with more frequent/varied articles or daily forecasts with occasional articles?
  • For those of you the read on shiny/mobiles/portables: Does the mobile-friendly version help or hinder your experience?
  • Are there special topics you’d like to learn more about? Within the realm of my woo-woo expertise, I’ll see what I can do.
  • How do you feel about the videos? Any special topics you’d like to see covered via video?
  • What about a Live Webcam Workshop on Tarot, developing your intuition or another topic? Freebies only? Or if affordably priced?
  • If you’ve considered getting a reading but have not, what stopped you?
  • Why do you read here?

I’m re-evaluating how I expend my energy and want to make sure I’m offering what is most helpful and what my audience is interested in. Sometimes, y’all are quiet and so I don’t know! So any other feedback on what you’d like to see is welcome.

And thank you for your help and support!


  1. I feel bad about the mobile site, but man do I appreciate that. I can play with the other kids now YAY!

    • NO no no! Don’t feel bad at all! It’s helpful getting the feedback. Next spruce-up I do around here, will look to mobile-responsive design. I’m overdue already.

  2. The mobile site wouldn’t load the last 2 days. Bookmarking the full site so I can view comments.

    • Based on the feedback, I turned off the mobile site yesterday. I don’t know if your mobile has a clear cache function, but I’ll clear the site cache in case that’s the problem.

  3. HI Dixie – I have loved the Daily Tarot since you started doing it back on It is part of my morning routine, in fact! I also use it as a resource whenever I pull out a card for myself and I’m too attached to an outcome to really understand what the cards are telling me. (I have gotten better at self-readings, btw.) I imagine it is A LOT OF WORK doing the daily Tarot, though, and I appreciate it tremendously. If this is so, maybe you can have guest readers? Like have one person do Tuesdays, another Wednesday, etc.?

    I find that reading on the iPhone limits the amount of interaction I do, though, simply because I hate pecking out answers on the iPhone keyboard. Also, I don’t see others’ comments on the mobile App unless I view the full site.

    • Thanks for your input, Marly. The feedback is very helpful and it’s clear from what y’all are saying that the daily column is valued by many here.

  4. I got myself a shiny new mobile and have recently started reading the daily tarot, daily! Please don’t stop them now, they’re awesome! (Haven’t read the rest of your post yet

  5. I like the daily forecasts, too, and usually read them before I get out of bed. I also get a weekly astrological day-by-day newsletter so the two balance each other nicely.

    I don’t like the mobile app at all – it hinders my ability to provide feedback because I have to open the site anyway. More taps rather than fewer. My shiny is also an iPhone if that helps.

    Topics I’d like to see? I’m at a loss there. I never though I’d be interested in chakras but I got the free chapter of your workbook and then bought the full version based on that one chapter. I’m still referring to it and I think it’s on the reference shelf now! So I just keep reading because you never know what might spark an idea or practice.

    I love the videos! I think you are generous with your time and resources, and I think seeing a video has impact in a way the words alone might not.

    Webcam live probably wouldn’t work for me only because my schedule is weird. I think it’s a great idea but not one I’d be likely to participate in.

    Reading: not yet because I have only recently come across something I feel suits an individual reading. Payday, though. I am pretty self directed so individual readings aren’t something I use much, in general. Same with astrology, since I mentioned before I have a resource there. Just not something I feel a direct need for very often.

    I read here mostly because I think you are super groovy. I am not in touch with my intuition as much as I would like, and hanging around (even virtually) with folks who are helps. I feel like you are a shining light in the strange and glorious darkness that is this world, and I appreciate that.

  6. I draw strength from Everyday Tarot, ponder it, study it, print out those words that especially lift me up. I hope you keep it up but I would support anything you choose to do. I’ve long found your wisdom to be far above any I’ve ever read or heard. I want to study all of it but lately I couldn’t go to that depth emotionally.

  7. Dixie, where to start? =)
    1. I LOVE the daily forecasts and love to see that email come up in my inbox everyday. Would be a shame to see them go.
    2. Sometimes I want to look something up on your website and the mobile Webweever version doesn’t allow that option. It’s also a bit slow when loading your website to begin with. I prefer it without but maybe it’s convenient to others (using an iPhone myself).
    3. Can’t think of any topics right now, but will think about that one.
    4. The video’s are great! Also love to see you do the mini video readings, they really show your skills well.
    5. Workshop on Tarot is a great idea. Doesn’t have to be a freebie if affordable priced.
    6. Have already gotten a reading =).
    7. Because you write well, you give practical insights into Tarot, not to mention with a bit of humor to go along with it. You’re great to learn from.

    That’s about it =).

  8. Best of the Daily Forecasts Vol. 1?

  9. Hi Dixie. You’ve given us lots of questions to think about. I do read the everyday forecast and would hate to see those goes to weekly. I know that on a tight budget it’s much easier to spare a small sum more frequently than it is the larger sums. Informations sticks with me longer if it’s in written form so I’d like to see something like an information guide on say one chakra and how to work with it for a smaller sum. I hope that makes sense. Tarot cards could be done the same way.

    I like the video readings too. They seem more personal and allow for body language and facial expressions.

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